Is YHVH really the god of this world?

Based and redpilled.

There’s no god of this world , each deity and “god” is an individualized vibrational conciousness of the all , whether that is a personification of wisdom, lust , power , multiple things etc ,

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in my humble opinion YHWH aka Jesus aka Yehova, ect is not god because from what i read in the christian bible, there’s some writing there that indicate that Jesus is just a prophet = wich mean is just a man, but perhaps the soul is not a man soul.

some several writing on the bible that i can remembere so far is :

1 “God word become FLESH”
meaning that the one that come to this world is God word, not God Him self… and become flesh meaning… it’s just like us, i mean we have flesh right? :grin:

2 there’s a story that Jesus is approach by the devil and the devil try to tempted Jesus for three times but i only remember the two of them now (to lazy to open my bible XD):
one is the devil said : “throw your self down and if you are truly the son of God then God will defenetly save you” and Jesus said “thou shall not tempt your God” (sound something like that, i forgot the exact word).

the second is : devil said “bow to me and the world will be yours” and i forgot what Jesus said but at this point Jesus drive away the devil.

so the concluton from point number 2 is : if Jesus is God, can the Devil approach God that easely??

if so, what happen with God Almighty A perfect in anything (you hear people say that) if perfect then why the Devil aproach God and Tempted Him?
what i mean is, if God so perfect then God will not and cannot fall into any Temptation, is the Devil not knowing that?? I THINK NOT.

even the bible it self write about the Devil being the Father of all Lie… meaning the Devil is not stupid. in fact i think Devil ingenuity is out of this world

So when the Devil approach Jesus is because He/She(the Devil) know that Jesus can fall to it. but of course Jesus CHOOSE not to fall into Devil temptation. (not like many of us that do)

there i think i hope it’s not to long
and i;am sorry for any misspelling

What do u mean by that Yahweh is the god of the world or your former self lived in, but don’t have any jurisdiction in the world u now lived in?

Satan is the god of this world, as stated by the christian bible. If you’d read the bible you would know.

“Satan, who is the god of this world, has blinded the minds of those who don’t believe.” - Corinthians 4:4

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here is an interesting video about the topic related to YHVH ; it may give an insight regarding to some matters.

According to my conceptions God the emanation and the source of the universal power of the cosmos is a set of Deities (the strongest powers of all including Sanatas and some others that have not been discovered that are able to separate every soul from the causal universe and lead to to source and become divinity or reincarnate again)

I think you have solved a huge problem of mine. I am a newbie that started working immediately with Shem angels. Every time, I would get a job through my work with them, that job would end in a month or month and a half. SO far, it happened 3-4 times, without fail. Sometimes, being sacked after this amount of time, without any reason at all, other than “we can’t afford you”, or even I am about to get promotion, sit down for the “promotional conversation” and boom instead I’m sacked to the shock of everyone. On another occasion, I moved up so fast, with the job that is extremly high pay, solves all my life/financial/living/set for future problems, that only in a monht (again) everything colapses to an absolute disaster making me worse off then before significantly. I stopped doing magick after noticing these patterns as I was scared shittless. I am trying now to see what caused all of that and even though I want to conitnue doing magick, I am scared. I thoguht honestly that the cause of all this, was because I have been using free downloaded PDF copies of all the books (don’t jugde, I got no money) and I thought it is some sort of backlash. Up untill now when I read what you wrote about Shem angels. Now, the question is…to avoid that, who am I safest to work with as angels and demons are out of the question and I am not sure I can survive another life breakdown as I had before, nor I can afford losing my job now as it is my dream job. Cannot express how gratefull I am for you posting this.