Questions About A Sacrifice For King Paimon?

Can someone tell me if it’s normal for king paimon for visiting alone as I read up I would need to do a sacrifice to two other kings what are below him I can’t spell or pronounce their names

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The other kings may show up but I never had a problem not giving them anything. But you could be courteous when you call King Paimon and offer them something as Well they are guests


Ok as I read you had to sacrifice something if he turned up alone but I don’t mind as after a couple of times I tell my guests to make themselves at home and help themselves, but if I’m cooking anything or making a drink I always offer

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Use your intuition. Whatever you feel that you need to offer him, do it. For example, If you feel that you should offer him cookies, go for it. I did that once. Sometimes I only offer incense.

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I read in a book that Evocator must call him “King” Paimon.

Is it necessary?
Can I just call him by his name “Paimon” ???

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No. King Paimon demands respect, and so you should always address him as King Paimon. He has explicitly stated this to other magicians on this forum. It doesn’t matter how you pronounce his name. You can say “Pay-mon” or Pie-mon" but always refer to him as King.


Thanks @DarkestKnight

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It’s a must that you call him king paimon as it’s a sign of respect

Agreed. It is said that King Paimon was once a mortal man who ascended into demonhood. He worked hard for his title and position, so you should acknowledge that and show respect.

Alternatively, he could just be a demon who’s very formal like that.

Either way, what DarkestKnight said is spot on.

I always pronounced his name as “Pie-mon” idk. Feels more natural.