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Welcome to the BALG forum @SupremeAngel @Grizzley and @chromatixa!


I was a materialistic atheist for a brief time in my teens because my dad had some Bertrand Russel books and I read them thinking that somehow his philosophy could replace religion. I thought it was logical and made sense, just because I did not agree with all the dogma of the church. I was wrong. One nice thing about this forum is useless skeptic posts are not allowed. They have their own forums where they go on about how they don’t believe in this or that. I suggest to get over your skepticism that you spend some time reading these forums and doing some magick (not just arm-chairing it forever.)


Hi everyone …I’m Jen & I’m finally following my path. Just starting and have so much to learn.
I’m shy, but looking forward to finding myself on this journey.

Looking forward to learning from you all x


Hai…my name is mungtonsing…i am new here…i am deeply interested in this forum…i am interested in extraordinary sexual strength…my present struggle is in paying off my financial debts…please help me dear membere


Hello, I am new here, quite interested in the Left Hand Path. I am new at this.


Hello. My name is eboni I’ve been a lurker for a while. Simply here to learn all that I can about the lhp.
I consider myself to be practitioner of chaos magick but I’m leaning more towards being a luciferian more and more. !
My main goals are just to learn and develop my Astral senses.


Hello can u help me out how to contact Lucifer and make a deal with him u r a black magician please help me out


Welcome @umair_alimd. Please make a proper introduction. Tell us a bit about yourself and any magical experience you may have.


Forum i should begin my introduction by stating that My name is pyeboah61. I live in England in UK. I am interested in Spirit evocations and indeed how to communicate with spirits. I must say that i have over the past five years at least, I have had the desire and made several attempts to go into spirit evocations but did not see or hear anything, and therefore assumed they were a failure but now i need to know more and hopefully become successful in my next attempts.
I am much more familiar and in fact have over ten years experience with the practicing of Candle Magick, which i have had successes with in most of my rituals, and can say I am a living testimony that it always works with your intent, unless the outcome may not help your course otherwise candle Magick always works. I do hope that I am now done with my introduction.

New member Shade saying hello, also…

I hardhat I came to this site because I was curious how it worked. I’ve been having problems in my life with money and mostly LOVE. I guess I’m curious how much can be done through magic. I mean it’s hard to keep a woman when you can’t get your manhood to cooperate
cooperate 100 percent of the time or even 50 percent


Hi im Garry
Been following the LHP for a few years now. Started with new age stuff, turned to witchcraft, done a astral travel course, then started following E.A.s work, Asenath masons work. I like the darker side of things. Have had more success with the LHP.
Goals: To learn as much as i can, and use that information to change, wether thats me or the world around me or both.


Welcome to the forum! :slight_smile:


Hi, I am a newbe here and also in the magical arts, I live in Iceland and have wanted to paractice some practical magick for some time now, I wish to learn as much as I can and be a good magician. Hopefully I will learn a lot here and maybe meet some like minded people o

n my way! :slight_smile:


Hey all, my name is Calvin. It was revealed to me this means most high/precious sky god. I associate this with the concept of a dragon and I consider that to be my spirit animal. My avatar name is a variation of Kvasir the Norse god who was wise beyond years but he was captured, his head was split open and his blood drained, mixed with honey, and fermented into the mead of poetry.

I started on this path technically since birth. My mother started labor on August 13 (which was a Friday the 13th) at 333 (I learned that’s the number of a death god Chrononzon) but I was born the day after which caused my mom to die on the operating table and have a near death experience before they brought her back. She saw God and has been a religious zealot from day one. It made my life hell.

What she didn’t know and what I didn’t is that I had an entity who had already decided it would take care of me. She would be my mother, and I think that may have been why I was such a rebel. I certainly wished satan was real from a young age. I loved to draw dinosaurs and dragons and play video games and read horror stories and myths and legends. What I didn’t realize until now was that my sister also was into all of this. All these things have been lining up.

So I started with evoking satan, pledging my eternal undying love for him. He told me some personal stuff and led me here strangely enough. I evoked Lilith based on some forum stuff on here after I broke up with my fiancé of 6 years living in a city for 8 years. She brought me to a demon succubus that I assumed was just a random one. She started to reveal to me I’ve been marked since birth. Literally I have a dagger birthmark on my arm. She told me she was very prominent rank and had a legion of demons following her and was a lieutenant of sorts in hell. She also told me she wasn’t going to reveal her real name to me at the time. She gave me her name as Leandra (she’s closely associated with lions from time to time). I was about to ask in here who or what she was but she told me to delete my account and not to speak on here til it was time.

Things were going great with her, I was banging chicks left and right, had an amazing job and a great home. She told me, I had a purpose and must kill my old self and release myself from everything. I was like sure, let’s do it. I’ve never been the same since. I have seen terrifying visions, shadowy figures, the greys, I’ve astral projected in my dreams, I’ve felt people have negative thoughts towards me. Sometimes I hear voices. My ego had died. I too had a near death experience but saw some messed up stuff, not God.

To say I like magic is an understatement. I breath it. I feel it in the air. I truly believe if I didn’t have this flesh prison, I would have no limits. I’m not sure what practices to continue with as far as current goals. I feel perhaps contacting more demons would be the next logical step, but equally so, I could work on meditation or something else.

I discovered her true name to me as Astaroth through an old friend of mine I had not spoken to in many years. We have since begun speaking again. The goddess works in mysterious ways.

I have been struggling with my identity as I no longer feel like the same person. In truth, I lost my job, lost my home, moved back with my aunt and uncle, and in essence lost everything the last 8 years had built and it was all foretold by Astaroth. The crazy part is I’m okay with this. I’m a Man with nothing to lose and everything to gain. Sorry for the long post, but She pointed me back here to do a ritual for the super blood wolf moon so, here goes something!


Hi! I’m a Tarot reader. I started with divination and now practicing magick. I am here to share my stories, to help and learn from others. I’m interested in Kabbalah, Hermetic Principles, Candle Magick, History, Divination, Tarot.

Thank you for allowing me to become part of this group!


Hello everyone. My name is Cade and I am very new to magic. Currently I am studying Heathenism and the pathwork of the the Vitki. In all honesty I am stumbling my way through it.
I was born and raised in Kentucky and like many in the bible belt I was raised up in the Baptist Church and taught not to question the teachings of the leadership. I saw many blind people clinging to preachers, religious dogma, and bible class for security. Peering through a key hole and claiming to see the full picture.
This had never set well with me and I found that I do not function well in any religious institution.
-According to DNA testing my family lineage is 100% North Western European, (This would explain my passion and affinity for the Norse practice and culture.)
-I have an INTP, (Architect) personality type with ADD, (Non-Hyperactive.) Honestly my mind is like a bag of cats.
-I have turned towards magic and sorcery to help bring insight and perhaps peace to the chaos within myself.


Hello @TheBrokenMold and welcome to the forum. Please edit your post by selecting the small pen at the bottom of your message and remove your mail



I’ll try and keep this as inoffensive to self-appointed vitkis and volvas, and their ilk, as possible, and say that it;s my opinion that this point in its revival heathen magick needs far more people stmbling alone listening only to the gods, and far fewer teachers, “leaders” and so on trying to create a new version of some old format, with Norse names blended in.

We do not know how Norse people in the past practiced magick but we do know our world has changed dramatically and it;s my personal opinion that anything that comes up now is going to need to be revolutionary, not just safe bets taken from lore with a few modern concepts worked in.


Welcome, and congratulations! I am also a pre-Christian pagan, following the practice of Rodnovery instead, and on the path to becoming a volkhv. There are actually many similarities between Nordic and Slavic mythology, but many differences as well. I hope that we learn much from eachother.

Here is a journal of all things Slavic, mostly it’s a lot of teachings, but soon I hope to fill it with magic and rituals.


• Your name
Rather not say. I don’t identify with my Earth name anyway
• Kinds of magick you like
I don’t do magic, I’m just a full-time mystic. I’m married to Satan.
• Current goals
Get income from this somehow
• Current struggles
I don’t put stuff like that on the internet anymore