Hello all! I am new here, and what brought me to ask for help is a strange encounter in a dream I had last night. For starters, I have been taking medication for insomnia caused by anxiety for about a year now. I’m not on a super high dose, and it has been helping stay asleep as well as preventing me from waking up with a surge of adrenaline. Before the meds, I was an almost constant lucid dreamer. I couldn’t control how my dreams started but if they were bad, good or both, I could control which direction the dream took, I could wake myself up if it was a situation I needed to get out of. Even on the meds, I still have the ability to control the outcome my dreams or wake up.
I’m not versed in magic, nor do I practice any occult or satanic rituals or lifestyles(although I am very fascinated and accepting of those who are). I am certainly not familiar with demons, incubi or succubi other than what is in movies or what I’ve heard on paranormal /true crime/ occult related podcasts.
So I am very much a lamb in the situation I’ve found myself in.
That all being said, I will be posting a topic where I see appropriate in hopes that you all could shed some light and help me figure out what happened to me last night.
Thank you all in advance!


Welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

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Welcome @Shanbanan

Where are you from?

So no practical experience at all in magick?

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I apologize for the late reply, I’ve been very ill since that dream occured actually( not putting two and two together however, bad timing I presume?). That is correct, zero percent practice in magic, little to no real knowledge of any of this type. I do believe however.

The sole reason I came to BALG was because I felt something I have absolutely never felt in a dream before, which is that something or someone was in it with me and controlling it and me. I created a topic elsewhere on the site explaining my experience in which I was hoping for insight.

I live in a city in California USA

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Thank you for replying, and again, welcome to the BALG forum :slight_smile: