Visual Artist :art: & Photographer
Batches of Arts & Sciences

Student of Philosphy & World Religions
Student of Psychology
(hoping to get my certification in LGBTQ+ Counciling, Addiction & Recovery Therapy & Art Therapy)

Child of the Lone-Star State


Student of both Zen & Tibetan Mahayana (Vajraya-mahayana)

(yes: many may harsh on the fact a Buddhist is in such a forum)

(Novic) Sorceror

Child of (Independent) Bible Baptist Preacher

Born with 3rd Eye Open

Clair: Audiant/Voyant

Work with Daemons/Devas/Dharma Protectors

Have “some” (‘spooky’ accurate) experience working with: Divination & Chanelling

Have Interest in Energy Work & Healing

No I’m not a Child

Though I am a Generation-Y Millenial

Sex-Positive Non-Binary/Intersexed Panromantic Ace: (Virgin)