Is feeling detachment after the ea koettings amsodeus love spell a good thing?


Ive been doing love spells for a while now and ive found that in past love spells I feel a strong sense of detachment or indifference after the spell. All of those spells have worked but I still wonder if feeling detachment is always a good thing magickally speaking!

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I believe detachment is a very important thing for magic to happen. Many times due to anxiety I did magic works and had that feeling of “I need this” and most of the time with me, the thing went wrong or nothing happened. Last job I did with spell love, I also felt detached, and it was the job that I felt most confident and sure of a satisfactory result. But in my meditations I feel that depending on which daemon you’re working with, he makes you wonder if right now, without the need or anxiety, you still want it.

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I see what you are saying

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Around thee parts we tend to call the “not lusting for results” :slight_smile:

Around these parts we tend to call that “not lusting for results” :slight_smile:

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