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Name - Aurora (Star sign: Leo, 1st house Libra, Scorpio, Pluto; Moon Libra) and I’ve been into magick since I was a teenager, I am from Eastern Europe. I have been into Kabbalah and Tarot for about a year now, been reading into that a lot, as Tarot comes from Kabbalah and now the practice kind of started taking place. I am also a conceptual artist, make paintings, experimental film, contemporary sculptures and installation.
I am more of a passive witch:reading magick spells and not practising so much type, but started doing candle and blood magic (did it a few times). Not communicating with demons yet, I don’t have an altar, and don’t know when it will take place for me to have one.
I am a bit disappointed about the magic spell I did, as it seems it did not start to work, but it’s only ten days since I’ve done it.
I have been into ASTROLOGY since 13, and could guess people star signs or moon or ascendant in first guess. I am MEDITATING, doing TAROT readings for close circle of friends but not making it into a money earn thing, been studying HUMAN DESIGN, I was few times face to face to a witch/ shaman and they said i’ve a very strong intuition.
I’ve been also struggling with sever depression before and spiritual living helped me get out of it (not spells, but just going within), so I am more of a white magic and spirituality, self- awarenness fan, but at the time being I guess “touching” the spells that involve blood makes you more of a dark magic practitioner. That leads me to the struggle point of introduction - love issues. You can say many things in spiritual self help books how love comes from loving yourself and being your higher self - it’s true, but there’s things, that somehow intuitively you know (like for-seeing the future) and you just can’t get out of it, and want to make it appear faster or help somebody to see it too.
Still thinking of being more a of researcher with an occasional magick practise for manifesting things.


Look, we get larpers, farters, sharters, by the dozen, my bro the BatMan just is actually trying to keep our forum clear from people who would sink out happy little chaos boat.

You’ve done an intro now, thank you for that - if you STAY with us, you may grok why we ask this! :smiley:


Greetings there mate! :+1:

PS I’m not a great being, mostly English housewife lol but I know where all the good stuff is. :+1:




You saying she’s not a great being?


I guess ill introduce myself :slight_smile:

My name is Rhy, and a Non-binary (they/them) newbie. I got into Wicca/Witchcraft a couple months ago then got into dark/closed activities in the community. I also got into demonology 2 months ago and started to try and work with King Paimon (I need help summoning him!). I’m not a specific witch, as Im open to all types of witchcraft but am more drawn to dark, but also garden witchcraft. my goals are to get closer to my pendulum, spirits, and deities! Aswell as research ALOT more in the future! And get in contact with King Paimon :woozy_face:

I hope that’s a good enough intro! Thank you for allowing me into this community :white_heart:

Greetings. New to the forum, so I’m here to introduce myself. I was not sure if I needed to create my own post or just reply in this one. I decided to go with the name ClumsyWitch because I have probably knocked over enough candles and dropped enough ingredients to call myself so. Luckily I’m also a clean witch and attentive witch. I am fairly new to Goetia, have successfully worked with Duke Sallos and Gusion. I practice dark magic. I’m considering working with Abaddon and have quite a few things lined up to hex some mfs… came here to learn and get some ideas and thoughts.

Hello all: I will go by Nor here, and it is a pleasure to join into a magickal research and practice community such as this.

Magickal practice and research have been my life’s passion, though I am a young man. In-depth research and practice started when I was 14 with classical grimoires and Goetia. My cornerstone became exorcism and removal of malevolent entities and hauntings for others, since I had to learn it for my own continuance of life. I have participated in training with mediums, root-workers and shamans, healers, practical masters, and the like. I have practiced/studied in demonic mediumship, possession and exorcism, spiritual combat, advanced scrying and divination, astral projection, astral vampirism, Theurgia, Enochiana, Quimbanda, and more. At 24, I can genuinely say that every single day of my life has had some dedication to occult studies and magickal/energetic practices. I am truly excited to join a community such as this, to learn from you all, and to provide what I can.

My interests at present are in Qliphothic Magick, Chthonic Forces, and in greater consciousness expansion.

I am currently creating a working system for Apep for other Black Magickians to potentially follow, and have been focused on working with that current for the past few months.

Thank you, All!

About me
I am Wome. So a I felt into a youtube rabbit hole and ended up here. I have been reading a lot n this forum an I really like the vast knowledge shared over here.

Kinds of magick
I am looking into magick to improve several aspects of my life. I am a complete newbie and it seems there is an overwhelming about of knowledge.

Current goals
My interests are in:

Current Struggles
I believe I speak for all the newbies out here if I say there is way too much info to take in.

  1. Which grimoire is best for beginners?
  2. Choosing tools? Altars, crystals etc
  3. learning about the spirits one can work with.
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But that’s simply because it’s a vast topic you’re looking at.

It’s like physics or Mathematics.

best grimoires for beginners - and i intentionally do NOT name any here,
are those which give you the base skills.

The Three godlike powers are:
and Omniscience.

to learn Omnipotence you’ll need a good grimoire which explains you how to evoke and invoke successfully.
later you can add Sigil creation, Servitor Creation and Alchemy to that stash.
But start out with Evokation!

For the Omnipresence,
you’ll need Grimoires on Soul Travel or Astral Travel.
Anything that teaches you to leave your body and go back into it at will.
Later on, you can add Grimoires on Energy Work, The Meridian grid and Chakras,
aswell as Elemental Magick.
But for the beginning, focus on getting a good Astral Travel Grimoire,

we have Omniscience.
And - as the word says, it means to Know everything at once,
which will be overwhelming at times.
I’m not really sure if a Grimoire can help you much there,
since the kind of “knowlege” you find in those usually isn’t omni-knowledge,
or eternal knowledge that much.
But if you think you need one on the subject,
you’d want to find a good Grimoire about the Akkashic Records,
which is the Collective Memory of that which is in existance.

you’d want to talk to Lucifuge Rofocale, or Seth / Anubis, Or one of the other God-Scribes,
since those can give you access to reading the “unmanifested books”.
But to Start out,
you’ll be fine with getting yourself a copy of the Book of Abra Melin the Mage.

His Magick Squares,
hold more Omni Knowledge than you’d find in any other reasonable readable English text,
as far as i know.

  • Regarding Tools, we have Guides on here on how to perform almost any kind of Magick without really needing much Tools.

But Generally there are pretty simple tools used,
like a knife for the Ritual Dagger,
and a Broomstick for a Conjuration wand,
when you just need something to fill in that function.

that the power comes from the Mage,
not some crystals.

crystals can be useful in Magick,
and they do have specific properties which can influence the quality of your magick.

for most of the Human history,
it wasn’t common place to just randomly have access to Crystals.

They were usually restricted to Nobleman, Traders and Royalty.

don’t concern yourself about those to much.


i don’t have an Altar.

I make one when i need one,
and i remove it when i don’t.

After all,
a Altar is simply a blessed table.

and - doing a blessing is really easy.

You say: “By which ever power that is needed here, make this table clean, and purify it from all unnecessary and unwanted energy. So mote it be.” and you visualize it become cleaner (if it’s really badly clean soap and water help a lot with the Visualization, tbh.) and once it’s clean and blessed,
you’re ready to go.


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Try this: Some Member Resources & Tips


I am Aishlin.I am from India.
I am 17 years old.I have completed class 12.
I am a newbie.I have been researching and learning about magick since I was 14.My sister is an occultist and she also helps me out sometimes.My dad used to use magick too but he stopped the practice idk why.
When I was around 12y/o I used to have dreams about Hekate.I didn’t know who she was then and that’s how all these started.I also encountered many spirits before that but I became sure about my decision of coming to this field when I saw goddess Kali literally looking at me while I was alone in another room and I freaked out and fainted cause it lasted for like a minute.
So,here I am.

Current goals : To crack entrance and get into a medical college.

Struggles : Mental peace.I have dealing with anxiety for like 3 years now.And also,I lack excitement.I haven’t been happy in a while.



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You and me both lol


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Hi My name is Decio Antonio.

I have been practcing goetia for quite some time and many other types of Magick. (angel magick, enochian, damon brand, kaballah, sigil and chaos magick, Indian goddesses,etc)

I have also been involved with religions that dealt with orisas, exus and pombajiras.

I have been following the group searching for help and had found it quite useful - Tried a different things which has helped me alot.

So I decided to come in and introduce myself.

Thanks guys!

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Hello Greetings my name is Dan I’m new here, actually came across this site online and I need some help to get some spirit grounding me… transform me to a humangod unshakable, and unstoppable

Sooooo kot mich to say about me i guess

My Name is mina
Im 23 years old
In really not doin any kinda of magics so far

Im here cuz i googled alot of stuf about visitors at night and demons and stuff like how to Control and summon Them because im really interested in it now

For any questions or Infos about it or myself feel free to write me anytime

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Newcomer here,

I like to go by Ma-at. Though I don’t currently practice, I enjoy learning about various paths and forms of magick. I come from a family of Native Practices and Vodun; however, my inquisitiveness extends beyond that. I’ve studied many forms. Currently I’m studying kabbalahism and thelema. I love exploring different facets of spirituality and craft. I hope to learn a lot from you and hopefully discover and align with my own personal guides and/or deities. Thank you for having me. :slight_smile::black_heart:

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Hello, my name is Sally

I’m 21 years old
I want to learn about magic, not doing anything yet
I’m really interested in magic and I found this forum on google.