Is there away of stealing someone's luck using magick?

I know someone that is incredibly lucky (and privileged btw) I don’t know what’s going on but that person is always carrying so much fortune in her favour, everyone seems to be attracted to her, the whole world spins around that individual.

This person is kinda… Self centered, lives in a bubble where the world is pink and pretty… and has been kinda rude with me.

Now I wonder, is there a way of taking all the good fortune she possess naturally using magical methods?

Is it vampirism? How I’m supposed to vampirize? I have to focus on her throat chakra, the crown chakra?

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First, tell them to their face that you feel they were rude to you and that you are upset about it. Ask for an apology. That’s already an unpleasant experience and “bad luck” they brought on themselves and it does it an a way where no one watching would see you as the bad guy.

After that you can try the search at top right for “bad luck” plus "curse or binding.

And to increase your own good luck work on yourself.


Thank you :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

The demon Valefar has the power to take someone’s energy to their downfall and your gain. I’d specify the request to the demon that you want their good luck.


That’s incredible!
But I’m bit worried because I don’t think he’s going to take me seriously and at the time… this is something that really matters to me.

You could ask your ancestors to make you more lucky in life, instead of stealing her luck.

And I don’t think it would work. Naturally luck is watched over by ancestors, they won’t accept stealing their energy so a stranger can benefit.


Yeah, I think you’re right! And at the same I see it as a type of energy that can be vampirized if the magican is strong enough and the target is weak.

I think I might take a look at Vampiric entities.

Indeed… I was thinking exactly of that idea which I already had for my workings, to vampirize people and even at distance; I once read that it would gonna be unclean energy, but maybe this can be fixed.

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The first thing is having massive control over energy, being able to feel your own, make exchanges of energy between you and objects, learning how to purify it (@C.Kendall talked in one on his videos about vampirism that you can use cristals/sigils to filter the energy) because you can get into big trouble if you integrate to your system something unclean.

I has happened to me! I kinda vampirized the energy of someone to get money last year and in my reality the money manifested pretty quickly but I got a terrible cold because the target was… sick :smiley:

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That’s. So. Awesome.
Thanks a lot :black_heart:

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Ah, I see… interesting. Thank you!

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I’ve been wanting to do this too. Like I specifically want to vampirise their luck, not just cause them misfortune and increase fortune for myself.

There’s a method I’m working on but I don’t know if it will work yet. Using some of Agrippa’s work, I’m using someone’s natal chart to get names of their personal angels (especially those tied to Jupiter as well as any pesky Saturnine angels which might restrict my motives). I still have to figure out a way to trap these angels to harness this person’s fortune though. Plus I want to empower their personal malefic spirits.

I feel like this would leave them pretty defenseless since the curse is directed at their personal spirits that they don’t even know about.


Damn, this is brutal and a perfect example for not sharing your birthday and natal chart info.

While calculating the name of my HGA, and angel of fortune, the person I learned from said that you can bind someone’s angel of fortune. I don’t know about siphoning it though.


I don’t think it’s a good idea… Have you seen how f powerful and weird angels can be? :grimacing:

You’re absolutely right because I’m also using the target natal chart to implement a good strategy.

I know that this person is an Scorpio Stellium which can give immunity to deathly events (/!\ according to my knowledge /!\ ). That kind of positions can also bring lots of imbalance, problems with the reproductive system (even cancer), intestinal problems, etc. so I’ll be using that information to focus my energy and debilitate the person in order to drain.

And I’m also considering the eclipse that just happened in Taurus (opposing Scorpio) because that’s pointing me that this person is incredibly vulnerable because the eclipse opposed all those natal planets in Scorpio.

And if that’s not enough! Libra Eclipse also activated the anaretic degree that the person has in Libra… That’s a very fcked situation let me tell you.

It’s definitely brutal, but this person absolutely deserves it. The method to merely get the names is so convoluted and time consuming it wouldn’t be worth it otherwise. Never mind all the rest that’ll be needed and if this is to be pulled off effectively.

I agree that it’s wiser not to post one’s chart (at least not publicly), though to assuage any potential anxieties from readers who may have done so, someone doing this is kind of unlikely for those reasons I mentioned. It’s rather time consuming and it involves weeding through some rather archaic material. An extensive knowledge of astrology is also going to be necessary for maximum impact. Some rando is totally not worth all that :joy:

Thank you though. It’s good to know that one’s angel of fortune can be bound at least (after all, if that one can, surely other lesser and more obscure angels can be too). Even if I only bind their angels it’s going to leave them in a bad spot they’re not going to get out of easily.

We are told that we’re equal in this world with equal opportunity and that we can have similar success if we just work hard and think happy thoughts but it is obvious that some people are extraordinarily “blessed,” and others are uncannily screwed lol


Binding someone’s Angel of fortune using his natal chart won’t work, there are so many dimensions to the birth chat people can’t imagine. The person can keep on binding until they die. In chart they are certain combinations that will make events happening whether Satan or Jehovah or titans or aliens want or not… it’s called the unchangeable karma

How many magicians out there have been working on a certain area of life for more than 20 years, think that they changed it, then when you open their birth chart and timeline you see exactly that it was bound to happen

The angel of fortune that most of people knows is the one related to moon because he governs your life but he only gets active on certain period of time. His purpose is to just oversee and set your timeline when you were born. He doesn’t give more luck in life. If he’s gone the person will feel lonely and empty but they are to get 1000$ next week or buying a house , they will still get it because it doesn’t affect what will be given to someone.

There’s a chart for the physical karma which is commonly known as the birth chart

They are chart of inner soul
Sub Chart of wealth
Sub Chart of career
Sub Chart of past life
Sub Chart of the combination of body-mind-power
Sub Chart of business
And so up to almost 60 sub chart

Each one with a fortune spirit

So How many angels are going to be bound ?

Are you binding the angels that will bring wealth from his mother or fathers side, or brother or sister or career or business or the soul or the mind or the ones from his past life, from his children ?

Jupiter the greatest benefic is somehow the killer of Taurus, Libra, Gemini Ascendants
Saturn the malefic one ? I haven’t seen someone make it in life without Saturn