Is magick "fake"?

Not that impossible at all. Shape shifting ability ( 100% of it, not changing the size of one’s nose ) can be gotten within 60 days or in some tradition in 3 days.

Now why haven’t I acquired those skill yet then? Well this kind of power comes with Risk. In tantra it is said like after a point every ritual will be like walking on Razor sharp blade. Shorter the time period and more power it promises, more will be the risk/ Potentiality of downfall and the consequence will be far worse than Death or Life time of Insanity. ANd I don’t have the balls yet.

There are quite a few who experience change in timeline here. Though I doubt if it is a skill which they can do anytime at will.

Not true again. In my tradition One can Physically materialize a Powerful spirit like an Archangel or Maha-Dakini within 21 days. Physical enough to tear the summoner’s dick off or help him clean the room by lifting Sofa. The trick is it has to remain under the law of concealment.

Yoga-Imagination is just one path out of many.


Completely fake. Those of us who aren’t wholly deluded from a combination of schizotypy and confirmation bias are just paid NWO shills purposefully perpetuating superstition and magickal thinking in order to keep humankind in the Dark Ages. There is no soul, spirits are made-up imaginary friends, and we tell ourselves we can effect change by chanting some funny words and thinking really hard because it helps rationalize away the fact that we live in a cold, uncaring Universe, doomed to follow its mechanistic laws and crumble back into nothingness after only a brief, pointless stay. :smiling_imp:


"Not true again. In my tradition One can Physically materialize a Powerful spirit like an Archangel or Maha-Dakini within 21 days. Physical enough to tear the summoner’s dick off or help him clean the room by lifting Sofa. The trick is it has to remain under the law of concealment.

Yoga-Imagination is just one path out of many."

Could you share this technique or is it something well hidden? Or is it Yoga-Imagination? Anyways thank you!

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Seems pretty fake. I haven’t had a magi/witch kill me outright yet and believe me my ex and her family certainly had years of opportunities.

No, they used torture, drugs, and physical devices to secure pain. They did have a hold on others but maybe it was leverage/blackmail like a syndicate/mob. But man they went full out ritual all the time in private.

When life rips you up and you survive by sheer will; magick looks like make believe.

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I think it is real, though I see so much radically conflicting experiences on this forum, that the thought of it objectively real seems less obvious, how do they differ, that… don’t ask me. lol



Impossible you say?

I’d like to disagree. :wink:

Oh almost forgott the Jumping between realities.

Stupid me. :stuck_out_tongue:

Teleportation Explained.

There you go.



But don’t come whining,
when you don’t like the new reality,
and want me to pull you back.

That’s on you,
then. :wink:

But maybe some of this information,
might become helpful,
once you’re over on the other side.

Oh and i Simply HAVE to share this beautiful piece here:


about escapism.

In regards,
to how it actually works,
you may need this rune,
to actually pull it off successfully:


It’s not mine tho.

So i can only share a little bit about it,
the actual creator of this rune is a Balg Member,
so you can find him through the Rune.

It’s designed for Time Traveling,
and since the Actual Mechanism of “Reality Shifting”,
is based around Dimensional Jumps between already existing Timelines,
you’ll probably want that Sigil in a form where you can not lose it.

  • yes, I mean tattoed onto your skin.

Since you can’t tell about the specifics of the Other Dimension completely,
unless you got there,
you’ll probably want to make sure,
you have a ticket back home,
in case shit goes wrong. :wink:

If you want to attempt that without having the Sigil secured in place,
with you,
by any means…

You do you.





Okay, come on!

Water filled with intend,
and injested for complete Dimensional Shifts…

i can see how that works,
but that’s the same degree as Candle or Sigil Magick.

Doesn’t do much Justice,
to the degree of understanding,
i want Titan.M to have.

This is more accurate.

And this guy is around 20,
so don’t tell me you can’t do that. :wink:

But wow,
yeah he really understood it.

He’s even using the correct Energy Tubes Set up.

Rare footage my friend,
Rare footage!


Did i teach that guy???

Oh, Toth teached him.

Okay, got it.^^

Dear Toth,
in case this Boy is interested to gain full Demonhood,
send him over to me,
so i can initiate him into the Devil Gene.

Just if he wants to.

But i hereby clearly make the offer.

He’s worthy of it!




And some people will always be shitty in Magick as some are in Math. That doesn’t mean Math doesn’t work.


Lol well I never said magick is fake or doesn’t work?

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No, you’ve just simply questioned,
wether some people can really harness the powers they claim.

To be quite honest,
that’s a very difficult topic for itself,
and could easily fill a complete own Topic.

So i suggest we leave it where it is,
for now.

Unless Goku really wants to discuss,
but i don’t think so.



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I have no problem discussing it man. There are a lot who are TOO MUCH INTO COSPLAY. Claiming bullshit and fueling their non existent EGO , To GET LIKES. Ever wondered with so many Demonic Sex, Romantic demonic dinner and even Demonic child going around, nobody even knows the Demonic Hierarchy, something almost Every Black MAGE is Extremely interested in.

What’s the relationship between demons and Lwas? Between Dakinis And demons? As all 3 are Planetary based spirits, There have to be some interaction, relation.

Even Hookers who Blows on street without even looking at the face can extract more Info that this.
A 5 word’s info about the stock market can make few millions within 6 months.

At the same time there are some narcissist types who think all that is real In their magical career IS REAL, And beyond that is all bullshit. Mumbo Jumbo. Those who belittle other’s magicak claim but won’t question E.A ( Their Crush ) when he many times have said that He tried to master to physically materialize his astral body as was taught to him in his soul travel path-working and got success for QUITE a FEW MOMENTS.

What ur Opinion ???


Finally somebody said it.


you seem to have a really interesting breed of Hookers over there!!!



You should start transforming them into Succuby,
and sending them out to the rest of the world.^^





Oh no not questioning anything it’s just starting out everyone goes through false happenings until they improve and keep their ego under control. A healthy ego is better than no ego or an inflated ego.

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At least no ego they are well grounded albeit push-over slaves for everyone. Inflated egos are great to see crushed when they are clearly outmatched by someone who has raw skill and not a lot of fluff BS talk. Seeing groupies crushed when their ego-maniac lord is smashed is fucking hilarious.

Now i can only go by “muggle” standards in the workplace (when i was working in my field) but i loved seeing the new flashy fools lose their ego will when i could rattle off and demonstrate effortlessly the the work we were supposed to be doing. Those people were also bad leaders and put their work onto others. Sadly, they had this shit charm and when your corporation you work for is bought up by younger businessmen; the old dog gets the dog house and these punks get the corner office.

Bullshit! Still, they’re idiots and settle for inferior materials and deals line from China and SE Africa. And their production teams are laughable. Ah, i miss those days in that office.

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Constructive response

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@Yberion Berioth To be fair you didnt change genes that express physical features. Ie change the dudes hair color, nose shape, or feet length (teehee). I do know gene expression can be turned off and on with certain actions understress or with different diets. For example you activate new genes that are dormant when you take up a new skill.


Thank you for your educated reply.

Indeed, the gene is very young,
has just been built,
and hasn’t dealt with those transformations fully right now.

It’s currently learning,
how to reduce a massively overweight body,
a case of Obecity,
back down to the apropriate size,
the holder of the Gene actually wants to have.

That is a strong physical Change,
but it’s work on Progress,
and can’t be confirmed as of yet.



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None the less i am interested in it and will be trying it out. Along with the video merkaba meditation you provided.

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i feel this might hold value to you.