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Hey there everyone! I’m Water! I’m an 18 year old guy , I haven’t really gotten started on working on any magick , I’ve just been collecting a lot of books and reading them. At the moment , my situation doesn’t favour using ritual instruments of any sort , so magick which is mostly verbal and mental is heavily preferred by me. My hobbies? Not much , I like watching anime , thinking up causalities to random situations , stuff like that. Again, hello everyone , and have a nice day!


Welcome, @Water, to the rabbit hole that is the BALG forum!


I have just joined the forum but have been reading the posts a while now and having read so much wisdom and intelligence here I decided not to simply lurk anymore.

I am male and live in various countries depending on my work schedule.

I have been studying Magick since 2013 and I continue to educate myself.

Thanks to the mods for a superb forum.


Welcome to the BALG forum @Oversear!


Great comment @Oversear. It’s amazing how much information and insight I have gained in a short space of time


Hey everyone! My name is Aura. I tend to focus more on black magick than anything else, but I am all over the spectrum. I am a natural born Shaman and right now I am focusing most on spirit work of all kinds, as well as necromancy. My current goal is to grow to be the goddess I am meant to be. My greatest struggle right now is the inability to pick a specific topic to study. Its like Hermione in HP- just a little bit of light reading if ya know what I mean. :wink:

Anyways, here is my beautiful face. :kissing_heart:


Welcome to the BALG forum!


Thank you!


Hi all,
I am an Asian. I believe in the powerful intent of feelings good and evil, and I know for sure that magic breathes life into those crystallized thoughts. I have visualized and chanted mantras for good results and also experimented for achieving certain outcomes.
A set an alter and light joss sticks. I zone out and my reality changes. I assure you threre’s no ready formula out there. I have to wait for the results upto months. At times setting group intentions helps. When I can get someone to chant along with me. I have realized that one must not enter the path to anyone’s freewill. Where there’s a natural chance these rituals work best. If I sense an evil eye spell I light a fire, throw some fenugreek and other condiments. Run a slipper in a circular fashion over my head three times, beat it on the floor and rise. It works.
There are many other magical practices for attracting things.
I wish to read the experiential journey of newbies and veterans.
Happy magic moments,


well hi all i have been dabbling in all sorts of thinks master of none but what i do i would say 75% works out well but basic thinks dolls and protection clearing people lives of bad
i seam more pushed or pulled to the left-hand path but do both
i do have web site that i not long put up
but still learning and still trying dif thinks

i so happy i found this web site full of info i need and want

my little work shop


Hello, greetings to everyone!

I am Anna, and I used to be brave, but now I am not, I guess.

I am literally new here, and frankly speaking, I do not have a sufficient knowledge about magic and stuff. But hopefully, I may be able to learn about it here.

Then currently, I am struggling on figuring out if there has been unseen forces being with me, or if it was just my mind playing tricks on me all along.

I mean no harm to anyone. I hope we may all get along. Please take good care of me. Thank you! Be well!


Welcome to the BALG forum @Brave and @steveb !


Thank you @DarkestKnight! :relaxed:


thank you


Thank you. I hope to continue learning and also to share my own experiences.


Hello, im also new here and been asked by admins to introduce myswlf so here we go! my name is Petronela and im from russia. Grew up in very strict househoold, never felt reason to be alive, b4 i started reading about demons. Im not scared of them, i see them as allies. I rly seek help with „how to start my demonic relationships”. If u can help me with my topic „how to summon king paimon” id be so thankful <3


HI THERE i joined to day as well i hope some one can help you


Welcome @Petronelia1 to the wonderful world of BALG!


Hello. I’m new here. I dont know if it is wrong being here just for curious but it is the mainly reason why I am here. I don’t know if I have a very hard catolic-christian chip, but sometimes I think I would like to do things that I am afraid of. Excuse me so much you feel I’m disrespecting your community being so sincere. Also my english It’s not so good. I have tried ayahuasca in therapy seasons with a chaman, never alone. I have been curios for the ocult since I can remember, but most of the time just watch it, not too much practice by myself.
Where I come from, the natural gods are very present, like The Pachamama. But sometimes there are chamans that say they practice a path of love and not a path of sourcery, so I’m confused a little bit about that. In South America there are tons of people who dislike catolic religion because of the history of colonialism and blood related to it. And a lot of people mix their bealifes with pachamama and coca with the catolic ideas…there is a lot of mix stuff here.
Sorry about my english once again!! Hope learn a lot from all of you!!


Hello there everybody. Since I currently work for an organization that would never opposed to my beliefs, I am going to keep my name a secret and not post a photo of myself right now.

However, here IS a picture of my familiar kitty, Nyx:

So who am I? I’m Blue Moon Witch. Y’all can just call me Moon. I’m an atheistic Luciferian Witch, and have been so for a couple years, but have been practicing in the occult for about a decade. I’m a Demonologist who mixes eclectic practices, but my main influences come from Mesopotamia and that region, as well as Greece and Egypt.

My goals are to become an independent healer and to someday be able to run my own business. I am currently a geriatric caregiver who is shifting over to massage therapy. Though one of my main philosophies is not let anybody tread in my way of achieving who I am as a human being, I like helping out other people find theirs by making their lives easier.

I love learning about other hobbies, cultures, languages, etc., yet my weakness is actually finding the intuition to do these things (depression is a biyatch), but I am recovering quite quickly.

So…that’s my story. I’m so happy to Ben part of s community of occult-minded individuals! :slight_smile: