Invitation : Taking The Power Back (US Presidency)

We’ve all been seeing recently that many of Donald Trump’s campaign promises to the American people are running into difficulties, or being outright reversed for pretty spurious reasons, and a lot of normal people are giving up, walking away in disgust, disappointment, even fear over the toxic and deep-rooted power of the “deep state.”

But we’re not “normal people” – amirite?

So, no – this cannot continue, we’ve handled the news and the setbacks, the blocks and challenges, had a good moan, and now it’s time to shrug that off and get stuck in: I’m therefore posting to invite anyone who supported Trump’s stated positions prior to the election to join me in reversing this trend, and getting things back on track.

If this appeals to you, read on – if not, then I politely request that you don’t bother commenting because this is a working thread and not a referendum. :slight_smile:

What We See & What We Can Do

It seems very plain that some kind of internal coup, method of control, and/or the necessity to compromise on some positions in order to hold onto others, is happening – the press have for the most part completely laid off him, which is fucking suspicious in itself, the Soros-funded pussy hat protests have eased up, as have the faked hate-crimes pinned on his presidency…

Whether to continue to support the man on the basis of believing he intended to fulfil his agenda at the time he was inaugerated, and is going to continue to strive towards that wherever possible, or whether to believe the worst about him is a personal choice – having read on this and consulted spirits I’m going with the former, not least because there simply is no other viable candidate with any chance of delivering the policies we wanted (though I do see value in vocally opposing the reversals he’s made on many positions in the past few days, through normal means such as letters to representatives, internet comments, and so on).

This is because maneouvring him to break with his promises enough to destroy his popular support and his base (that “populism” that’s so loathed by the rootless cosmopolitans) seems like a tactic made in heaven for his original opponents, who many of us remain strongly opposed to.

Divide and conquer, false flags, covert & malicious manipulation while letting someone else take the blame are more or less their signature tactics…

Find me a better (and viable) candidate who can deliver on the wall, America first, bans on people from suspect nations etc., and I’ll get behind him, but for now Trump, whose most recent videos, I agree with some other commentators, have taken on a bizarre tone akin to hostage videos, is still the best bet we have. I have other opinions on this but they won’t benefit anyone by being posted on the internet.

All the above said, and even if you’re personally thinking he’s a just a liar, no-one else is likely to ride in, and save the day, so I would suggest a little pragmatism and magickally working by whatever means suit you and are most reliable towards this single, simple, goal:

Enable and empower President Donald J. Trump to fulfil his pre-election promises to the American public.

Nothing more, nothing less – based on my UPG, I would advise working against anyone associated with him at the moment, even if it seems clear that they’re the rotten apple, but I would suggest people divine on this for themselves. Please don’t propose anything of that kind in this thread, aside from everything else it’s not currently part of this specific working. :slight_smile:

Trump’s motivations, the behind-the-scenes, and the hysteria arising from some extremes of his former support base are all irrelevant – we want the outcome, not to punish one man (who may well be fighting a battle against massive odds), nor play into the hands of the enemies who appear to be currently trying to run the administration., and deliver Hillary/the globalist/Zionist agenda under his name

This is now about one goal only:

Enable and empower President Donald J. Trump to fulfil his pre-election promises to the American public.

Acting against him IN ANY WAY seems to me to be the epitome of foolishness (not to mention the very suggestion is against forum rules, and probably also about a million federal laws) so please, if you want to join me in this, avoid that AT ALL COSTS – my own UPG is that he’s not the enemy, and even if you think he may have been playing a con game, results matter, nothing else.

Some Suggestions

What I am going to do (and invite you to join me) includes this, ranging from conventional magick to memetics:

1: First and foremost, use whatever methods you happen to be best at - spells, evocations, invocations, firing off sigils, whatever form of magick is your go-to, whatever you get the best results with - pile it onto this one. Act with the intention to enable and empower him see through his original campaign promises to the American people.

Time: any time that your intuition or other reliable sources tell you is good, is best - trying to co-ordinate will probably just create delays, the best time is the soonest possible when your own circumstances align to allow you to focus maximum willpower on this.

2: Take this meme, which was spammed all over 4chan & elsewhere from about mid-Feb, and visualise it being ripped up, or make a counter-meme and/or counter-sigil (using A. O. Spare’s method) and do ANYTHING else you can to undermine and overturn it:

“I don’t read sites like that” - these are memetic forces that work much like egregores, commands into the shared subconscious, and you may never visit imageboards but you can still be affected by what other people are thinking and doing, just as a love spell can affect someone without their knowledge.

“Oh that’s silly” - CIA leak back in March revealed that the CIA had an actual meme department - this isn’t tinfoil hat time, this is a real thing that gets funding and resources.

2: It Is TIME TO WAKE UP – I’m saying that for a reason, as well! Because they’ve also been pushing a “sleepy” meme, to encourage people to delay, be too tired or busy, and generally get everyone who was enthused about the election and Trump to feel tired out and disillusioned by it all, you can see a discussion about that here.

Working on that, especially if that last sentence (tired out and disillusioned by it all) describes you right now about this whole thing, would be perfect as a starting point, rollback one meme and deny consent and it can snowball pretty damned quickly.

Speaking of denying consent, one method these types use is to tell you something, and if you don’t refuse, that counts as consent – I know that sounds absurd but I’ve found it to be true in quite a lot of work like this.

So, watch for that, it’s part of how they operate.

Repeat “I See What You Did There And I Say No” and statements of this kind to the effect that you are awakened and aware, and banish those who would lull you into passivity.

Words like “banish” are positive statements which avoid the “Spirit doesn’t hear the ‘no’” concept you sometimes find described for affirmations and spells.

3: Pray (or send mental appeals) to whatever gods you like and trust that the campaign run and the hopes held out to the people by Trump in 2016 will come back into manifestation.

Even if you feel betrayed, it’s important to let go of the natural feelings of disappointment because he is - STILL - in a position to deliver those goals, so put your shoulders to the wheel, because defeatism is NOT on the agenda.

Things People May Be Wondering

We have a lot of new members and far more people now reading the forum, so I’m going to make a few things plain here, FAQ-style:

“Is this a BALG thing?”

No, I’m acting on my own behalf as a magician, I in no way represent the opinions or beliefs of the site’s owners or any of their authors, this isn’t a cult and I’m not on their payroll or anything. I’m just doing my own sweet thing.

If you have a question or concern about something that requires mod assistance and you hate my politics, ignore them, as I successfully ignore the parts of people I dislike to focus on the positives about that individual, which exist in all of us. :slight_smile:

“Who do you think you are to …”

Good question: I unironically think humans can command godlike power, a belief I held for several years before finding this site (actually, searching that idea was how I found it) and I intend to do as much, now - command godlike power applied to this situation.

Because we’re not just good little news-consumers who get their hopes up, then fall back into docile slumber, cynicism, or apathy, when confronted with a lil’ pushback!

We are magicians; and we act to shape the world to OUR will.

“But he’s a meanie and I’m going to reply at length to tell you why…”

For the benefit of anyone new, we did reach out to members last year for their feedback, and came up with a basic protocol for threads about magick relating to the wider world, you can read a full exposition of that here.

It is just basically the existing forum rules given clarification and context, and I’m invoking that specific protection from the get-go in this thread – this forum discusses many things other people would find weird, distasteful or controversial, and it’s a form of censorship to expect OPs to justify why they want something and thereby derail their threads.

“Why do you still support him?”

My support isn’t the issue here – I don’t support recent reversals on his stated policies, but I believe he meant what he originally said, this YouTube video contains an analysis from as recently as February of why Trump is not likely to be an “establishment” (or whatever you choose to call it) plant.

When I watched the footage of his announcement about the Syria strikes last week, he looked and “felt” totally different, to the extent I even did several screen-grabs comparing that and an older recording to check that it was the same guy – I’m going with yes it is, but his energy changed dramatically some time last week.

I am not okay with this happening, and I doubt whether many of you who supported him last year are either. If he’s a liar, that’s irrelevant to the intent of this working, but if he’s not, then it looks like he could use a bit of help.

If you wanted what he was originally promising, then it’s time to take action, and make sure that it happens, putting aside the natural annoyance and reactions to the past week’s news and getting back into the driving seat of your own reality, our SHARED reality.

Who’s up for joining me, and claiming a piece of the action to get this train back on the rail? Nothing in life worth doing is ever simple, or easy - it it was, we would already have acquired it.

One thing only right now -

Enable and empower President Donald J. Trump to fulfil his pre-election promises to the American public.


I’m in I’ll do it.

Hail Nyaralethotep.

I have a new formulary that I can try on this. An illusion to be precise


I’m with it-


I’ll be doing my part.:smiling_imp:

:frog: KEK vult illud :frog:


I’m not really a fan of Trump, his personality, and his policies, but I like his “America First” message. Yes, I also believe that the mainstream media is full of “fake news”.

I’m in, too.

We need to send energy towards him, shielding him from those forces who want to undermine the American Constitution and Bill of Rights. Remember, there are people in his Administration that practice magick too. And they are against Trump trying to manipulate him into doing their “dirty work”.

We as true patriots need to come together and use magick the same way Aleister Crowley and his occultists used it against the Nazi occultists to win World War 2.

History is repeating itself.


Question when are we starting this?
And when does it end?

Sorry if you already answered I may have just missed it


already on it


We got him in … Now we have to clear away the swamp and garbage.

We have to what is asked above ten times strong to clear away the corruption, indifference, disease and rot.

We have to cull away …

The old, sick and weak. Medical costs are killing the country and they are the human shields for the snowflakes.
The lazy and the stupid… More of the same. Perpetual lives on welfare eating money like a drug and begging for more.
The entrenched liberals and limousine liberals. They are not trying to solve poverty, they farm it.

Pull the FEC reports for you favorite politician to purge and attack those names directly.

Attack the politically correct professors and entrenched diversity staffs at any college you can.

Now if different people attack from different angles and change up whom they attack we can clean the swamp.

We will be a swarm of bees, wasps and hornets working in unison.

I don’t care what you think your abilities are… This is depraved target practice . Cast and work like you’re fucking a porn star.


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Make the FED at first delete all the debts,
and make the USA’s money a matter of their own -again.

The USD is currently property of the FED -the debts are created automaticly,
because every dollar is a new credit.


You have to kill of as many zombies expecting those checks as you can.
Then you can attack the Fed and Bankers.

Let me be polite but firm here - the intention of this working is this:

Enable and empower President Donald J. Trump to fulfil his pre-election promises to the American public.

And nothing else - we can go back and discuss shaping future society afterwards, but please don’t muddy the intention with a goal that’s alarmingly vague (Donald’s no teenager himself) and which is a kind of hijack in pursuit of something I cannot, myself, 100% stand behind, since money isn’t MY god and therefore, someone’s inability to earn it right now doesn’t, for me, affect their value as a human being.

Is the life of an American firefighter relying on disability because of injuries acquired saving lives worth less than the illegal migrant who mows lawns all day for peanuts, busting his ass? Was Christopher Reeve worthless the moment his insurance ran out (if someone that successful has to beg for help from his friends, we have to question the whole issue of health insurance and healthcare provision, but that’s another topic).

The moment we make this about money and ability to earn, the globalist agenda heaves into view, women as tax-payers not mums, and then import the kids they didn’t have, churning populations to avoid a single day’s missed taxes, and turning the whole nation into a rootless society who have no future themselves, once they’ve served their purpose. No thanks! :wink:

I do understand what you’re saying, and why, with regards to the liberal agenda’s mask of being for the underdog, but it’s not part of this working. :slight_smile:

This is is about:

Enable and empower President Donald J. Trump to fulfil his pre-election promises to the American public.

OP’s can request their working thread gets closed once it has all the participants in - to prevent this becoming a dispute over minutiae, I’m going to lock this myself, PM me or start a new thread if people want to branch other workings they may see as related to this, but the intention of this is simple:

Enable and empower President Donald J. Trump to fulfil his pre-election promises to the American public.