Is this a form of Lucifer?

I made a decision to give my blood to Lucifer! But before I do that I asked myself, am I ready? I said that I am not ready, but I have heard inside of me say let’s see and try whether you are ready or not yet.
I had previously painted Sigil Lucifer in a white paper with a red pen, I repeated his ENN and looked at SIGIL for a good while I even started to see a white shimmer shine As points of bright light I cut my finger with a knife and put my blood on the sigil and I say he’s ENN Aloud… I felt a slight heat on my fingers I knew I was doing well.
After a while I closed my eyes and looked at the black plate It was surprising I saw a body as the color of fire It was not very clear, but I saw beautiful black horns… I was enormously happy I fell on my knees with joy I smell very beautiful scent!! Maybe it smells, maybe not, i mean smell of Lucifer!!! When I finished I burned the sigil I also washed the knife with water and salt And I said the word cleansing “in the name of the most high i command you to depart”

Maybe, maybe not.My honest opinion says no but, answer this first? Why did you do this for? You may never find out without divinating if you didnt ask a result from him.

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I didn’t ask him anything

I did this to get him closer and to know that I wanted him

Use divination to find an answer than.Or if someone can scan you, they can give answers.

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I did not ask to find answers! If I want answers, I will not ask anyone

Why would I ask them to scan me?

To find if it was Lucifer or not.

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If I don’t succeed this time, I will try next time

ohhh!! Okey i will do, Did I give them a question?

You’re asking if the form that you saw was Lucifer? Maybe, spirits can take any form they want, so it’s possible.


Yes, This is what I ask for.
Thank you so much.

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I felt it I felt like I had become one of it I felt ecstatic It was amazing

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Yes,that was him for sure. It simply can‘t be mistake when you give the most powerful offering which is life force…you repeated demonic enn using correct sigil,that was the way how he manifest himself.If you want to work with him on deeper level than I suggest you to do this How to form a extreme deep connection with Lucifer so you cant never doubt ur evocation because he will always be with you.Btw,Never dismiss him,he will go when he wants to,respect that.


Sounds like it of been a little successful but not alot. The reason being is that you commanded Lucifer to depart…personally I think that is being disrepsctful towards him. You should say " you may stay if you wish or you may leave if you wish and you are always welcome here," when you close the ritual. You may be lucky to ever invoke him or evoke him after that. When you ask for a spirit to help you, you never command that spirit. Using the old techniques of King Solomon have been proved by modern day black magickians that it isn’t very successful. You may need to perform some divination to be sure, but personally I don’t think Lucifer will be in contact with you for a while, sorry to say unless you apologise for dismissing him.


Of course! I will… Thank you.
you mean i shouldn’t burn the SIGIL after i finish my ritual?

I did not kick him out… I love him It is very cute and shines… I gave him my blood to express my love to him

I mean don’t dismiss him or commamd him to leave when the ritual is finished. Burning the sigil is up to you. When I offered my blood to him and traced it over his sigil I kept his sigil on my altar

I also drew his sigil and framed it for him.


I chose Lucifer exactly because I liked it for some reason… I only want to work with him! Because he is confident and mastered his work

Our situation, you and I, are very different… I live with my family and you may own a private property! I am from a Muslim background If my family knows this, they may punish me or expel me forever…
I find it difficult to practice my rituals But I’m sure the money is on my way Then I will rent a small apartment

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