Is there really a way to increase Intelligence through placebo, possession, trance?

Hello, I know many people wrote about this topic but I think you should really read this question. The time I was a kid, I was falsly diagnosed with ADHD and everyone saw me as an idiot. A dumb psychologist called me “Invalid”, I was sent to a psychiatrist and he said I have autism. Because of that trauma I thought (and today sometimes still think) I was dumb, sometimes I started crying and over the time I developed a depression. I saw myself as an ultimate piece of shit and trust me I went trought the entire “Go outside and eat healthy, Vitamins and Supplements” phase but I only got depressed more and wanted to commit suicide. Today I still have these phases and hate myself. Is there a way to get more intelligent trough posession, placebo etc? Maybe I can connect to a higher conciousness and get intelligent or change my brain in a special trance state…etc.(I know the physical reality thing sounds crazy but it is worth to mention).What do you think about it?

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You can increase intelligence simply by believing yourself to be more intelligent.

It sounds like your issues come more from low self image than anything else, so start telling yourself that things come so easy for you, that you are incredibly brilliant, talented, etc. Look into your eyes in the mirror, and say that you love yourself, that you are worthy, and confident in your abilities. Self talk matters, and what you say to yourself can overcome anything said to you by someone else.

Pick up a copy of Psycho-Cybernetics by Dr. Maxwell Maltz (go for the original, not the reissue) and build a better image of yourself. You can probably find it free in the wilds of the interwebs.


Yeah it really sounds like there’s nothing wrong with you, and you don’t need fixing.

This trauma is holding you back so I’d focus on healing that. Having said that, there’s always room for more smarts, faster neural processing and memory retention.

I just did a working with Hermes who’s suggestion it was for someone who wanted to grow still in an intellectual area, so you could try working with him. I wouldn’t go the possession route, I’d focus on using placebo and trance to using magick to enhance intelligence.

Since some of those supplements already didn’t help, and you could view them as placebos, but some do support nerve function, I’m not sure placebo would do anything. It could be worth getting your vitamin levels and hormones checked through bloodwork to look for any deficiencies that would impact nerve and brain function. If any turn out to be low then look at fixing that in your diet first, then supplement if necessary from an optimum health perspective. A healthy body leads to a healthy mind.

Safe to say most psychologists are basically con men wanting victims to profit from and they will use suggestion and worse to make you reliant on them instead of actually fixing problems quickly. Numerous things can be done from self hypnosis to work with dreams to modify internal mechanisms.

All this depends on what systems you are familiar with. Elemental systems use air and I would recommend a touch of water as well to balance out nervous activity and increase. Information models work best through dreams to sculpt programs, chaos magick well you can call intelligence itself.

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I’d be remiss if I didn’t also plug this:

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I would recommend working with King Paralda and the Sylphs. They can dramatically improve cognition.

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