Intuition or precognition ? Maybe the first

Hello there. Tonight, I thought to experiment with some Zener cards to check for first time if I have psychic skills or senses. Needless to say, I found 5 - 10 cards out of 45, a pretty much high score for a beginner !!! I shocked, became happy and scared all together. I didn’t ever think of myself all these 19 years of my life to have maybe psychic skills. Well, I had a very strong mind and always recognise my feelings but I didn’t expect for myself to have some skills like these !!! Also, I discovered that helps a lot to imagine your sixth chakra (or third eye) opens in order to tap into your abilities. It’s like a muscle you can strength. I am a musician also so, I don’t know if it has some connection or not (because we tend to be more emotional from our art which is also a science). I think that I also felt when I had my hand over the two symbols to decide which is, I was feeling like my hand drive me and an energy that was saying to me “that’s the symbol you are looking for”. Also please, I want some exercises for my astral senses and aura seeing. Thanks you :blush: !!!

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I don’t know about auras, but we have a ton of psychic development tutorials we’ve gathered here over the years.

You can search on various keywords: try switching up astral v psychic and tutorial vs guide, and we collected our favourites here:

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