Is Fivver a scam?

I was wondering if paying people to summon Jinns is a scam?

Most likely

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Generally speaking, and in my opinion, if you don’t have the skill to find out for yourself whether a trinket you want to buy is legit, you shouldn’t be buying it anyway because you won’t have the skill to effectively use and control it. You can rely on reviews and testimonials I guess, but I don’t. Sometimes these things have random angry ghosts in them, that will mess with you, often nothing.

There’s no ideal shortcuts, best to be self-reliant and independent, imo - get meditating, increase your sensitivity and skill, learn how to create your own talismans and summon Jinn yourself.


Generally speaking cheap services aren’t good and good services aren’t cheap.


Not everyone on it is a scammer… but plenty might be. There.

Better to learn and have a clue before letting others fuck things up for you imo


The djinn are very serious and hi powered spirits. It’s better to do these things for yourself. I recommend a book “practical djinn magick”.


Fivver in itself isn’t a scam, however. Since anyone can sell on there you may get scammers, people who exaggerate their skill, or legit people.

That’s with any ritual for hire place though.

Sometimes the most expensive ritual for hires can be a scam and the cheaper ones legit, and vice versa.


So what is the most you would pay? Less than $10?

I’ve tested ritual for hires by spending up to $300 dollars (gained it back with work) simply so I could yay or nay the service as worth it or a save your money, I’ve bought rituals that were as low as 15-35 dollars for the same reason, suffice to say the lowest one worked and the expensive one did not and the seller was asking frontload-y question(s).

Usually when rituals dont work the buyer is blamed either for lusting for results or the same reason I bought mine.

I often tell people never spend tons of money on intangible rituals, unless they can record their work and give it to you, very much like the deification ritual where the J.S uses the person’s name I believe or their ‘soul’s name’ whatever name they give him and record himself doing the ritual that is tangible evidence he did the ritual (I still wouldn’t pay all that for a ritual personally but he does the work)

So the most I’d ever pay is 50-60 dollars at best.


The reason sorcerers like J.S. Garrett charge top dollar for their rituals is simply because of the sheer amount of time, resources, energy, and so on to set up and perform them, and then it’s also about the impact doing these rituals has on their personal energy, and the payoffs that come down the line. Plus their experience and skills, plus wisdom that comes into play. But these sorcerers are legit and know their stuff, their rituals and personal magickal power are really powerful.

Whereas the one who charges $50 for a ritual, it’s not going to be anywhere near that kind of powerful or even effective, depending on what you’re trying to do.

I’ve paid E.A. and J.S. to perform rituals for me, and believe me, you will not get the kind of results I got for cheap.

On the other hand, if you need someone bumped off or cursed, and just don’t want to get your hands dirty, and you don’t give a damn about whether you’re right or wrong… :wink:

I’ve been the target of people who complained about paying £30 for the job to be done. Needless to say, the end result was, I won, the stupid magician who took money to hurt me end up worst off, and the original perpetuator is certainly no better off. This happens every single time - the end result is, I win the battle, I grow stronger, I geet wiser, and I get even more determined to deal with people with tiny minds and a shitty attitude even faster and more harshly the next time they come around.

If someone hired the likes of EA or JS to deal with me, I’d be having the worst time ever, probably dying, or even worse. Simply because they know their stuff, they are powerful people, they have been at this for years, and they aren’t stupid.

I paid less than a tenner on Fiverr to get some basic info about an enemy. I paid $120 each to talented Tarot readers who not only tell me what I need to know but they give me new rituals or techniques to use to solve the problem, plus I know they are as accurate as they can be.

This is why I charge top dollar for some of my services.

So, to answer the OP’s question, if you’re too frightened to summon a Jinn through the uber super simple techniques found in Practical Jinn Magick, then I can’t see how you’re going to get safe results from working with them, regardless of whether you paid someone on Fiverr or whether you paid a lot of money someone who knowledgeable and responsible in their practice with Jinn. If I were in your shoes, I’d grab the book, learn what kind of spirits the Jinn are, the results you can get, etc, and then pay someone experienced with Jinn to teach me how to advance my skills and knowledge, safely, in working with the Jinn, or I would just quit and work on myself until I felt ready to handle and learn about the Jinn responsibly and safely. Jmo.



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Any successful magician that’s acquired wealth isn’t going to do a minimum hour of work for 10.00. you’re delusional if you think otherwise.

Its a few djin books already the practical din magick for, $9 dillrs. And star from there,
Cheap fast goid results.


As far as I know, Fiverr is just a platform for individual people to offer their services, so rating the platform won’t answer whether a specific seller is good or bad.

Unfortunately, there are many problems with this forum having reviews of spellcasters and other people offering magickal goods and services in the public section, to name a few:

  1. due to our rules on advertising, merchants may not join to reply if they feel they have been unfairly criticised, and due to sometimes unrealistic expectations by buyers, that is a strong likelihood if reviews are invited from all and sundry

  2. this is a forum for BALG, a business, and hosting reviews of other businesses in the same area is just a tangle of potential misunderstandings about why they would allow this (especially highly critical reviews), or, conversely, whether they are behind praise given, to the extent of accrediting it (seems unlikely but trust me, people’s comprehension isn’t always where we might hope it would be)

  3. there are already established sites that allow reviews of magickal goods and services, and that means people are able to share their opinions on neutral territory

  4. it opens a temptation to merchants, especially the less honest, to set up shill accounts and fake satisfaction with their own services, increasing moderation workload and risking throwing the forum into disputes over what is or is not advertising.

For that reason, I suggest running searches on the internet and seeking reviews on sites and forums that permit this. :+1: