Is it possible to become a nephilim? (half angel half human)

Does anyone know if it’s possible to become the iconic nephlim from religion,TV, and the iconic game diablo? The nephlim is described as giants basically and man eaters. (Depending on relegion)they are half angel half demon or half man half angel.

If yes please tell me

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Where should I do that? I’m pretty new to the world of magic and trying to learn as much as possible.

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Thank you I just did thanks for the heads up


To answer your question, no, you can’t become a Nephilim. By definition, a Nephilim is the offspring of an angel and a human. You would have to have an Angel as a parent.

People in the occult sometimes refer to themselves as “sons of” or “daughters of” but that doesn’t make it actual fact. Their DNA is still human.


Thank you I was wondering cause a friend/mentor of mine claims to have been turned into a nephlim.

You can, however, be regarded as the spiritual offspring of an angel, demon, or god. That does not change your biological heritage as a human though.


So could someone claim to be a spiritual nephlim?

Yes. People claim to be a lot of things in the occult. If you search this forum or any other, you will see people claiming to be everything from a demon, to a dragon, to an elf, to an avatar, to being an actual god. Google the term Otherkin.

But as one enlightened member here said, “a bullet to the head will end you just the same.” You can call yourself anything you want; just don’t expect it to confer super powers on you.


So true

It’ll depend on who you ask.
My response: it’s not impossible. While our physical bodies are a different case, our spiritual bodies are very moldable.

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Ultimately, it’s not impossible.

True however I am still new to magick and seek as much knowledge as possible. I’m more of a book person. I use magic but only when I must other wise I’m reading about everything i can about magic.

What drew you to this question?

  1. curiosity 2) a friend claimed that they physically were a nephlim which they have the build for one but I wanted to see if they were bluffing or not. And I personally love the idea of a nephlim and wanted to see if there’s a way to become one. That’s all really

I mean you could just ask your friend to prove it :stuck_out_tongue:

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Tried but all they said is I said I am isn’t that enough? Which is a little questionable maybe I asked the wrong questions.

Err… doubt is your friend in scenarios like these. If I told you I could pluck gold coins from thin air would you believe me, hell no. If I then roll up my sleeves and conjure some in front of you that’s a different story all together.


Punch your friend in the face. If he bleeds red, he’s human. :wink:

You might as well counter him by saying you’re Kryptonian. It amounts to the same thing in consensual reality.