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Welcome to the BALG forum @44kucukcivciv

What, exactly, do you practice, and how long have you practiced it?

Do you have any experience in specific systems or traditions of magick?

Thank you, @DarkestKnight

I practiced Islamic “Havas” magick when I was 15-18, but now I’m in a place that I’m changing my belief system I guess and currently I don’t have any specific system or a tradition, cause I’m still learning and growing. :slight_smile:

hello I am Olivia Tidmore, I am 18 years old and I am new to this community, I am interested in black magic and I hope to continue finding out my true purpose in this path i chose

I am struggling to contact the prince of darkness,Lucifer, even though i have had felt certain rush of energies like he’s calling me.I will remain calm and try to find out more about what i must do

Hello all!
I am Lindsay, 26 years old. I am practicing in the occult practices. Witchcraft grabbed my attention from a young age, I always felt gravitated towards it.
I was forced in catholic school my whole life. When that ended, I rebelled. I was deep into drug addiction, when I found my spirituality
There’s so much I’m still learning but I know that what I was taught was all wrong. Good and evil are equal. Evil is not always bad.
Blessed be. :wilted_flower::black_heart:


I am completely new to magic. I just bought my first book of magic in the middle of July 2020 on Amazon. It arrived around the beginning of Aug.

and I just found this channel on youtube maybe 2 1/2 weeks ago.

Welcome @danlBoone

Where are you from?

What areas of magick are you interested in learning?

Welcome Shadia

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Hello, My name is Annie i\m 30 years old, i like hunting and maybe because of that i kinda started to like some ocult things. I’ll just sit in the corner and read some threads, thank you.

Welcome @AnnieCos990

Do you have any practical experience in magick? You haven’t told us if you actually practice anything.

If you do, what do you practice, and how long have you practiced it?

If not, what areas of magick and the occult interest you?

Hello it’s nice to meet you all, my name is Stan and Im intrested in divination,healing, wortcunning,Astrology,Astral projection, Alchemy,white and black magick,egyptian deities,goetia magick,ceremonial magick,draconian and dragon magick,Angel magick,and the Qliphoth.
My ulimate goal is to reach godhood be a great magican in magick two of my biggest inspiration is E.A. Koetting and Vk jehannum.
But for now until I get there my goal Is to become a Medium and a Psychic to help the departed
My struggles is to getting my third eye opened up and to Astral projecting but Ik with practice and determination I can get there

I do want share a link from vk’s blog a ritual that I commissed him to make to help open up the third eye(pm if you don’t believe me that I didn’t ask him)
I wanted to help myself and contribute in helping humanity in some way by asking him to make it. I hope it works for everyone and many blessings​:relaxed::cherry_blossom:!

Welcome @IvyBelladonna666

What do you actually practice? You gave a long list of your interests (pretty much every occult topic possible) but have not said what you actually have experience in, or how long you have been practicing, which is an important part of an introduction.

Oof I apologize about that. I used to practice Draconic Wicca when I was younger but I work with goetic deamons along with some of the spirits that rule the spheres in the qlippoth for a year.

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Hi my name is Joseph and and I’m new to Wich craft period. Almost a year ago I was just your average husband and father, and for the most part still am. I started meditating about a year ago, to help relieve stress and back pain. Well about two months into it, I woke up one morning after a couple of nights of wired dreams about this woman who kept telling me something but the only thing I would remember when I woke up was the name Lilith, eventually I had to know everything I could about this beautiful but kinda scary woman in my dreams. Now I live in South Georgia, so this kinda talk will get you exorcised or locked in a padded room because just about all the info I was getting was bad news on this so called demon. This didn’t seem like the woman in my dreams, well one night in meditation I decided to call out to her and as soon as I did that an owl was in the tree in my back yard, and I took that as a definite sign because out of the 17 years I have lived in my home I have never heard an owl. Now take into consideration that I’m a outdoors guy and I hunt, fish, camp all that good country boy shit. I have never heard an owl in my back yard, and the timing of it’s arrival, I mean Harry freaking Potter showing up wouldn’t have been anymore more obvious. Long story short this has opened up the deepest and most gratifying rabbit holes I think I have ever stumbled on. I meditate daily and been working on my chakras trying to open my third eye so I can communicate better with my goddess but Im having issues with it opening. As far as witch way I’m going on my path I haven’t made any decisions but I’m learning a lot from all different practices, Wicca, left hand path,… Ect. I feel like I have definitely been called this way and I figured to be the best at what I want to do it helps to learn from many different teachers, and I try to keep an open mind to everything, and anything. So yeah up to a year ago I wouldn’t have know anything about vibrational humans and higher vibrational beings, astral projection, and all the information that I’m reading about all the world’s religions if it wasn’t for my Goddess Lilith opening my eyes to seek knowledge and to keep an open mind. I can’t wait until I can speak with her and remember everything she is telling me, I just hope she doesn’t loose patients with me. Any way that’s enough of that, but it did feel good to talk about a lot of this because as I said earlier this is the Bible belt south and it’s hard to find someone who won’t look at you like you have been on meth for a few weeks. I’m also recently started an alter to Goddess Hekate I’m going to include a couple of pictures I took when I finished my alters, I took a series of about 10 pictures of my finished work and when I was going back trough them I seen what looked like a face In the smoke like a stereotypical Wich… or even like a crone. I cold even see the owl in it. So I’m sending the original and the blew up one.


Hunt for truth :grinning:

Hello Everyone,

I just joined woohoo!

My aim is to first heal myself, I’m suffering from long covid. Been 8 months now & I’ve recovered very little bit. With the help of magick hopefully I can accelerate my physical & energy body healing.
And once health is back to normal, I’d pursue whatever opportunities life throws at me.

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Doesn’t this dude have some legal trouble that he should be “ascended mastering” his way out of?


Welcome @exploring_magus Please tell us about yourself. You post doesn’t really tell us anything about you or your magical experience and doesn’t really qualify as an introduction.

Where are you from?

Do you have any practical experience in magick?

If so, what do you practice, and how long have you practiced it?

If not, what areas of magick are you interested in?

Christopher, 30y (m) love magick & working with demons especially Demon Sabnock

Main Parton: Demon Sabnock.


I work with police officers from a local cemetery where I live and do necromancy a bit as well.

Hail Duke Bune. :policeman:‍♂:policeman:‍♂:policeman:‍♂.

How long have you practiced?

Do you have experience in any specific systems or traditions?

I’ve been practicing since the age of 15. (So 15 years but the amount of time you’ve been practicing does not mean I am more experienced than other.

*Duration & experience are completely different. One can have 30+ years duration and not the experience or it can be the other way around.

The use of Black Magick:

We are not in a competition; It’s about using magick/your own power in your ID to empower oneself and to become a greater person.