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I am Christophe and I was awaken in 2016. If you ask me questions, I’ll answer back from experience or intuition. I am an alchemist but cannot teach this, in this life time as I have been an alchemist in several lifetime and it is now engrained in my body and sort of speak I can only breath alchemy. So it only occurs when the moment needs it, it is out of my control but only triggered by my benevolent intentions. I am a truth seeker and I am linked to any souls, from any polarities and love them. I am linked to the energies of zarathoustra, Toth, kuthumi, Lucifer, azazel, appolo, hermes, pythagoras, and nicolas flamel which might actually be some of my reincarnations. Please, I do not say this for pride but since these discoveries, I am searching the truth and try to make sense out of it. Anyway, we are all a bit of the whole. I just know that when I awoke, I was breathing alchemy, this is when I said to myself " god, I am an alchemist". A few month later, I knew some of my incarnations, and said “I am that I am” calling daemons who wanted to be purified being quite vulnerable at that time, alone. My body started to warm up with a gentle heat and the process started without having to know more. It is only later that I related this to Kuthumi when I first heard his name and his mantra. All this, is intuitively received or felt. The way I see it, it is true until I prove otherwise - and I keep searching. Even if all this is false, it is the momentary truth that guides my steps.
Connect to my energy or with me and maybe you’ll see. I am approachable and love discussing subjects around the ascending earth and the new world we are about to bring forth. Actually, this was the reason of my awakening, the starting of the clock on the ascension, 10 years. We started year 3. I think I have said a lot and still really little but you can now feel who I am and trust your heart if you wish or not to connect with me. I love you all, as weird as it might sound in this world but I truly feel it. Blessing to you all, and thank you to this group who is the first to have linked Toth and Lucifer something that I knew for a while but that I could not share until now. :blush::heart::pray: . I sometimes use the name of Christ’Al heart buddha. Now is the time of an alchemic Christ heart, that we are all learning how to use. This is my gift to you all. This is how Lucifer, azazel perceives things and today we are accessing the wisdom to all use it. Congratulations to humanity :blush:

Welcome to the forum. You mentioned experience with alchemy. Have you had any ritual experience? Any practices you are interested in learning?


Greetings! :smiley:

Many people experience this on different levels, something I mention ONLY because occasionally, people join who have had these experiences and then get positively disgruntled when people fail to flock to hear the wisdom. I posted about that here.

Also, some friendly advice for people in this kind of situation:

So, you’ll find if you speak to us as a person, keeping it very real, any respect due to you will be earned, and everyone’s happy! :smiley:

For example, you mention you awakened in 2016 - what was that like? What happened? And have you ever worked with evocation of spirits, casting spells, etc?

Anything about your human experience is really great to hear. :+1:


Oh if there was a dislike button I’d be slamming it into my computer right now, you sound like some spellsofmagic member


Welcome to the forum @ChristAl,

I find what you state in your posts to be quite fascinating. What was the driving force that woke you in 2016. Didi you learn of who you were a little at a time or did it all just happen at once.

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Thank you @Lady_Eva. I have read your link and I agree with your position and will follow your guidance.
Well, what I said here is what I channelled or received telepathically. The problem here is unless we experience telepathy, a normal human being with a logical brain will dismiss any words that I would say and add the words Bullshit. The next step would be to send me to hospital, in hope to rescue my sanity. I know, this is what i did.
When i got back to earth, lobotomised with medicine, I made a clear intent to rationalise all of this. Is it true ? Is it BS? Is it my mind? And followed a crazy scientist approach. I believe first and try to convince myself it is fantasy rationally. You can see the alchemist here. As above so below. Do everything in reverse hihi.
My awakening would be long to tell and I suggest people interested in this subject should go to see what people say on this on YouTube… they tell stories better than I do.
However, what fascinated me in my experience was to become the detective. For example, I barely knew the name given to me at that time, and i can clearly remember that i could not believe what I received telepathically even though i could hear the truth in that message. However, circumstances made me write these names, so months later, out of the hospital :wink: I could go back to it. Then, I was fascinated to see the link between them, their story, their ideal.
In my experience to reach the truth, first we feel, receive, hear with our heart, then well later, the mind utterly confused puts the pieces of puzzle together and say Waouh!!! That can not be coincidence as I never knew this or read this before… this is how we can hear the truth and even then our brain will try to deny it. Wonderful isn’t it ?

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Love you hihi. It’s ok to dislike and I appreciate your honesty :blush::joy::pray:

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I think one of those joined once, but we never heard from them again. :wink:

The forum’s URL alone is pretty much a normie-repellent. :laughing:


You make me laugh @Lady_Eva. It is true. It’s the first time I feel quite alright to talk about this and find true listeners at the end of the line.
I am so curious to hear about your stories. Sending this to you all.
The funniest not that comfortable though, as she has the power over my medications was to have a discussion on chanelling, telepathy with a psychiatrist. It is hard for them to comprehend, as for them, a voice in your head is something to stop. :blush: but i loved it all. Some stuff took me time though to get there. I am glad that I went through this path to better understand the challenges ahead and how to resolve them. The universe know us well and know what is best for us but needs to throw us in fire sometimes as we would be scared otherwise and not move. But we are empowered once we face the challenge. I think what I learnt is that, whatever challenge ahead in our life, if this challenge is in front of us, there is an equilibrium and so this is why for sure we are ready for it and can overcome it. Bless you all :blush::pray::heart:

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Hi @Dralukmun and thank you my friend :heart:
Well to answer your question it is upside down in my experience. So I don’t know yet what I have to learn but I will know when I encounter it.
I explain.
Something during my awakening challenges, triggered fear and so I went to search deep within my soul for an answer. Then my alchemy revealed itself. My friends (spirits) on the other side knew with my approbation, before my incarnation, that this would help trigger my DNA alchemy fast.
The truth is When there is nothing else to save yourself, you need to do it yourself and the essential skill appear at that time.
So, yes, I could see some rituals happening but once more, my body was doing things and afterward my brained transcribed this into “Oh, I am doing this or that… Oh but this is alchemy, or this has such meaning…” My brain could recognise what I was doing with my body after the instant, but my heart was the driver.
What I would say, is that rituals are important if they teach you, make you feel and understand things, then drop them. A simple benevolent intention, a true movement of the heart is simpler and as or more powerful.
The true alchemy occurs (we all have it), when we are aligned with our heart and the heart of All that is = everybody else. This is when our intention or wisdom revealed is shared and nearly instantaneously merge with all consciousness following free will.
The key here, and I am still studying this… is true free will, when we are conscious of our aim and still leave the space for others to decide freely on their own of their preferred course of action.
However, when we are the last one standing (a lucifer for example), and there is still something uncomfortable within us, it means to me that we are the Guardian on one specific truth ans we have to resolve this with all the others within their freewill space until the truth is uncovered. This is how, one single daemon can have the force of a thousand angels and vice versa. The law of evolution takes over.
The truth must be uncovered even though 99.9 % are against. When we look at the grace of the law of evolution, alchemy to be manifested, it is easier to go above good and bad. There is only the path to be taken, chosen by all of us through our choices, that leads to the experience we attract as a whole so that truth is uncovered.
Now we are at a time to be aware of this process and so to willingly manifest learning and integration gently. Before, we generally considered as human that any learning should be painful :wink:

@Aprentiz. Thank you for your feedback.
This is again a bit alchemical. I knew intuitively that something was coming, I knew the year but I didn’t know what. So I decided to follow what was on my path and to experience anything that would attract my heart. Triggering passion within me to follow a practice or a teaching. I wanted to purify myself as much as I can so I would have less to deal with when the time comes not knowing what would come.
It’s a bit like. I am going to heal myself so I do not have to carry the whole pharmacy with me when I need to go somewhere else :wink:
I recited mantras, went to akashic trainings, numerology… but all of these where particular to me. Everybody has his/her own path. Then I saw Amma and a couple of months later, I was talking to ghost, fairies, daemons, elfs… All this in my own head. Like when we make our own stories as a child and it became more and more real. What I could feel inside, the synchronicity, the notion of time disappearing, the enjoyment…
If awakening is a goal of yours, the intention is enough. Then the intention, when it comes from the bottom of your heart will implement your path. Just follow it, being true to yourself. Forgive yourself for any mistakes you feel you have done as there is truly no mistakes in your path. I gonna be extreme here, but let’s say, if you were to hurt someone, it is because you need to feel what it is to hurt someone and hopefully stop doing it. Unless you go through this experience, you’ll keep at aiming at it until you realise it. Fortunately, we can do these in our dreams now and so not hurt anybody and still integrate that wisdom.
Life is about surprises and so after hearing everybody else about their experience, I thought I would have visions and I repeatedly thought I was failing in my course. However, later on, I realised that my supernatural senses were smell, intuitive thoughts, voices… really powerful as well and better for me. Why, because, I am glad that I do not see daemons, I can then love their energy while not being scared of their appearance. It gives more space to imagination. Like reading a book instead of watching a movie.
Finally, it might help you. Meditation helps clearing your inner voices within. I think it is useful to do this so when times comes and you have other voices in your head. You can differentiate them. And be truthful with yourself and others, even in front of a lier, so the lie will dissolve with time. :blush::heart::pray: bless you

Thank you for responding.

It is and I agree with that. I see intentions as the seeds of actions, and actions as the seeds of results.

That’s an interesting concept, however I would only strike those who sought to strike me first. I would NEVER go out of my way to hurt anyone. As we progress or at least as I have, there is just this inner calm, yet mixed with much sadness over living beings struggles for survival. Sadness is not the right word because it’s more than that and wordless :frowning:

Wow, I love that statement, so many need a visual and IMO it’s not necessary but the brain seeks this visual input and looks for the patterns to make sense of things. Unfortunately I think when we look with eyes we miss a lot.

Thank your for that suggestion, It’ has helped immensely, it’s not something I work at anymore, just a state I can be in at will.

:blush::heart::pray: bless you too.

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Welcome @ChristAl :blush:

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Welcome to the forum. You probably need to start to write this all out. We have a category for journals on here.

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Good suggestion.

PS: Glad your still here btw

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Beautiful :blush::pray::heart: @Aprentiz

Hi there, I feel you

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If this:

Then you write:

But their heart is your heart, so their belief in their free will is illusory, and unimportant.

If they resist you, that is some blockage withoin you that you are free to use any (apparent) method within to unblock.

You cannot have “be as one with all things, for they are reflections of you” and also “other people exist and deserve respect as independent beings.”

If you try to reconcile. you’ll probably find your own agency curtailed, whilst you eagerly stand back and allow others to do as they choose - this is undoubtedly a path some prefer, but it’s not LHP and certainly not magickal (causing change to occur in conformity with WILL).

This is the Divine Paradox, and it’s explored in the Kybalion. :smiley_cat:


Hi :blush:, now it is interesting and a way to go beyond the words and our perception of the words we read. Would you mind sharing what you feel ? :blush::heart::pray:

Please tell me more and let’s go deeper. I am still unclear about your views on this which I respect whatever they are. I am learning and you have expertise on this. Your point of view, as you say is a reflection of myself.

Few thoughts from my side :

I think that what this world has… which is somehow different from others (intuitive feeling) is FREEWILL. If this is not the case, I would say it is my WILL that it IS. So it is not illusionary for me. However, the feeling of making a choice with freewill (within) could actually be an illusion. We make a choice, we think we have decided alone this choice and the choice is actually directed, obvious or in equilibrium with all that is.

My plan is to go beyond, to be co-creator and so be able to see the course of choices available and our choice within all these choices… becomealivinggod in our defined choice space :yum: make the plan with all that is and being a true actor.
I found that when we elevate the life concepts and add some novel options of choices, we have another sense of what freewill is. It’s like if our limited perception and life stories, through our creativity, add wisdom to the all that is. Our limitfull being brings unquestionable powerful wisdom. “If this blind man can find his way out, there is respect :yum::pray::heart:”. Though, we can also say : where do my ideas come from, are they mine, are they others or from another realm… Such a vast subject isn’t it ?

I think freewill of others within their perception space should be respected. This is what i feel for now. If we impose our views, then we take away their choices and take upon ourselve their responsability. We deprive them of this responsibility. We also deprive ourselves from their wisdom. I see it that way. If their heart were ours, (we are connected true) we would be one physically, however, we are differentiated through our body of existence and experience. That means… we offer to all of that is, a different perspective. A limited and individual perspective which is powerful because of its limitation.when a problem is to vast to solve, what do we do ? We cut it in lots of small problems to solve.

“I am a simple human though I move the whole universe”. Any individual perspective should be respected and let free as much as we can.

So there is always a balance, between my freewill which is a priority for me or I’ll be a victim, and me respecting others freewill or they will be a victim because of me. This is the axis, saviour and victim. If their is a saviour, there will always be victims. Take the Jesus story. We all could think he has and will save us. Is this the true message? So we are all victims. If we balance and say I can play saviour but it is a game then victim is a game. If there is no saviour, there is no victim as ALL will have to save themselves as they cannot rely on somebody else to do it for them.
It is a positioning in our point of view, perception and intention that guides our steps. We are in equanimity but play the instrument of experience on the full spectrum (the music score from victim to saviour). Our freewill is then, I play the game or not.

I believe there is always a path were all that is is following one concept (temporarily). A truth is always temporary. If this is not reached, it just mean it will be reached in the future through higher understanding, through more experience. This is not compromise though. Not at all. Compromise is a game if we say, ok for the moment, I don’t know better and you don’t know better, or we don’t even understand eachother yet. Compromise should be a game or we play victims again.

You know well more than me about magic and I am curious to hear about it. What is LHP ?

Though what I can say is that I have seen in action pure magic : Nor white, nor black. Equanimity in magic. The thought emerges and it is so beautiful, balanced that it manifests in all that is with the simple request of ONE. Yes ONE individual. That is not alchemy. That is magic. Though I am still confused between them. You could enlighten me on this. When magic happened, it was simply beautiful. Like if you were creating a tree or a flower for the first time. Waouh!!! Just GRAND.

Please tell me more @Lady_Eva. I can feel your balanced wisdom. :blush::pray::heart: