Is there any point in a scrying/ black mirror without initial contact through evokation

Title says it all. Any point in scrying/black mirrors without successful evokation?


Yes. A black mirror is useful for more than just evocation. Scrying simply for the sake of scrying helps develop the inner senses.


Maybe I need to re-phrase or study up or probably both- I was always under the impression that scrying was communicating with spirits- the mirror being the most common method. What other purpose does scrying serve and can it be used as a means of initial/first contact/evokation or pretty much after a “relationship” has been established

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What would be good for a beginner? if ya dont mind me asking.

What did you mean, “no real replies”? @chef1964 gave you the answer to your question. Let me hit it from a different angle and see if it helps it click for you.

A black mirror is simply a tool to help you focus your own clairvoyant ability.

Scrying is the act of seeing visions by gazing into some tool in order to access your own clairvoyant ability. You can use tools like fire, a bowl or pool of water, a black mirror, bones cast on the ground, a blank wall, complete and total darkness, or probably a gazillion other things. You may see the visions in your mind’s eye or with your eyes wide open.

I’m seriously working on opening my own clairvoyant ability right now. It doesn’t come naturally to me , so it takes work. But I’m making progress and I’m beginning to see clear visions of energy moving and different colors of shapes both in my mind’s eye and with my eyes wide open.

You can evoke a spirit and communicate with it without opening your clairvoyance and seeing the spirit take form. I’ve evoked many spirits successfully, but only rarely saw them as shadowy outlines against my wall.

In fact, the ancient cultures put more emphasis on feeling the spirit than seeing the spirit. That’s more of the influence on Western magick from the medieval grimoires.

Did that help clear it up for you?


I thought we both cleared this up for the same op?

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Actually, we did.

@Nagathex … Maybe we tried to clear it up, but we obviously failed. lol

All kidding aside, it’s ok to ask the same question again and again until you grasp it. I’ve had to do it at times in my own life to find the right way to get something into my own brain.


I mean… You’re not wrong lol.

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Anyway on more focused note, yes they’re both right. Think of it as target practice.

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I worded that all wrong and In fact may have come off as a touch rude.The response was great I was always under the impression that scrying was more for contact after initial evokations and communication once an initial relationship has been established. The practice aspect of it helps clear things up and does indeed answer my questions. Thanks


Every time someone posts and gets a reply, that also helps those who don’t have the confidence, time, or freedom to join the forum, so there’s that as well - sometimes a small change in phrasing or description can hit the spot! :wink: