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Hey folks. My name is Jay and I’m from Germany and 34yrs old. My way truh life wasn’t full of jawe and other religious themes. Finally 10yrs ago have found my way and give trust to the one and only God Satan. Going straight from this time on the LHP. I’m satanic Baptized and build an temple in my area. So no fucks given to Jawhe. Mostly I hate all the people and scream fck the population. The path I chose wasn’t full of success but after a while of try and error, I found my way to our father Satan. Learning and understanding was the most important thing for me. Now I’m here and try to stick around with Q&A and Ressources to learn.

Hail Satan.

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Hello everyone,

My name is Eric, I a, over 30 and live in western part of Poland now.

I am based in chaos magic and non-wiccan witchcraft. Also been familiar with ceremonial GD magic. I am Santa Muerte and Pomba Gira devotee.
I am used to practice sorcery magic like rootwork.

I came here because of Frater Barabass apretiation for EA Koetting and because recently I am intersted more and more in demonolatry (trough S. Connolly books).

My goal is to know more about demonolatry and evocation from BM perspective
My struggle is recent lack of satisfactionary results in practical magic.


The zeal to understanding energy, matter and nature keeps burning deep down in my bone marrow. Which is why I have become a member of this great community. My name is Newton. I strongly believe the understanding of matter, nature and more particularly, energy, would help improve lives and help influence cosmic laws.

Hello everyone, I am Sorsha Runarius. I have been on here before under a different profile but it’s been awhile, so I created a new one. I am an eclectic Black Magician focusing on personal and collective human evolution and ascent. I enjoy helping to build the magickal community. I look forward to spending more time here again and connecting other places as well. Years ago when I was looking for magickal mentors, the spirits led me to BALG, and from there I have had the pleasure of meeting some truly awesome people! I currently offer services for hire with my team at Abyss Press, and am happy to connect and collaborate with people from many groups.

  • Empower *Inspire *Evolve

Best Regards,



Welcome @Newton

Do you have any practical experience in magick? You have said nothing about your experience, which is an important part of a proper introduction.

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Thank you so much for your time. I really appreciate it.

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My name is Adalia. Originally from Brazil, now live in the U.S. I have been practicing and learning about several different paths for about 7 years now, and proudly consider myself eclectic.
I really enjoy working in a balance between right and left, although I tend to lean a little more towards the left. I strongly believe that the needs of the magician/practitioner comes first, and that there is absolutely no such thing as free-will (if you would like to discuss this topic with me, I would be more than happy to). Everything is possible and everything is one, so if your practice serves you, no one is stopping you from doing what you have to do. My practice usually consists of a lot of loa techniques mixed with more elaborate rituals and ceremonies. I believe everything is magick if you have the right intention, but sometimes you should push yourself a little further as to please the energies you are working with. I love working with the entities of Umbanda (as I am Brazilian), but I also work frequently with Christian entities, saints and angels. I have started my demonology research about two years ago, and now it is one of my favorite parts of my craft, as these entities represent so much of my own personal beliefs.
My current goals are to learn as much as I can about the 72 and to branch out and work with more of them on a daily basis. I am currently planning a few different ceremonies and rituals to make that happen, but I also have planned a few more informal get-togethers, since I am more of that kind of girl. I also am doing some research on spiritual cleansing, and the first part of my research is due to end in about 14 days (still a long way to go). Other than that, I have also been working on composing a very intricate and elaborate Grimoire that I can pass down to my heirs with everything I have learned so far, hoping to build a tradition.
I would say my current struggles right now are obsession and fear of letting go. The obsession pertains to the fact that, since this quarantine situation started, I have incessantly studied and researched, many times forgetting about my more mundane responsibilities. This is also possibly due to the fact that I went through a breakup around a month and a half ago, and that threw me down a hole called “looking for purpose”. Pretty lame, but overall helpful, I guess. As for the fear of letting go, that is something I started struggling with mostly when I found out that loa works best when you “release” your wish and expectations, leaving everything up to the universe and going on faith. I found that out quite a while ago, and it still seems to put a damper on my work, as I then become obsessed with my thoughts and trying not to let go. Ironic.
Anyways, that’s it. There is way too many posts in here so maybe mine will go unnoticed, but I really look forward to being a part of this community.

Hi all
I’m Astronaut_In_Space11.

I’m not at all unfamiliar to spirit stuff. That’s not to say that I’m a pro or anything on the matter. In fact I’ve always hated seeing spirits and them touching me (very very common of them to appear back then) etc so I don’t know how but I somehow flipped a switch and made myself unable to see them or feel them touch me due to fear. I can still sense them though and feel them in the room etc but I’m not afraid of them anymore.

My “family” was dysfunctional and religious (Catholic). I was indoctrinated obviously. I’d often be called a “demon” by my mother because I was always a very angry child.
I was always on the path of the loner. Always was afraid of people and I was never loved / nurtured. Never happy and coming from a very negative, loveless past. And I do have my traumas.

Eventually I stopped believing the whole Catholic stuff (I never truly entirely believed). I started getting into meditation a lot. And frankly I do have my strange experiences with mediation. Very interesting. But somewhere along the way I stopped mediating because I was dealing with depression/anxiety/suicidal shit.
It took me a long long time to get away from all that ugly past (and dysfunctional family"). Absolutely no contact. (They’re the type of people who love to look like good but stab anyone in the back and play victim when confronted)

And well I’m not new to magick. I’m sure I’ve done my magick throughout my life unaware. But since 2017 I started experimenting with a few types of magick using tools. Like sigils and charging them up with all kinds of stuff like bodily fluids, or blood, or orgasm energy, voodoo, hoodoo, sex magick, and have worked with a small number of demons. To name a few I’ve worked with Lucifer, King Paimon, Belial, Sallos, Bune and I do have my fair share of success stories and failures as well. I’m on the LHP.

I have a few mental disorders, BPD for example, and I can sometimes be strongly emotional and or unstable. But that doesn’t stop me from bettering myself. I mean the past few weeks I’ve been feeling great and anticipated for the present/future.

To conclude, I’m always interested in learning all things LHP. not just demon stuff. Parasites, and all kinds of entities that feed off your energies. As well as protection
(without relying on demons) because somehow I’m always delicious for spirits to feed off me whether I’m at my best or at my worst of emotional stability. Keep in mind that I was protected when I worked with demons. I’d also like to flip the “see spirits” switch back on but first id like to overcome the fear of seeing them. Again I’m not afraid of them but afraid to see them.

Sorry for the big wall of text!

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Hades Blackflame
I love necromancy and vampric magick, demon magick, psionics, black magick.
my current goals is to become stronger with the currents i work with more aligned, to do ritual and meditation everyday consistantly to become stronger and more powerful, to learn more about black magick and the left hand path there is so much to learn ive been a black magician since 2010 and never really had a teacher except for books and research.
my current struggles is trusting my senses see i thought that my astral senses werent developed but then i relized that I just was not trusting my senses and that got in the way of communication i would however like to make them stronger. money is also struggle right now besides me getting my tax refund on the first.
I also wanted to ask what course would be best for me i got the black magick course. and one night baron samedi came to me i was very surprised cause i never summoned him before and he bought my great grandmother to me and she said to learn the magick of my ancestors so i wanted to get the haitian vodoun course. but i cant help but wonder if im missing any foundational courses to get. i saw the mastery courses(soul travel, divination,etc) but im going to have to get them one at a time as I get the money instead of buying the series. or maybe i can put of getting that new computer and invest in myself cause im getting 1000 for tax refund and the series is like 645 or something like that. so i need some advice. the more i think of it i think it would be better for me to just buy the series and screw the computer.

Hello!! My name is Tammy
I am a grey witch. Ive been studying for about 28 years now. Im very solitary and have lately been drawn to Lilith and the Succubus side of the arts.

Im addicted to learning and interested in other paths even if I do not wish to follow them. I do everything from lightwork (well sometimes) but also do hexes and curses. I also have been studying sex magik and trying out different ways of spell casting.

Im trying also to learn astral travel. One of my struggles is trying to be patient with my spell casting and stop doubting myself if something is not coming about when I feel is should (say the snap of a finger). I have done some spells and got immediate responses but get upset when I do the exact thing again and get nothing.

Hi im jj, i been interested in working with spirits and magick for quite a while. Im 37 and recently been going through things that have awakened certain aspects of my life. Im new to all of this but ive been reading the forums and seem there are some very good people and information on here. I wish everyone the best in what you do and look forward to it myself. Thank you

Hiya, I won’t post my full name here, so you can just call me V. I’m from Northern Ireland, I’m relatively new to the craft, but I come from a line of Pagans. I’ve always had a sort of sixth sense and I’m clairsentient and Claircognitive to an extent I’m pretty sure, but I’m constantly doubting/testing myself.
I’ve been extremely depressed and anxious my whole life, but after following this path I’ve been so much happier and I don’t think I’d be here typing this today without it. I do spellwork and divination, but I have a struggle with lucid dreaming and astral projecting. I’ve been followed by spirits, usually some type of protectors, my whole life, but it slowly faded away, I assume because I put on a sort of mental block as a child because I was afraid, but I’m working to get that back. I don’t know what label I would give myself or what path I follow, but I’m extremely passionate about working with entities/spirits and I’m currently reading The Lesser Key of Solomon. I’m currently trying to create a servitor and move on from there. I have a form of Aphantasia so I find it quite difficult to visualise things, so If anyone has any advice on that it would be appreciated! Thank you x

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hello! my name is vic, i live in the USA, and i am very new to all kinds of magick. i am very interested in it though and i am willing to learn more. i am interested in evocation and meditation. my goals are to strengthen my physical and mental senses to work with different entities and become familiar with magick. for struggles, i think the main one is that i don’t know where to start. so, if anyone has any suggestions or tips on how or what they started with, i will gladly listen. i feel like i sound too inexperienced and foolish but i feel i am passionate about this :slight_smile:

Hey, my name is Marko!
I’m fairly new to magick, I have worked with Dantalion and Clauneck before (Clauneck for some business related stuff and Dantalion for love related stuff). I’m really satisfied with how everything is wrking out in my life at the moment and I’m just here to learn more and see other peoples’ experiences.
Thanks :slight_smile:


I’m Paulina, im new on the forum.
I don’t have too much experience in magick, i done few spells with ritualist to bring my ex back i started to do this 5 months ago, in spell i use to do meditation, visualisation. I felt contact with two demons Amon and Sitri. I didn’t see any result yet of my spells…still looking for a help.


I think its fair for me to introduce myself, so here it goes.
I’m Lana (I prefer Saleen, But you may call me Lana).
I’m still learning about magick in general so I was hoping to being introduced to more magick here and having guidance from some of the older members. I found my interest through talk of some of my ancestors and nana.
My current goal is finding out more about magick and eventually becoming a part of it.
I haven’t come across any current struggles yet.

Hello. I’m new to all this and am looking to learn. I come from a background of obeah and Christianity. Thanks for having me

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My name is Aurèlia and I am from Vienna in Austria. I have been practicing magick for seventeen years and my particular specialities include astral and soul journeys, scrying and personal meditative trance designed to promote my own physical and mental wellbeing. I am happy to have been accepted onto this site and I am always ready to talk respectfully to others if they feel we could learn from one another.


I am new to magick but eager to learn. I have a very high intuition and for the longest I can remember always wanted to know about the invisible world around us. As we speak I’m doing a lot of research in regards to invocation techniques. I’m very excited to have found this forum and can’t wait to learn a lot from all of you.

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I never fancied a notion of god or devil, but a few years back when all this ‘awakening’ stuff began to happen for the masses (with the evolution of internet) it caught me too and had to admit there are things/events happening science can’t find proper answers to (usually they connect the event to something already established or they downplay the event or the observer).
The notion of subtle energies and the tuning of ones brains to them is much closer to what I perhaps can believe.
This said… I started some energy manipulation training also some meditation and visualisation in combination with energy manipulation. All in all I’m at the beginning.
I’ve recently found a book ‘Initiation to Hermetics’ which is I guess of great value… I already started with the program as written by this book but I’m only at first step so far and still didn’t master it.

The reason I’m doing this is not to achieve some kind of divine status or anything that fancy… I just want to understand the plays of this wonderful subtle energies that seem to be powerful.
I guess that if the knowledge can be correctly applied… the results can come.

So… I greet you all and I’m looking forward to much fun in our common learning.

This said…