Is there a book that contains a guide on working with lucifer?

Are there any books that contain on how to evoke lucifer and work with him? (Gallery of magick books perhaps?)

Archangel Raziel said it was okay to work with him.

Also what are his specialties?

I suggest you to use the forum search function. Your answer has already been answered (many times).

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Thank you. But aren’t there books about working with lucifer? I couldn’t find it on the search button

The forum search feature has multiple evocation guides. They are not specific to him but you just plug in his info and follow the guides


I think you’ll find this useful: Easy Spirit Summoning Technique

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just do a search for lucifer and magick on amazon and books show up. People don’t know how to google these days?? not personal on you. don’t take offense. We get too many silly questions when you can use search on here or on amazon if it’s about books. Or for most questions that’s already answered many times.

And many professors tell me that the most important skills that people learn out of MA degree program is not the education in the program. IT’s learning how to research that is the core of MA degree program. That’s what they pay the high college fee for. To learn that skill. THe required master thesis’s paper to graduate is what teach people to research. It’s learn-able easy. U don’t have to pay that high fee to learn how to research. Just do it. Stop being lazy with the resource you know you have in your search bar.


No even if it was directed at me, I wouldn’t mind. I rarely get angry or revengeful.

Riker and Troi’s planet. Cool.

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There is a book called “Lucifer and the Hidden Demons” available on Amazon. The focus is on pathworking and visualization.


The Gallery of Magick uses Kabbalisitc magick. They have nothing to do with Lucifer, who is not recognised in traditional Kabbalah, though I’m sure some non-traditional practitioners shoe horn him into the system somewhere.

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Do you know a book that contains Lucifer in it? So far I haven’t had luck with the search button.

Still a beginner, what books would you recommend me? Planning to buy one right now (order).


I’ve got 15 of them.

Words of Power by Damon Brand
Archangels of Magick by Damon Brand
Magickal Servitors by Damon Brand
Sigils of Power and Transformation by Adam Blackthorne

Currently working through Enochian Magick for Success by Damon Brand.


Okay excellent that you’re working on the new book.

If you don’t mind asking me, I’ve looked for summary on Servitors but couldn’t find any, only basic knowledge. Can you explain me what that book is about? Magickal Servitors

Exactly what you think it is about. It describes what servitors are, what they can be used for, and gives guidelines for their creation.

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What book did you have the most results in?

I’m only doing the evocation part from Archangels of Magick.

They’ve never appeared but I trusted that they were there. (I say each chant for only 30 seconds to a minute secs per chant)

Because Damon Brand says that the archangels will respond. He says to think about being injured and the ambulance will arrive. It’s the same for archangel’s I think

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What’s riker and trollis planet?

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@DraculAlucard Are you doing meditations and extra works for opening your senses too or do you just go with evocation?

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Oh perfect, just what I needed.