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Hey, long time lurker here. My name is clint. Ive always been interested in the ocult but never done any serious rituals or the like, ive always had a knack for influencing others to a moderate extent and bringing about things by putting enough thought into something. Im in a bad place with myself after leaving a 7 year relationship and need to heal. Im looking to gain control over myself, mind and emotions.
I want to empower myself and be the person i am in my dreams, im quite and shy in my waking state but making progress. I want to astral or soul travel more than anything and to be more in touch with nature and the elements.
Since im alone now i really need to focus and put my all into study and practice but its just very hard at times.
Ive been lurking for over a year now, i like all of you and feel like i belong and fit in here. Im hoping to make friends and learn, become the God that I am. Thank YOU and have an awesome day.


I go by Funeral bells, bells, etc… I’ve been an actively practicing chaos magican for around I’d say two to three years now. I don’t happen to do as much work with demonic entities as I would like, and I haven’t clearly decided on an end goal as of yet. My work is solitary most of the time with minor low magick such as sigils, but nothing more as of the moment. I’ve done a bit of work with Cthulu and King paimon who so happens to be my patron. Other than that I’ve grown an interest in demonology as of lately, and i’m here simply to learn more. Thanks!


Welcome to the forum!


Hello. My name is Driftwood! How’s everyone doing it? I come here primarily to learn and to attain a heart develop sense of self.

I want to use magic to get my life back in order. I’m disabled. I have Tremors in my hand. I want to improve relationship with my children.


Welcome to the forum.


Thank you very much. I’m the type of person that likes to sit back and learn. I will also make it a point to share my experiences with The Forum in a condensed way. Sometimes I can be long-winded. I guess that comes with having no one to actually speak with in person.


Hello, I am practically a beginner in all occultism and mysticism. I would very much like to go into it, I think it will be very interesting and important for my development. I’m currently trying to work with the area of evocation, something I really want to learn and participate in. So, I hope that by entering this community I can learn a lot of things and exchange experiences. Thanks and marvelous to everyone.


Hi I am Lyanna. I did an intro in the wrong place,I am interested in learning all about Magic and spirits. I have done some evocations with Angels and other spirits but I have varied results and sometimes non and want to improve.
I feel drawn to Azazel and want to learn about him before I try and approach him.
I like tarot and runes and want to learn to be better at these too


Hello I’m Morgana9. Trying to introduce myself let’s see if this works. I have recently become LHP after being in the middle for a while would love to keep learning and growing


Welcome to the BALG forum @Morgana9!


My name is Matthew I’m 14 and now that that’s out of the way I’ll tell you all about myself,
I recently have been influenced by magick and ocultism in many different ways starting off at various diffrent point’s and continuing on slowly in different proportion. I’m fascinated with Hermeticisn and so many other thing’s I wish too learn about this world, Satan, Magick and ocultism and am doing so on my own Accord. Life has been all over the place for me since a very young age but now that I’ve found a place where I might belong it feels like a calm pond of water and I’m just going with the flow now. I want to go about and go threw the plains but am not yet ready for that quite yet I need more time and mental pepreation before I can do anything extreme so to speak. I have alot of time on my hands but am not studying because of pure curiosity I might have in the beginning but now I have goals that I shall work towards with all of my willpower I seek knowledge and know that I’m be going down the right path and the path that I want to go down. I feel as if I was stuck in a hole and struggled to get out and now that I’m out I will explore everything that is outside of that hole that I’ve been in for so long.


Thanks for having me here :blush:


Hello, My name is Alisha Barker, and I am a 16 Year old Black Magician. I have been practicing Magick on and off since I was nine (Dear god I tried so many spells to become a mermaid it’s not even funny), and I ended up leaving Christianity When I was 13 after a past life regression had me shook.

I have been able to see spirits since I was 2 and was always told that because of that I was going to hell, that the spirits were God’s test for me and I had to avoid them. Then, when I was 6 my Grandfather went into a coma, I remember pleading with God for days, I couldn’t understand why he would do this. I remember hearing a voice, my first real intuitive thought and I decided to take a nap where I astral projected for the first time, and communicated with the shadow people that were in my Grandpa’s room, I decided to tell them to wake him up, and sure enough the next day he was awake. I guess this planted a seed, and a few years later that seed has sprouted into something I never thought it would be.

I’ve been practicing light magick for the past 2 1/2 - 3 years, learning the basics, but Last September after finally coming to terms with the reality(or lack there of) of the world I evoked Azazel for the first time and started working in a far more demonic light. 2 days ago I made a 33 day pact with Belial to basically Jump-start my Magic, and so far, holy shit. In two days I’ve learned how to Lucid dream, Soul Travel, Build an alter, and Direct very concentrated levels of energy (Tonight we’re opening my “third eye”) I would highly recommenced it.

I know that this is my path, this is why I never fit in, this is why I always asked too many questions, and was never satisfied with ignorance. I know one day I will do this professionally, but until then I am on my way to rebuilding myself, and will probably need so advice along the way (Hence Joining The Forum).



My name is Sam and I am an academic researcher interested in most forms of magic and witchcraft. I have some ritual experience with a group and solo witchcraft.
I love herbs and potions and folklore of the darker kind.Also love Owls.
hoping to develop and learn magical arts.


Welcome to the forum


Hi, I’m Brandi. Synergy card. Pleased to meet you.
Eclectic visionary, OTO, ToS, and Kimerian just to make an introduction.

Bloodline, and more:) looking forward to meeting you all soon.


Hi. What is a Tolumbine? What is a ToS and Kimerian?


Hi. Ham’s equestrian fame.
Bynome sequencing results.
And James Unger’s limited philosophy.
Gear in hand, these days the lame walk with the manè gear.


Any kinds of magick you are interested in? Tell us about yourself :heart:


Synergistic black archery, necromancer, have lion…lol…loves it.