Invoke Paralda

So I first sat down on my bed. I had a couple of candles lit from my relaxing bath I had. I then took some deep breaths and started to be in a light trance. I then said “king Paralda come. Come in a form I am able too see or speak in a voice I can understand.”

I then repeated “King Paralda come”

His Sigil started to fade in and out. However I don’t recall it floating-some people say it sometimes floats.

I kept saying his name but I kept blinking after gazing at it for awhile. I then took a small break to re focus. I then looked at one of my socks on the floor. It started to fade in and out. I then looked around the room and focusing on small things and then looked at big things.

The small things disappeared but with the larger things it only disappeared some parts of it.

I then realised that the effect didn’t work on parts that had light on it. I said to myself “interesting. Only parts that are in a shadow or dark it disappears. Paralda’s powers must only work on dark things because he probably can’t fade light?” Then all of a sudden 1/3 candles swiftly got put out.

However another 1/3 of the candles got put out before this. My dog walked in and then I said something and then it went out.

I then did some experimenting and see what else would disappear. I looked at
my hand and it faded out. Pretty weird but very cool.

My parents started to move around and I knew I was out of time before the barge in and be like “wtf are you doing.”

So I said to Paralda “I give you permission to depart when you like but if you can hear me it would be really cool if you can manifest in my dream and talk to me there.”

So I quickly put out the last candle but I realised that stuff still fade out. It’s weird but I don’t mind it.

Another thing when I kept repeating his name but I kept focusing the lines on it started to have a glow under it.

I will try to envoke him again tomorrow. I’ll try to make the glow under the lines to be brighter, but I need some help with trying to make conversation with him. Any ideas of what I should do?


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My friend, you can either invoke or evoke, what the hell is envoking? :smiley: Which one did you aim for?


Invoke. I’m not good at terminology Oof.

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Okay, so, when you are gazing it properly enough, this happens with every sigil out there bbut its a good sign that you are falling into different states.But it isnt enough to say spirit has come or not yet.

Now this is interesting and can be both a sign or something mundane,now I must ask you since you clarified you invoke? How did you feel? Its important.

Develop your senses my friend.


I felt normal but calm and relaxed. But at times there was a light breeze.

You can envoke.

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Oof if Conner Kendall said it,it must be true man, thanks for opening my eyes.

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Lots of people have used envocation. Kurtis Joseph made the name envocation for it.

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Alright if you show this one too, I will believe it because probably he made made that definiton :grin:

Still you are incapable of understanding this guy either refered evoking and invoking,which turned out to be true so :grin:

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The whole reason I’m trying to invoke Paralda is becaruse I would like him to help me develop my senses. But since I haven’t developed them yet I can’t sense him or hear him yet. What should I do to try and develop my senses so that I can invoke him.

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Maybe you should just petition him since you are in a constant check in invkoikng Paralda while you want him to help you about invoking him properly.

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In the BALG evocation course, Paralda is the first spirit you evoke to open the senses.

All you need to do is just open his seal, and chant his name. Once you get a sense of presence, thank him for coming and then say something like, “Paralda, I have called you here to help open my senses that I may better communicate with spirits. As it is within your power, and as it is my will, I ask this of you.”

You do not need to see or hear him to give him the task.

I should note, however, that in the course, prior to calling Paralda, you first work with Sastan, a spirit from Kingdoms of Flame, to begin the process of opening the senses through scrying.


No you didn’t know what it meant. That is why I posted the definition

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I am still not convinced because it does not show up on dictionaries so :slight_smile:


@anon84896414 The word “envoking” doesn’t exist outside of BALG. You will not find it anywhere in the literature of magick, other than the work of its authors.

Ceremonial magick only recognises evocation and invocation.

Whether “envocation” is even a legitimate thing, is up to personal experience. You can’t just regurgitate it because someone said so.


@DarkestKnight Man,thank you so much.


Hey. I went into my closet and looked at the Sigil and it’s still disappearing as well as other objects. I didn’t invoke him but it’s still doing that. Does this mean he could be around or is it just normal for it to fade in and out when not invoking him.

That is unusual, but it does mean the seal is open so the connection is still there.

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