Is or was Lilith an Angel or not?

It is a possiblity in my eyes, as it would also explain how some saints can do the same.


I got close to Lilith through my ex who was one of her children. She held a very important fragment of her. Other than that my work has been sort of minimal with her, though I am working with her now to find a new partner.

My impression has always been she is the exalted free woman. The archetypal Lioness stalking prey. Like prostitutes (in the best case scenario), she chooses how and where she spends her time, in control of herself and others. Like a single mother Lilith knows how to care for what is important, and cast the rest aside. And if it hurts others for her to be herself, then thats a price she is willing to pay.

Which brings me to my point, we dont get to choose what Lilith is, she chooses. And if she wants to be a damn Angel, nothing else is going to tell her otherwise.

Wrote that to someone in a pm, thought it would fit better here


To serve another for the sake of a gain vs to serve another for the sake of serving. The former philosphy can apply in almost any society, but it takes a very RHP minded community in order to make the second one work.

…and I’m learning this just now. This is very interesting.

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Ehh to each their own. It seems to me that most people conflate the right hand path with christanity and since they have hang ups on christians or christanity they associate RHP with it aswell. Atleast thats my opinion.

Yeah its unfortunate. I’m coming at things from a more “cosmic” perspective though. Comparing how societies do things based on the species/race, dimension, etc. Stuff varies greatly and Christianity is just a tiny toxic speck in that perspective. Imo humanity should just forget about “the big three” (Christianity, Judaism, Islam). It would save a lot of trouble.


I agree to a point. I enjoy all three. I have a hatred of anyone who wants to forget any history. And all three has played major parts of history. Even today.

A transmutation could make complete sense, I’ve found lucifer has had a transmutation at some point in his time as well personally, however it’s only from me asking him.


Well, this is not my experience with angels. When I said they care about their work and their agenda how is it “for the sake of serving”?
I think we have to agree to disagree here.


I think people take the whole LHP and RHP too serious to where they have a hard time disconnecting various entities from it.


I agree, I find the human mind has a really hard time of letting go of the concepts like those, especially when they’ve raised with particular religions that may have clouded their judgements one way or another.


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I don’t believe Lilith was ever an angel, no sources point to that