Is the codex Gigas a.k.a the devils book actually cursed?

I watched a video and the video said that the devil possessed the guy and made him write the book but he sold his soul so he could write it and there’s history on the book and the book never ages and I don’t wanna read something if it’s gonna curse me

I got the pdf ePub download and I’m just wondering if it’s cursed! I haven’t read it yet.

But I also know the devil isn’t a bad guy and I don’t believe it was the devil and I believe another spirit made him write the book
And I like Satan and I can’t believe he made the guy write that book Satan is such a good guy and so yeah and I have reasons to believe it wasn’t Satan but another spirit that wrote the book and I think I know what spirit it was

Man, I am pretty sure you are fine, but if you are still worried, do an unbinding or some banishing.


Or perhaps have Mephistopheles accompany you?

Challenge accepted. :smiley: Got a link? (I’ll buy the legit version, that’s np) PM me?

The ‘devil’ doesn’t exist - it’s just a catch-all term for any energy or entity not on the xtian ‘approved list’. I don’t care about xtain fee fees one whit, myself.
It’s not even that “he’s” “not a bad guy” - it’s not a useful concept, period.

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No I don’t believe it was Mephistopheles I think I know who it is but it’s no demon or devil or any demonic spirit that made him write it

But I have Many reasons As to who I think wrote made him write the book I would have to read the book to know if I’m correct

OP, think of it like this, if this book is written by Satan himself, why would he curse this book? Where is the profit of it? Maybe he can get followers or magickians the work with, but if its cursed you will simply die and if I would be Satan I cant see any profit in this.


Yeah me either I think I know who the spirit is but yeah Satan wouldn’t do that that’s why I’m so sure it was another spirit but the spirit in talking about isn’t just one spirit it’s multiple of them

Man, if you are still curious give Maulbeere a link and see if there is any curse, I am pretty sure there is nothing.

Surely it is against that abrahamic people who read it, christians and muslims! That people should mind their own Business and let the Devil worshipers do their thing


Exactly well put

Gaze at each page for 10 minutes and you’ll see Jesus Christ

@John_Wick Why do I see Michael Jordan instead?


Not what i said nor meant.

Yeah I’ll pm you but I am trying to figure out how to pm

@darkwolf You arent a TL2 yet, you cant, she can send you a pm though.

I can’t pm you I’m not a tl2 yet

The only thing that would make me think negatively about this kind of arrangement, was if it was like Marc Allen Smiths arrangement with Hecate et al - totally subservient.

I take a dim view of pussies that give away thier power to others. That includes Smith.
Beta orbiter incarnate. :face_vomiting:
I encourage people to NOT do that (give away power) at every opportunity I get. It’s probs an LHP / Aquarian thing.

So… ‘made’ him write it? Ugh, that pisses me of on principle. But then he goes ahead and protects it for copyright - so, ok, meh. What Little Shart said on that is reasonable - What discarnate entity has a use for copyright law? He’s good :joy_cat:

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Lesson learned thanks for teaching me

You must have the Chicago text version , he is depicted as a 6’6 African American Jesus with 6 rings , so actually it’s possible he is satan , a mask of Jesus Christ the son of naruto


Naruto is actually a thing? Color me surprised.