Taking criticisms on my altar - what am I doing wrong? doubtful anything to do with altar

Here’s some pictures of my altar setup. Note it’s nothing fancy- just an un- used basement bedroom. First off I try evocations for very specific purposes almost daily. I have yet to be successful. I was under the impression the inscense should be in the circle- hence the bowl where I burn it- as well as the elements of water earth and obviously fire from the candles. I always start with an offering of a few blood drops upon the sigil and as you can see there’s more than a few- and in this case an offering of gold as I was told for this particular spirit. That’s pretty much it- and my fine home made scrying mirror which I’m not sure what the purpose of is without having prior evolution success-already posted that- no real replies. So here’s some picks anything jump out as “wrong”. Also it seems to me that I’m able to achieve TGS when the sigil starts to “pop” and appear to float- now I know that’s just the eyes doing they’re thing but it is the beginning


Nothing jumps out as “wrong” because there is no right or wrong to it. There’s simply what works for you and what works for me. You can find clues in what works for other people, but in the end you have to discover what works for you.

Every time I dig into it when someone says “I can’t get evocation to work”, I discover it’s always because they have skipped meditation,learning to open their own intuitive abilities through divination, and learning energy work.

I didn’t understand the importance of working with divination until I just bit the bullet and did it. Learning to work with the Tarot and trust it helped me learn to trust my own intuition. And that helped me learn to trust the information I received directly into my mind. And that helped me learn to open my ability to communicate with spirits telepathically.

Learning energy work techniques was vital to me pulling more of the spirit’s energy into my area for an evocation. And that directly affects the quality of the telepathic connection I have with the spirit.


I hear ya on the no real right or wrong. I guess I was just looking for anything that immediately jumps out as a ringer for not. I definitely need to work on divination as all this- alter,candles, what not are merely tools to engage the psyche I’ve always read. Ive never really understood the significance of the triangle and circle- just “it’s what Crowley did” and supppsedly keeps spirits “restrained”. Keep them “restrained”? I don’t think an alter cloth is gonna keep any powerful being restrained and in my simple mind they ought be approached with upmost respect but if one is so afraid as to feel the need to “restrain” them probably shouldn’t be practicing this art to begin with. I seek to welcome and build relationship and seek attributes not to “restrain” them. Kinda got off track there didn’t I.

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Not to be a grammar Nazi but it’s ALTAR with a 2nd A, only bothering to make the comment because this will help you when using search engines and stuff. :slight_smile:

It all looks grand to me, maybe make a stand for the mirror from some card, like the V-shape kind that people use for plates?

It might give you better visibility, and if you make your own you can adjust the angle it tilts at.


@Novembercomingfire … Warning: Every answer is coming from my own UPG (Unverified Personal Gnosis) and my own personal experiences. Always. lol

They do help with your mental state and give your conscious mind something to “play with”, but I think they can also physically anchor energies here in our world.

Take my ritual “dagger”.

In the physical world, it’s a decent looking butcher knife that cost me $1.

But in the astral, it’s a sword made from the flames that always burn within me.

The butcher knife becomes the physical anchor for my flaming sword. It becomes a bridge between the astral and the physical.

And my ritual “dagger” continues to collect more and more of that power over time.

Now, I can get a new ritual dagger in the future and link it to my astral flaming sword, severing the link to the old butcher knife.

So the “magick” is not within the butcher knife itself, but the butcher knife is a useful physical representation of my astral flaming sword.

The triangle and circle both represent different magickal concepts. They’re also 2D representations of 3D energy structures.

The purpose of a circle is to separate. The line of the circle separates what is inside from what is outside.

If you come from a fear-based mindset, you would see the Circle as protecting you from the demonic forces outside, clamoring to get in.

I think it’s bullshit, but hey … whatever floats your boat. Sounds like a guy who has got issues to deal with to me. I dealt with mine. lol

The 3D representation of a circle is a sphere.

When I use a Circle during a ritual, I am creating a Sphere around me. It’s purpose is to create Sacred Space within the Sphere, bringing the Spiritual Worlds and the Physical World closer together.

My Circle (Sphere) holds the energy of the ritual within it until I release it into all the Worlds at the climax of the ritual.

A triangle is a 2D representation of a pyramid. And a pyramid is closely related to a spiral, directing energy up from the base toward the point at the top.

Think about this for a minute. Where is the spirit supposed to appear within the triangle? In the flat space of the triangle sitting against your altar? Or in the air above it?

In the air above it.

If a 2D triangle really represents a 3D pyramid, wouldn’t the spirit appear toward the top point of the pyramid?

The purpose of the triangle is to give you a focal point for the spirit, but it also collects energy and directs it upward, toward the point in the air above the triangle. It creates a type of energetic vortex.

These are the kinds of things that will start to make more sense to you when you learn how to create your own energy structures using energy work. They’re pretty much at the heart of everything I do.


Yeah my spelling sucks😀

Whoops preceding was meant for Eva’s comment. I thank you for your in depth response-helps make more sense of things.

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I have been looking deeply into your picture.

Just a suggestion.
Vacuum the area.Place a fresh clean cloth and cleanse the area with a nice incense.A white or black one will help you focus more.

Unblock the electricity appliances around the altar.

De-clutter the area.

Also I would advise you to place a small magnet (north side) on your third eye before you go into meditation.It has helped me achieve great manifestation even after 10 minutes of charging my third eye with it.

Look for goosebumps that occur in your crown chakra right after the magnet exercise.

Try not to eat gassy foods and meats on the day of the planned working.

Basements are often designed to block energy.I understand you might need to keep your working private but maybe you need a different space?

I always boost my spells with radionics.It helps to get the message across.Sometimes I get a sticker print of the manifestation pattern and place it on my Ajna Chakra and then start meditating or working out.Eitherway I am boosting a pool of energy to release.

p.s. The deeper I look into your black mirror in the picture, I more I feel I see someone waiting , maybe you are almost there?


Woweee thank you for the kind words. Unfortunately that spot is really the only place I can do things. Ill be honest here- there is a sort of sad negative energy that goes along with that room as it is a remnant of a broken family- I ain’t trying to get all boo goo woe is me here just saying- hence why it’s empty and available. As far as appliances I just have the fan there to clear out the room after I open the window as it fills with inscense pretty fast. However regarding the negative energy and “sadness” of the bigger picture at hand (metaphor not the pic itself) regarding the room if you depict the sigil on the evokation cloth- it’s clear I’m not exactly after my flowers to bloom bigger but not all my work and attempts are baneful- however it may or may not be- and I thank you for opening my eyes and making me think about it this way- that’s way I come here- said energy may have an effect on my attempts to regain what I’ve lost but I’m not sure how it effects evocations of those who can help- i.e sallos. As far as crown chakra (which I had to google to see what the hell that was) I have no such images also what are radionics? Also the magnet thing is intriguing to me- don’t really understand it but intriguing. Does raise question- electricity is essentially caused by magnetism so curious how unplugging appliances is beneficial there if having a magnet to the north is gainful- not doubting just wondering. Speaking of which… how do you know which direction to face. And this is where things get really stupid— but I’m gonna ask anyway. My home is realitivly clean for a single father of 3. Over the last few weeks- as my evocation attempts not really sure of they’ve increased or not but my house is constantly infested with flies!!! I’m not joking here and yes we’ve all seen aminityville horror but I’m not joking- it’s NEVER happened before. No I do not have food rotten or leave the garbage dormant for weeks. This is recent over the last week and a half or so- no I have not made any attempts at contacting beelzebub- although sometimes I do try to call forth under his name. I know the last part sounds ridiculous but it is bizarre. As far as the meat goes… sorry- I may be a beginner wannabe sorcerer but I am an avid weight trainer/body builder- need the meat man- lots of it. Well I said another mouthful


I was going to say that when you call them they usually come. I don’t usually do a circle and I have never used a triangle… I don’t see the need for it. Personally. All I have to do is focus on the name and aura and they come. Maybe it is not like that for everyone but my thought is whoever it is you are calling probably did come but you just didn’t feel or sense him/her? I do not know what your strengths and abilities are, so I am guessing here, but if you are new to this maybe you just haven’t gotten used to feeling that subtle body. Sometimes their aura is so strong it makes me nauseous, but sometimes it is really quiet and subtle. So maybe that is what is happening.

Also, maybe you can cleanse the room from all that negativity and sadness you say is there and maybe it will help you to contact who you’re trying to contact. I can feel it when I look at the pics. Sage… Lavender. Healing. Do a cleansing and healing ritual to get rid of that negativity. If it’s memories maybe you can change the look of the room a bit and turn it your “Special Ritual Space.” Not just an old abandoned leftover area in your house that you can use…from your past… Does that make sense? Then try to use the room. I hope this helps.

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It does. I know nothing at this point about cleansing and healing rituals. I could be way off base here- like i said I don’t constantly perform bane full rituals but- sometimes I think I may need that. Keeps me goal oriented- and in a way so does my other workings. I’m gonna stir up some controversy here- but I’m pretty unwavering in my stance that the inner spirits (inner nothing astral) and emotions of hate and anger are as pure and genuine and honest as love and cherry pie. Or maybe I’m just a bitter prick

Let’s be frank- if I’m cursing for lack of a better word or anything baneful I’m not exactly thinking about cakes and pies. In a way I think it may be beneficial in that sense but I’m here for guidance and advice and it’s all taking to heart. Like I said if you look at the sigil and the picture- I’m not exactly looking to love my fellow man

I don’t think you’re being a prick. They are genuine and real. It is all a personal walk so you do what you feel led to do. But we all learn and grow. I do baneful magic as well as healing and helpful magic. I think there has to be balance in everything. I don’t understand why you said that though… (I have a lot of blonde moments) Anyway you can look up how to cleanse a space. You can look up how to do a healing ritual probabmy too…OOoooohhhh. Is that why you said you usually only focus on the baneful magic? You never did a healing… Ok. (facepalm) If you are doing magic you need to learn to cleanse yourself and your home. Sage and blessed water. I make my own with sea salt and intention. Anyhoo, you light the sage and go from one end of the house to the other and cleanse the place by clearing out all negativity. There are many ways to do it. Watch some vids and pick what feels right to you. Sage yourself as well. You can and probably should do a cleansing bath as well with seasalt in water. There are again, many ways to do this. And I am not getting into specifics here. If you want to private message me you can and I will be happy to help, but here it would be too long and off topic. I can also tell you about the healing ritual or give you ideas on what and how to do it. I am not a wiccan or a sugary sweet fairy rainbow witch either so please don’t think that’s where I am coming from but even black magicians need to cleanse out the negativity.

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I don’t see anything wrong with what you’re doing or who you’re working with. I do it too.

don’t understand why you said that though

I guess I don’t know either- I have a real way with words.

Oh I think I figured it out! I think! As I was writing. Hmm. This page just told me to pm you! I replied to you 3 times already! smh. Ok. If you want to talk more you can PM me!

Last night I was going through ritual evokation- after deep concentration- concentration on nothing really other than the sport I believe I hit the TGS then something I’ve never experienced happened- it was as if a wave of energy engulfed- if I was wearing a hat it would’ve knocked it off- then it was like I some how feel out of TGS- I did not look at the I sense during this experience as I was more focused on maintaining my well focus and taking in the energy- it did not last long. But something happened- the likes of which I’ve never felt. I truly believe it was contact- I do not expect full apparitions or anything like that- like I said I didn’t even shift my eyes to see if the insense was swirling and collecting as tradition sometimes states. My concern was staying in deep sync. I’ve found some good TGS some hours long on you tube for grins I’m gonna try and sleep too.

Could you please expand on these comments- you mentioned north- I’ve heard cardinal directions mentioned before. Do spirits or even if doing a simple candle magick spell really care what direction your facing? Dunno?

By North, I meant the north side of the magnet (the south pole of the magnet can cause brain damage).

Radionics are easy.You can, for starters, get a free download of the radionics software like Easy Rad or Cyber Shaman.This software can help you boost or open your sigils while you do the actual meditation.It can help you achieve goals through the radionics system.It can also help you open up your brain to better perception and psychic powers.It helps some people but mostly those who do not lust after results.

My experience with basements is that they block energy.But then again it depends on how they were built.Look at Mr Koetting’s video’s.Some of his evocations and meditations are in far away, isolated natural spaces.Its easier to connect with energies in such spaces.If your basement is not properly ventilated , your body is not receiving enough oxygen which can also make you weak and block your receptors which can help you establish or sense contact.

Try visiting the graveyard anytime during the day or night just as an educational trip.You need to interact and feel such energies.

Look for goosebumps and sudden busts of intuition.

Now, electric currents interfere with the Ajna Chakra, so do TV and Microwave rays.Try to keep your space electricity free and sacred even if it is small.

Finally, look close to nature when you are out.Once when I was opening a square for SEQOR (money in Abramelin Squares) I was trying to call in the help of ORIENS.On that day I saw an elephant at the zoo during an unexpected trip, a man on the horse wearing a fancy dress, a camel and finally an African tribesman smiling at me.When I asked my husband he said he was with me all the time and he never saw the horse , camel or the African tribesman.

Later on I realised that these were the signs of the ORIENS. My spell worked in the next three days.

So, evocation is not all about TGS and contact.It is about giving your work to spirits and trusting them 100% to it.

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I’m having some trouble with this magnet concept- can you expand a little? Ok more self exposure here of my ignorance. I was under the impression third eye was another way of saying clairvoyant abilities/divination. There is a physical body placement for third eye? I’m assuming forehead or something. Since you mentioned South Pole causing brain damage. Maybe that’s what happened to me?! No i don’t think there’s physically a third eye in my skull or anything. Seriously though back to the flies- I’m not talking the ammnityville horror scene extent. is it just me or has anyone else had similar experiences. I understand that evocations and what not can attract some undesirable attention. Also know I no I’m really sounded nuts- this has never happened and I sure I see them time to time but when I got home today I was greeted by about 6-8 black crows or ravens. While it may all be coincidental I am familiar with “vivid examples” as it was so explained in my collage psychology classes- that is not. Never seen any of it before