Hello guys I am new here,please guide me. Big Respect to guys.

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Please tell us a bit more about yourself as this doesn’t really qualify as a proper introduction.

What areas of magick are you interested in?

Are you a beginner or do you have experience?

What are some of the goals you hope to achieve with magick?

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Hello sir DarkestKnight, I am Hiroki Akama I am a beginner though I believe I can sense energy visiting me every day for a month now it started when I ask Lucifer for help and since then every day I can’t sleep well I see bright different colours even when I am closed eyes also feel shivers and sometimes sleep paralysis. I want to enhance my astral hearing because I want to hear/know what is their reason. Please help me.

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Also my body cannot stop on vibrating for a week now

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Thank you for expanding upon your experience.

We have many great beginner resources. Here is something to get you started:

The vibrations and colours you mention sound like the result of a massive influx of energy that your body is unable to handle. You need to ground it. Try this:

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This helps alot. Thank you so much!