Is magick real or you guys larping?

Hello guys a few months ago I accidentally stumbled upon this forum.

To my astonishment I discovered that maybe demons weren’t that bad as they are made out to be, or maybe you guys are larping.

Now I’ve got my hands on the few practical books mentioned here such as, demons of magick, magick of angels and demons, lucifer and the hidden demons, goetia pathworking, New avatar power, mystic grimoire.

From these books I have not had even one ritual work.

I done money spells, sex spells, love spells, healing spells ect.

Not one dam spell has worked.

So what am I to make of this? Could it be that you guys are either larping or just feeling the placebo.

I’m kind of annoyed because if magick is real then I want in on the results cause its not fair for me to put in time doing rituals with no results to show for it.


This attitude is the reason you don’t get results my dear.


I bet you would develop and attitude and get frustrated if it doesn’t work.


Life isn’t fair most of the time, either. Thats why you have to put a good amount of work and sometimes more than that into EVERYTHING you want to succeed in.

Yes, magick is work.

Have you any kind of experience in any magickal field?


Get frustrated? Sure. Thinking “I DESERVE results?” No.


I’m new to it

Don’t listen to these guys, getting frustrated is a perfectly natural, normal reaction. That is why you give it the benefit of the doubt, and try something related to senses. They are the foundation of this craft.


The first steps always seem the darkest.


Try this:

And remember: Magick is not a shortcut.


There is a sense of entitlement showing up in that statement. Few things are more repellent to spirits than a sense of “you owe me”.


Magick is real but some people are larping here too.


You ever tried to play dope ass guitar riffs on stage without any kind of actual practice?
Its entertaining for the audience to watch but its not exactly what you would do, no?

Take your time.
Practice. Try to get a feeling for what could be interesting to you. Some people are great at starting out with divination. Other folks are talented for energy work or meditation or channeling or whatnot.
Magick is a huge playfield but you have to start somewhere.
Oh boi, you will be so frustrated in the beginning. But you will make steps forward and you will be able to actually understand what you’re doing the next time you’re following a ritual.
Have fun.


A reason magick may not manifest for you, or at least not right away, is because this practice is like a muscle, you have to exercise it and use it often in order for it to grow and become stronger, or a skill like music. You aren’t going to play the piano for a week and then be ready for a symphony. One of the keys to magick that absolutely cannot be taken for granted or discarded is patience and determination.

Yes, there are larpers, but I don’t think this community would be here right now if we were all larpers.


I don’t even think these spirits if they’re real even show up


If you can’t see them then you haven’t opened your astral senses. You don’t need those to work successful magick on a practical level, but when it comes to communication, they’re a must.


Choosing beggar much? What is your develop ment or more importantly who are you to make a spirit show up lets keep some honesty here? This is no different than Oh I prayed but God never answered


I am guessing that you asked for a million dollars or for a trio of nymphomaniacs to be delivered to your door


On demons of magick there is a ritual to get into a trance and your supposed to be able to talk to them. Ritual 2 to be precise and they never made themselves known to me nor do they do what I ask them.

Your attitude is like saying ”I started playing guitar two months ago, why am I still not famous???!“

Magick takes work, patience and yes also some frustration that you need to overcome by more work and patience. Entitlement needs to be outgrown at some point, or you’ll end up getting butthurt over something that didn’t work because you basically messed it up by not practicing it properly. You can read all the books you want, but your psychic senses (that which is beyond your 5 ”normal“ senses) won’t develop overnight, and they’re the basis for your work.

Mental discipline and psychic attenuation to spirit, that’s not something we’re being conditioned to master, it’s the exact opposite: from the moment we’re born, we are being trained to block out our natural sensitivity to ”other things“, and to basically limit our capabilities to a rather narrow scope. Magick works, most people here are not larping (although there are some who do, but usually nobody takes them seriously after they have exposed themselves, and they always do sooner or later).

We as the members of the forum needn’t (and cannot) prove the validity of Magick to you. Only your own practice and understanding will eventually convince you whether it’s real or bullshit (to you, that is, because others will have their own experiences).