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Good day, my nickname is SMOD which stands for “shameless man of the darkness” after a born again Christian didn;t like what i said to her, so she came up with this as an insult. Immediately all my friends loved it and SMOD i become known as.

I;m an accidental magician in that 4 years ago having taken a 28 yr break from seeing anything paranormal / supernatural (my first ghost) i started to see and experience much more again, both in the flesh and blood realm but also through astral travelling and the other realms there.

To date I’ve now probably seen something like another 120 ghosts in the last 4 years, a hundred or so souls, thousands of demons, and a whole bunch of other entities, some have been very interested in me

So my journey has been to find out why, get to know more of what these beings are, and work on ways of communication and understanding their ways of life.

I am also somewhat of a channeller and often times they can speak through me, sometimes its useful, other times its not.

Along this way I’ve met some of the big names, Satan, Shaytan, Leviathan, Lillith, supposed annunaki, serpents, the whol unholy trinity and sat in my room opposite them eye to eye often talking about various things, so yes they often manifested themselves in front of me.

I’ve even seen a soul of a chick waiting patiently outside my room to come in smoking a spiritual cigarette, so for the smokers out there, good news it appears they have those in the normally unseen places to.

I could go on, but just here to take a look see, and learn of others experience with a number of entities.

I dont do ritualistic stuff as have never had to, as with them being channelled and being able to speak through me communication is very often times direct and clear, maybe i should get into the ritualistic stuff as well just to beef up a bit!

What do you think?

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I am terrible talking about myself, ok come on: I have always been attracted by the left hand path, I started ritualistic practices less than a year ago. I write poorly because I’m Brazilian and I don’t know the English language completely. I hope to learn more from you. Thanks for accepting me.

Thank you for doing an introduction as requested @galaxy_traveler

What, exactly, do you practice? You haven’t actually told us anything about your experience.

I started with goetia, and I’m using the method of pathworkings from the book “Lucifer and the hidden demons” and got great results.

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Apologies I am Ezekiel, I’ve been practicing the left-hand path for about 3 years now.

I have worked with money spells and love spells. Once I had this random guest at the beach club swimming pool Singapore who handed me S$50 for doing my usual job as being a lifeguard … I was surprised but it at first and then I recalled doing a money spell like a week ago. And there were some other occasions when things went my way.

I would like to be able to communicate with demons and gods/goddesses. I still need some work on my clairvoyance skills.

Well, right now I am trying to remove obstacles that are preventing me from being with my exgf and getting her back… Her mum has a horrible mouth and likes to talk behind people’s back.

My name is Jug. I dabble within witchcraft, demonolatry etc.
I am King Paimons daughter so I work with him, Lucifer, Azazel and AA Gabriel who is my guardian. Gabriel and Lucifer has been the ones who has guided me into this road, especially Lucifer when it comes to the deeper stuff.
I always create my own spells but when it comes to types it’s often between candle and jar spells.

Welcome @Jug

And how long have you “dabbled?”

Thank you! Around 9 years :stuck_out_tongue:

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Hey there.
My name is Zack. Novice mage. Currently only really done some basic energy work(chi ball, energy pain-killing/healing) and a few tarot reading, plus I’ve at least partially opened my third eye (some visions too). My main thing outside of this is Music. I’ve been a musician for 15 years and I’m only 24 so its been a huge part of my life. Retail and guitar teaching (could stand to manifest some students) are what I do from a monetary standpoint.

Mmy areas of interest Magick wise are really just taking this as far as I can go, I want to explore every area one at a time and see where my atrengths. Magick for psychological healing for myself and comrades/friends is a big focus. As is communication with spirits and nature magick. The last area of interest for me is psionics and space-time related Magick

As stated above my only real goal is taking this as far as I am able. The extension of that is that I want to help my community, loved ones, and others. My more lofty goals consist of fighting global warming and instituting political change to make the world more supportive and caring for its people.

My main challenge is a mixture of recurring doubt, working a busy schedule that doesn’t give me much time for Magick practice, and keeping a handle on my emotions.

Through my third eye I believe I have at least one patron or interested god (Inari Okami) as their symbols have repeatedly shown up during meditation and they contacted me without my calling for them and spoke briefly to me. They stated that I needed to manifest my energy and will in the real world before she could tell me more. After that he left.

Additionally I have seen recurring symbols of a hawk, a wolf, and an ascended master with purple eyes whom I have not been able to identify, although he was with Inari when they contacted me.

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Welcome to the BALG forum.

Hello there. I am fairly new here, just dipping my toes. My name is Matt I am 23 years old, and I come from Germany.

Update: I wasn’t aware that I am supposed to be more elaborate with my introduction. For that I apologize.

Well, I could say that I always wanted to explore this practice. Given my circumstances I was not capable to do that freely and safely prior to my moving to Germany. I am fairly open everything and would to explore every aspect of it - given that it is safe and consensual. I honestly don’t know how to start. - that’s how clueless I am

I am also fascinated by Incubi and Succubi. I used to experience lots of sleep paralysis and I believe that during many of my “sleepy” nights I had encountered them. But I am not certain, and I would love to read other experiences of other people with the incubi

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Welcome @Matthew_Del_Rey

Do you have any experience in magick? You haven’t told us anything.

If so, what do you practice, and how long have you practiced it?

If not, what areas of magick are you interested in learning?

Hey Matthew…
As DarkestKnight made mention… Pls do a proper intro…

I am very sorry for the inconvenience. I edited my initial comment.

I am sorry for the inconvenience. I edited my comment.

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So you’re a beginner, with no experience, if I am understanding correctly? Thank you for elucidating more, and please avail yourself of the search function in the upper right. We have many wonderful tutorials that can help you get started.

Hey guys im Alexa

im havnt really been into magic or stuff like that but after a month of struggle with something weired i thought try to get some Help in here

Welcome @lviodal

Where are you from?

Do you have any experience in magick at all? Or the paranormal? Your post doesn’t really tell us anything about you or your experience.

i made a new Topic about my ´´Problem´´

Im born in germany but i Live in Italy for about a Year now

Sorry i missed that

Hello everyone, I’m Su (which means “water” in Turkish lol), I’m 22 years old and an university student. I’m kinda bad at talking about myself so, sorry if I talk nonsense :slight_smile:
I’m coming from a generally Muslim country, but my family members are atheists so I don’t come from a religious place. However, even in my childhood I have been always interested in magick, demons etc. I had visions in my dreams about future in all my life and I think I’m prone to magick n stuff. So I always knew this was the path for me, and after years of research I’m here. Kinda begginer but not that beginner :smiley:
When it comes to magick, I choose to work on myself, my knowledge, my mental health, and strengthening my character. My current goals are about my future job and career, and also money. I want to improve myself in school too. Not the best student yet :frowning:
My current struggles are with demons. I have to admit that I’m new at this and kinda scared no matter what I read when it comes to communicating with a demon. But I’ve tried to contact great duke Dantalion and I feel like he knows what I feel and acts super cute and supportive. (thanks, Dantalion!) So it’s going great so far :smiley:
That’s what I can come up with, thank you for reading and I cannot wait to join you guys.

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