Is it possible to become a nephilim? (half angel half human)

Why would anyone choose to become less than what they are now? Angels are lower than man.

I have never understood that logic. We typically rely on angels, demons etc. to do things that are beyond our capabilities. They also have a more profound understanding about how the universe works than we do. Wouldn’t it be the other way around?


Aside from Nephilims, there are those physical transformations supposedly taking place after death (Rainbow Body) or even during life e.g. Vallalar, as the result of following Vajrayana, Yoga etc.

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I actually have a theory on otherkin, as I used to call myself one of them. Actual authentic kin, ones who can and do Astrally appear as what they claim, are likely by whatever means more attuned to their godself. For some reason certain characteristics bleed through from their higher plane into their current form. Which is why, as a personal example, people who don’t even know me personally have commented on me appearing to have a werewolf superimposed on my being.

One of these instances oddly enough came from someone who identified as a nephilim. Which is likely a misnomer, but is simply the best identifiable name they can come up with to explain what they are.


Interesting theory

I generally go to entities to learn to do what they do as such the same with any skill or building muscle it takes practice and time to get good at it. But it never hurts to consult an expert on matter outside your current field of knowledge :alien:

As to this I think it would be more accurate to ssay they have more active knowledge of non physical planes cause they originate outside the physical plane consciously just as we reside consciously in the physical more than the non physical in most cases.

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Interesting out of curiosity how would someone summon say a God to the physical realm? Or some form of deity that exists outside of the physical relm.

The same way you summon anything else.

You see I dont really know how to summon anything

Well, this forum comes equipped with a search function so you can find all the information you need.

It helps to have a grasp on the basics these can give some insights to that.

Hardcore Esoteric: - YouTube

Though it still takes alot of work :alien:

This could explain why some enjoy being invoked and getting to experience our plain through us.

Yeah also when you say invoke what exactly does that mean?

Invoking is basically bringing them in you and Evoking is having them appear in flames, smoke etc or into external objects.
I’ll look for a thread that gives better detail :slight_smile:

Thanks I see a lot of people throw that around and I dont know what it means

Remember the search feature here is actually really good, as I said to someone else, abuse it like Google :wink:

Ironically that’s how I found this forum. It was with google

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Well is it possible to evoque a fallen angel and ask him to turn you into a nephilim? Can a fallen angel do it?

The short answer is no.

Being a nephilim is something that you’re born into. But even then, the angel wouldn’t be a physical parent as your DNA is still human. Because angels, demons and other spirits don’t possess corporeal forms, they would need a host to “conceive” a child. Your soul may be nephilim, but not your body.


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