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Hi, my internet name is Willow craft but I also go by Bella. I like various kinds of magick but I have an affinity for Sigil Magick. I like to read and absorb as much as I can in order to expand my knowledge base and repertoire on magickal subjects. I have recently made a deal with Prince Seere and the work he and I are doing is my main focus at the moment.


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Why don’t you work with the Slavic Bogi instead? Bog Veles is my patron and he has answered my requests with impressive swiftness. He has miraculously healed me twice, he has done the impossible to answer my requests even altering time on a couple occasions. But, I don’t presume on our friendship that he should answer all my requests, so on less serious issues I use my own power through magic. But I am always amazed at what he does, even sometimes unprompted.

When I evoked Azazel for the first time he told me that, “the blood of my Slavic ancestors were calling from my veins.” And to, “leave us Jewish myths to the Jews.” The implication being that I should, as a Slav, maintain the Slavic myths.

I think that you should do the same.


Hii, I’m gonna make this kinda super short haha
My names Elisha. I’ve been reading more about candle spells and love magick.
I’m fairly new to everything and looking to learn more, I honestly think I struggle a lot staying focused and visualizations. However it did seem to be enough to make my last spell work, so that’s good :slight_smile:




Welcome! @colormelovelyx


Hello all, I am from Germany. I prefer to keep my real name in secret, because my professional activity is far from occult sciences. I am interested in Nordic magic and Left Hand Path techniques. I have some experience in working with Goetic Demons. And I achieved success in divination with Runes. I am trying to follow the line of the Dragon Rouge order in my occult practice. Recently I read works of E.A. Koetting and found a lot of interesting for me. I hope to find a new useful information at this forum and to meet like-minded people.




Willkommen :slight_smile:




Me too. Wonder if its normal for women to lov Belial?


Haha, ask anyone on this forum? :wink:

When I met Belial he was this 20-30’s looking, small built, blue eyed, curly blond short haircut, pretty-faced fella. (Also this other guy came around, one with dark eyes and dark curly hair with a similar haircut, later on I red some Goetia where it said Belial manifests as “two beautiful angels”. Not sure about their connection, but I only spoke with the blond.)

The attraction is all about his energy. I always thought I wasn’t into that type of guys, but how wrong was I. It’s not about the looks. Not with anyone, really…

Belial is associated with the orange color and the element of water. Orange is also thought of as the color of sacral chakra which is associated with emotions, feelings, sexuality, pleasure. Sacral chakra’s element is water.

One time I was sitting in my living room and started randomly talking to Belial. I then heard the water running in the kitchen. I was alone and there’s nothing wrong with the tap. Made me smile.

I could keep writing, but maybe on some other thread.

Welcome to the forum everyone!


Beautiful. Thank you


Awesome! What spell was successful?


Hi all. My Name is Timbo, I’m new to magick, so I don’t really know my interest right now. My only struggle is I’m becoming weaker as time passes.


Hi everyone. I’m Rakaela (a name I mostly use in gaming circles), a gal of around 50ish living in Europe who is just waking up now. I’ve been interested in magick for the last year or so but never knew where to go to learn and find a community. I’ve even joined the Gray School of Wizardly hoping that I’d learn something but that was a bust as well (no that there’s nothing to learn, it’s just that it’s not for me).

I can’t practice ceremonial magick at home (lack of space and a religious hubby), so when I found some GOM books about 3 months ago, I knew it was something I could at least try. And, much to my surprise, things started to click. Small things, mind you, - like lost items found, parcels delivered incredibly fast, bosses changing decisions, things that would have never happened before, but now I’m just thirsty for more. And when I landed on this site I’ve learned that it’s not bad to want something for myself. I don’t have to feel guilty about wanting more money, more success and generally, more, for myself, and I don’t have to follow a “Charmed” style of innocent and pure magick where everything you do is for the better of everyone else but yourself. So here I am.

Sorry for the ramble, I do tend to write essays…


Glad you’re here


Hello, my name is Gabriela and i’m from Romania.

I’ve been attracted to occultism since i was a kid but i’ve never had the courage or time to practice it.
The best i did was to read a book and hundreds of articles about chakras and i have felt and still feel some presence in my room during night time (it mostly happens when i’m at home and not in the other city I live during school).

My boyfriend has lung cancer and right now i’m willing to try different things to help him (since i feel helpless). I’m doing my research about Raphael and i’m interested in finding alternative methods of healing at the moment.

I’ve been reading some stuff in here and I can say y’all are awesome and i’m glad i can be part of this community.:heart_eyes:


Hi I’m Wolfgang
I am kinda new to magick, I’ve researched a lot but haven’t done much besides kundalini and rune magic. I invoked a Grigori named Penemue and he appeared in my mind’s eye and possessed me, as I asked. But things got a little weird and one of my friends exorcised him.
My goal is to learn more about black and white magick, and to summon Penemue again.
I’m struggling with what to do first and I’m very scattered brained and I procrastinate which doesn’t help.

But something happened that I need help with.
I drew some sigils and made a wand and when I thought about invoking Lilith, I remembered that she had appeared to me before. But when she did she made me very afraid but also made me want to ask what she wanted. But I drove past her instead.
So my problem is, did she mean to harm me or is she just naturally terrifying? What did she want from me? Also what should I do with her sigil? I already put a drop of blood on it but didn’t focus too much on it.


Welcome to the forum.