Is Covid19 an entity? A solution

Just listened to the medium Penny Kelly, because I like to know what is going to happen before it does. According to her and her guest Covid19 is an entity. That means that we can make it disappear by visualizing it dissolving all over the world!


Covid is a virus, as far as an entity goes it’s a egregore more than likely given the many people that want it so badly to be an entity. So the fact people want it to be an entity they’re feeding the idea doing the exact opposite.

Most channelings (I say loosely) are coated in bias from the channeler.


Covid19 can disappear with timely treatment and prevention. Viruses have always existed and will continue to exist, like bacteria and other microorganisms, but the process of their evolution can be unpredictable and can cause epidemics and pandemics.


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IME, this is correct.
I met it as an entity, it had a lot in common with Shadow People. Bearing in mind, as an animist I find it easy to relate to the spirit of anything as a consciousness, but this one also has layers of Shadow that are very egregoric.

I don’t know about all over the world, but yes, you can make it disappear if it parasitizes you very easily. It’s not smart, it was not able to speak when I met it. I exorcised it and the next day all my symptoms were gone. However, that was a year ago, I don’t know if it’s been able to evolve, but based on it’s behaviour the shadow aspects increased while the ability to affect people physically has devolved, and humans have largely adapted to it already.

It’s never been isolated in a lab, nor passed Koch’s postulates to qualify scientifically as a virus - it does not replicate in vitro, which is why there’s no vax for it (the “vax” is not a vax - it’s mRNA gene “therapy”). See the work by Dr Andrew Kaufman and epigenetics researchers, who you’ll have to find on bitchute. Similarly, the “test” actually tests for common DNA, not antibodies, that could be attributed to many types of virus, and is easy to manipulate. This “virus” imo, is very clearly of the mind. That’s what makes it so insidious, when the tool you need to judge by is impaired, it makes it that much harder to help yourself.


How did you excorise it?

In this case, it was a small battle of wills. This isn’t the type that wants to latch on and feed indefinitely, it seems to want that mind control. I saw it as outside of me not inside, and without being able to get in, it left. I didn’t have to attack it.

If I recall it went like this, using vision or shamanistic techniques:

  1. Establish presence: I know something ‘other’ is with me, because I have had bronchitis for 3 weeks and I’ve lost my sense of smell. (This was before the highly questionable ‘test’ existed).
  2. Get into TGS, summon the spirit in vision/minds eye
  3. Strengthen contact: Study it - what color is it, how big is it, what’s it doing, is it looking at you, sitting, standing, does it have a smell, or make any noise - every question you ask will be answered by your subconscious, which is what you are actually viewing this with. Let the details come, if you’re not sure if you imagined a detail, put that to one side in your mind and carry on asking questions. Try not to identify, just look for the descriptions, as that is the language of the subconscious.
    While you do this, it may be looking at you - your attitude should be one of a position of strength, possibly indignation at the trespass, not immediately hostile but guarded.
  4. Communicate (optional): At this point ask it directly what it wants, what it’s name is and why it’s with you.
  5. Tell it to leave. Don’t ask, don’t get upset, just firmly command it knowing it must do as you say as it’s on your territory.
    You can notice it fading, I actually just fell asleep and it was gone by the time I woke up.
  6. (Optional) With other parasites, I usually don’t give them a chance to leave I just set them on fire. Fire has always worked the best for me. Some parasites can exist at multiple levels in your system, and you’ll have to repeat the process finding it’s layers and removing each on over multiple sessions.
    This one was all surface. It had no connection to my inner landscapes, that’s partly why it’s easy - I didn’t have to go hunting it in my childhood memories or whatever to get to it.

@Emissary I have made a small edit to your post and title, we have specific guidelines on thisa topic so discussing the spiritual side of the situation is fine, but please avoid posts that go head-on against the general medical consensus that this is a virus:

All organisms and micro-organisms also have a spiritual compnent, so addressing that is fine.


Science is the only way to make a virus disappear sadly. You can remove the energies associated with it though.

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If Covid-19 was an entity then people would be able to contract it without any exposure to someone who already has it.


Why? We are magicians. We change reality according to our will, that is what we do. We use our art to effect the change surpassing science.

Got it!

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I would say about the need for harmonious unification and coexistence of magic and science (although naturally, such interaction is impossible for the scientific community). However, I would not belittle the importance of scientific achievements for humanity and the world as a whole. Much of what we now use is the achievement of scientific thought, the work of many generations of scientists.

Regarding the fight by magical methods against viruses, etc. - this, of course, can be done, however, in my opinion, only in conjunction with medical therapy. Defeating bacteria by magical means would have been impossible without penicillin. Vaccines(although not everyone thinks so) protect against the complications of various diseases.

In general, this is my opinion (some of my relatives worked in the medical field), so I am very careful about health issues.


All things can be regarded as entities and have their origin as patterns of information. Information cannot be destroyed but it can be rewritten, modified, scrambled, broken, shattered, and otherwise changed to be rendered useless. The virus can easily be erased as with most other forms of illness in someone that has awakened enough of their inner powers though doing so to others much less the world at large is near impossible as the virus exists uniquely in each mind as many entities.

Forms of influence such as hypnosis and magnetism can be applied to this not only on lower levels to affect the mind of yourself or others to improve their condition but also upon higher levels to influence reality to change in regards to your desires and situation. In this way you can render yourself immune to the majority of illnesses in both how you function across different levels and how reality itself regards your being. To do this to another is a different matter and at best only temporary results will be had and at worse you will kill them.

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the koetting youtube channel they already talked to covid19 and got its sigil a few months ago.

JS Garette et al started working on it around April 2020. total of 3 or 4 vids on the channel. I think this is the first one

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Magicians have a tendency to take this way out of context like the do with the law of attraction.

You change your reality according to your will with knowledge, discipline and hard work.

When scientists during the dark ages worked for the church they would consider something like penicillin as witchcraft. So in a sense our art has and does surpass science. But keep in mind as time goes on things that were once considered as witchcraft are now accepted by science. Does that automatically make them mundane things because they’re accepted by science now? No. Maybe it’s still witchcraft but it’s called something else now. And you have to think about it in that sense in order to understand how witchcraft/magick and science are kind of on the same page with certain things.

Magick doesn’t make all of your problems go away without hard work. There’s exceptions but even those exceptions require effort on your part. Everyone is doing the best they can with what they have. So we do shape our own reality in a way but it’s not like what some magicians make it out to be.


The team are taking samples of the particles in the air by sucking up to 300 litres a minute into a filter.

… ‘The volumes we’re testing are very very large,’ Dr Green said.

… So far, none of the test have come back positive after four months.


I personally don’t think this makes you or anyone who calls themselves “magicians” any more capable of removing a virus than an a person who actually studies these things and seeks out cures. Corona virus being an entity usually is brought on by the belief that everything has a soul in which again comes from a place of bias. Being a magican imo doesn’t change anything, most “magicians” still are as normie as normie gets.


Scientists can be considered magicians just dealing with a different layer of reality than attached to the idea of a conventional magician


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I wouldn’t go that far, scientists get things done with facts and study, most ‘magicians’ are “it’s my belief there’s nothing you can say about it” yes some magicians do study and incorporate what they learn into it but I wouldn’t put them together that’s a bit of a stretch. Scientist would consider covid a virus that is alive in a way, but they would not go on a whole tangent and tell people it’s a living entity you have to banish to cure yourself and that they’re talking to it and evoking it, etc.

Magicians have a way of over-fantasizing things. Not in an insult kind of way but you get my point.