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:blush: Hi. Will you share your Sexual Experience with Demons three anyone in this forum had sexual contact with Prince Dantalion or have a contract with him to be in a relationship with him? I know that demons come to the material world and I feel its touch, caresses, then comes to the sexual act, have sex with magicians and come to dreams because demons love sex and energy Sexual and orgasms and Demon Sex is not indifferent and a human being is not in able to give as much sexual pleasure as Demons.
:wink::heartpulse: thanks for the answer?

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Welcome @Belial_Belial It is a rule of this forum for all new members to properly introduce themselves, so please click the link below and tell us about yourself and any experience you may have in maigck, such as what you practice, how long you have practiced, areas of interest, etc:


:blush::metal: I will say something about myself, I prefer some discretion.

My name is Sylvia I will say this my interests … (Occultism, Satanism, Spiritism, Vooodo, Tarot. It has been going on for 10 years) I know that everyone learns all their lives and they are even better and I will say this way people describe their experiences with deities here are not amazing :blush: Demons are wonderful to work with in every life situation they help. I love Goetia Demons It is known that demons also choose people to work with them and then there is an amazing tower between Demon and man! people with psychic abilities have better are very sensitive to the non-material and spiritual world. :ghost: So-called (Medium). (Belial, Dantalion, Vassago :kissing_heart::heartpulse:) are very beloved for everything I thank them !! I will not write because I feel to leave it to myself, maybe there will be a time when I will say about it. Working with them and the tower I have with these deities helped me a lot and my life was very hard :fire: !!! I will say I love working with demons, they are wonderful working with goetia :wink:

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Hello, welcome to BALG. Please feel free to check out my journal. I have some useful information on it.