Is BALG really the Ultimate Ends or Merely a Step on the Path?

It has occurred to me that I really only joined this group to hopefully connect with other adapts & gifted person (either through sheer natural inclination &/or training) but I’m not the sort to discriminate people of the shadowed paths in life. Yet, hopefully there are those here who practice the right-hand path as well (where’s my “fluffy bunnies at?” :wink:).

I personally don’t believe it’s a matter of light or dark, light vs. dark, positive against negative. Instead, as the name, “supernatural” emplise in the word itself: magic is simply a higher vibration of Natural Energies. Meaning, like Nature it’s both positive & negative, light & dark, yin & yang, creation & destruction… the two can’t escape one another: they are wholly complementary, interdependant, & have interbeing.

So I found myself asking: “Is Becoming a Living God really the Ultimate goal or is it just another step along the Ultimate path?”

I personally feel that, in many ways, we are all born Mortal God’s/Goddesses to some extent. Thus the idea of ascension could really be seen as simply a means by which one is reclaiming ones power & refusing to adopt the role & mentality of the victim.

However, many Cultures throughout History would agree that even the God’s are Mortal & subject to life & death. So is immortality the goal here? I personally have it within my life’s mission, & the mission within all future lives, to eventually achieve ultimate liberation from both life & death … to achieve Buddhahood so that I may aid all beings in liberation.

I’m not wanting to Preach or Proselytize here: just sharing some inner thoughts & goals.

But, we have to consider, whatever our path in life, ‘is this the way of true happiness? Is this the way out of suffering? Will this free me, or is it just another means of enslavement… another prison for my heart, spirit & mind?’.

I personally am guilty of not asking & contemplating this enough throughout my daily, or even weekly, life. “Big talk coming from a smoker”… says a voice in my ear.
And it’s right: but does that make it any less true?

One thing I am pleased to see here is a community of people who are willing to share & treat each other’s (total strangers) with love, curtisy, compassion, & respect: regardless of persons.

I can’t help but think of H.H. saying,

“We need compassion and human affection not only to survive; they are the ultimate sources of success in life.”

It has helped me to notice & start working on getting past some biases which I hadn’t really noticed that I had inherited from much of my Native Cultures. And, I find that to be a Good thing. :blush:

Comments? Ideas? Views? Perspectives?

Share with me your goals, hopes, doubts, dreams, opinions along the lines of the topic.

I hope the subtext here hasn’t been too obtuse.

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There are a few thst walk the Rhp, but there are also many thst are like myself, walking in the grey and making each decision as it comes.

If you dig around old posts, I’m sure you’ll find what I mean.

I have to say, I believe it’s only a stepping stone. I’m too tired to go any further with it, and I’m sure much discussion will come and satisfy you, where I have not.


I had no expectations going into this post & even thought that no one would even pay it any mind after posting it. So thank you for sharing: I appreciate it.

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Yepper, sorry was just having a snack before I went to bed tbh, too tired to get into such a long discussion :). I’ve found my practices don’t align with most on this forum anyways and usually my post and replies go unnoticed so, lol between needing sleep and thst I’m just like… maybe another day.

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To the only extent that matters. Ascent is a matter of removing the blinders and seeing what you already are and always were.

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I reject the idea that we’re all Gods and Goddesses born mortal, I find that it’s a bandwagoned belief when people come on BALG so that they feel important and powerful. I do adhere to the metaphorical idea of everyone being their own god and goddesses of their life. However, I find it makes people ignorant to seeking out their actual soul selves are/were. (if it is something important to them anyway)

However, I find BALG is a pit stop as any website, forum, or group you dip your toes into to gain information from. BALG should never be the ultimate goal.

I don’t follow the insufferable need to add light and dark to everything on a moral stance, sure I believe in the elemental energies but that’s a completely different story lol.


Honestly, I think the entire “living god” thing is just a marketing tool to get people to buy EA’s stuff.


@Prophet I love you man :joy::joy::joy:
It’s something i never had the “balls” to write it here. This and many other thoughts too
I just love ya! Haha


It’s good to read (from more than one) that I’m not the only one that feels/thinks the same thing. “Become a Living God”, is pretty much the hook (like a catchy tune or Click Bait) but ultimately no real substance.

Much to those who offer a means to become one with the Univers/God/Divine … when you really get down to the bedrock of it all, you come to realize that you’ve always been connected & one with the Universe/God/Divine because your basic nature of being is inseprable by sheer virtue of existence. And so you look, think, & sense, “is that it? or is there something more?”

Sometimes you get a truly honest teacher who will tell you, “I have nothing to offer, nothing to teach. All that you need dwells within you already. You didn’t have to make the trip. But, seeing as you’re hear, set & have a cup of tea with me … and we’ll see what happens, or doesn’t”

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To think that, you have to ignore that fact that there are, and have been, people throughout history who could do the seemingly miraculous. That doesn’t mean that everything on offer here will lead to that result. But some of it will.

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It seems that you are a hard seeker @DharmaChild and that’s good :slightly_smiling_face:
You like to doubt and think and analyze… Im the same here.
But you know what? Sometimes i feel like, im spending too much time thinking and wondering what’s the truth and the meaning of our souls and what’s up there? Which is the truth behind all those religions and theories ( i m coming from a strict christian orthodox family , and im really grateful that I discovered this forum).
And after im thinking, you know what? We have to live this life too. We have to create, to live experiences, to just have fun and let things to happen… Just be for the moment.
I m still learning and experimening trying to find my own spiritual path and believe me, im alone to this and im trying to hide from my blind family and friends, who are stuck in the Christianity darkness. But im forcing my self to just LIVE this life and see also the materialistic reality for a while, otherwise we will get insane and mentally imbalanced :joy:

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I wouldnt go that far.

A lot of their material had merit. Just awful marketing xD

I quite like the OAA stuff, and a lot of EA’s older books have a lot of nuggets of gold in them. Like Works of Darkness, Kingdoms of Flame, Evoking Eternity. There is some interesting wisdom that can be drawn and debated about in the books. I haven’t read any of his newer things though.

Its good to learn from, but it is not the be all end all. A lot of the works give structure to an otherwise structureless path, and I can see the allure of following the work. It gives a good baseline, and once you’ve reached the end of the works, you can use what you like and discard what you don’t. Expand your practice.

I guess I see them as stepping stones to a greater end goal.

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That doesn’t mean that they’re gods. :joy: And even the most powerful of magicians can have a failed working here and there.

Besides, EA’s teachings are far from the only means of becoming skilled at magick.


“Preach Sister” :smirk:

I personally remind myself that true Spirituality isn’t found, always in the extraordinary, or “way up” or “way out” - ‘there’ …
But grounded & through the ordinary, the mundane, those things we often just take for granted.

Sure Metaphics can be interesting but truth be told the true transformative & sublime … I have found … Comes through stopping to admire & enjoy the simple things: admiring a flower, watching a cat sleep (listening to it purrr), waking up & just being greatful to be alive, feeling the morning Sun on your face, a cold glass of clean water, a good belly laugh with a friend, falling into silence & realising just how profoundly dephending that can be, a good peanutbutter & jelly sandwich with milk … Comforting an upset baby … the feel of the Earth beneath naked feet … Greating strangers on the street & in stores with a smile & seeing them smile back … Stopping to help a stranger, just to help (or doing something nice & good for the sheer joy of doing something nice & good).

Such things feed the Spirit, & allow one to not just exist, but enjoy life & actually live: down to Earth Spirituality, I feel that’s the key. You’ve got it right, life is meant to be lived & enjoyed (no need to sex it up).

Thank you for your reminder & insight. Best of wishes & hopes for your luck.:pray:

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It was the start point and I found some great friends here but it isnt the end of the day.I am not sure how clickbait the name ‘Become a living god’ is, their eary stuff is amazing.I cant speak for the later ones because they dont interest me.

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“Become a living god” sounds more catchy than “become a really good magician”.

I’ve also sensed A LOT of King Paimon’s energy in EA’s marketing.

“Ascension” sounds better than “become good at something by studying and practicing”


When I hear ascension I think of everyone playing irl skyforge :laughing:

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I was doing that for a while: My RHP Experiences ~ Union, Power, And Decay

Kept many of the things from that, swapped out some that were harming me, happened to find this site along the way and figured they were doing some interesting work.

Mainly just in it (individuated existence) for shits and giggs, and to tidy the place up a bit, in ways that appeal to me. :smiley:

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Balg is just a set of ideologies for ascension if it doesn’t resonate there’s many other roads to whatever your looking for

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