Is Baphomet the child of Lilith and Samael?

Has anyone evoked him before?? Might be something I look into. :confused:

I’ve heard a story that Asmodeous was born of a human and Demoness.

Like a hybrid so to speak.

In old European mythology and literature they call the osspring of a demon and human a ‘Cambion’.
I know that the osspring of a human and demon are incredibly powerful, which some say why Asmodeous rose as a demonic king.


Just found this.

" According to the Kabbalah, Asmodeus is a cambion, born as the result of a union between King David, and the Queen of Demons named Agrat Bat Mahlat ".


Also I see Baphomet as the dark goddess.

My own gnosis I received when working with the infernal brotherhood and sisterhood go on to talk about the union of the dark horned god and the dark bloody goddess.

These two dark lovers are like Ahriman and Az Jahi. My gnosis states that the infernal four gatekeepers once merged are the masculine pillar of hell.

When Lilith and her sisters merge they are the feminine pillar of hell.
This is symbolic of the dark masculine and feminine forces of the infernal empire.


They’re all online. However, that doesn’t mean the sources are true. I have no idea if Asmodeus is related to Lilith and Samael or not.

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Then is she a mask or aspect of Lilith or someone totally different?

Some say she’s a mask however this is incorrect.

They are all four sisters.

Lilith, Naamah, Eistheth Zeninum and Agrat Bat Mahlat.


I have reason to believe Baphomet is Cain, meaning he would be son of Lilith and Samael.


It seems to me that the Baphomet is an egregoric entity. A powerful one, but still an egregore of sorts. Yes the name goes back to the Templar, however it’s generally thought that it’s a corruption of Mohammed. Which would make quite a bit of sense. The modern Baphomet is credited to Levi. However being a symbol of an intangible force, the unity of opposites, it lends itself easily to a more “solid” Godform. From there Baphomet can retroactively fit into any demonic Mythos its frequency matches with. The same can be said with many entities we work with, only tweaking the formula a bit.



Cain is the son of Eve, but some people believe that either Samael or Lucifer is the actual father.

Within the Luciferian tradition, Baphomet is regarded as a formula for ascension; brought into being by the copulation of Samael (Black Flame) and Lilith (Desire to Ascend), within the circle of the Timeless Dragon Leviathan. He is also considered to be a higher form or mask of Cain the First of Witchblood. According to lore, Samael copulated with Eve to beget Cain. There’s many versions and perspectives, it all depends on your purpose of working.

Hmm strange you mentioned Asmoday, because I had a dream of his sigil being tattooed and marked on my arm in gold. Lilith is (if I may boldly say so) my Godself after going through so many phases in my journey with Her. This might be slightly off topic, but does anybody know what it means to have a spiritual tattoo of an entity’s sigil?

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I had a similar experience with Azazel. My best guess is your energetic signature embodies the nature of the entity in question


What I know is that Lilith was together with not only Samael

No. Baphomet wasn’t even a real friggin’ spirit. He was an allegorical construct of the Templars used in a milieu of rituals to train young knights in the spiritual tribulations of torture abroad in the event of capture by the Muslims.

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Agreed. I’ve said similar on another thread.

This conclusion is quite obvious when you study the history. The fact that Baphomet has no history points to it being modern.

I’m also inclined to believe it’s not a noun, but what NLP practitioners call SPE (a state, process, or experience). The image given to Baphomet is cobbled together from multiple sources, including Enki (as Capricornus), Metis and Pan, but those are personifications of a being that lives more in action than in identity. Baphomet in ritual just feels like a wave of tantric energy, not a being or persona.

I’ve attended a Baphomet ritual carried out by Andrieh Vitimus who has dedicated altars to the Baphomet and has been conjuring it for decades, so i’ve felt the energy and seen it in action. I agree with your take on the entity, it should be apparent to anyone who has worked with it what they’re dealing with.

Yeah this is a very nuanced figure and you obviously know a lot about it. @emperor

However, I would also mention Levi called it the “Goat of Mendes”, referencing the Egyptian God Banebdjedet with a cult center at Mendes.

The Upper Egyptian form of this god was Khnum, whose offspring was HEKA - the Egyptian word for Magick.

I found this Grimore
Which does assert the “Goat of Mendes” to be an aspect of Osiris, and links it with the Sabbatic European craft.

I have never personally evoked Baphomet, but did encounter him dreaming as a teenager - I didn’t even know its name and it was very intense.

So, it could be one of those things which represented something and got a lot piled onto it from different cultures for millennia. But when I experienced “it”, the manifestation was an entity.

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Yes. Samael is her primary consort, but she’s been recorded to have also hooked up with Asmodeus.

EDIT: I want to say she was also with Lucifer, but I’m not sure.

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I also think that Lilith was with Lucifer, this would also explain her behavior to Adam