Introduce Yourself To Members Of The Forum


Hi all :slight_smile:

I’m new here and thought of introducing myself. I’ve been following this page for a while now and am always reading this stuff in amazement.
Just makes me even more drawn to all things related to magick and such.
I’m originally from Finland now living in the Netherlands and have been practicing this only for a couple of months.
Started with what else but youtube while I was searching for something else and then moving slowly into more knowledgeble platforms such as this :slight_smile:
Have been practicing mostly conjuring and am quite into alchemy <3
Obviously at this stage I’m soaking any information I can find, so this will most likely change depending on what I’m experiencing with.

Luckily for me I’ve been meditating and manifesting for years already, so casting my first spell I felt more terrified of it working than not working. I feel I can easily zone out during meditation and feel its easy to visualize things.

Lately there has been so many interesting occurances that I am not surprised about, but which still amaze me.

Am looking forward in getting to know people here and share information and experiences :slight_smile:



Welcome to the BALG forum @Romina, and @Freyja79!


Hello, my name is Jade. I am new to all kinds of magick. I began practicing because I would like to use a love spell on a particular person in my life. I have done multiple spells and have seen some results, while minimal. I would love to find spells that are strong and very effective. I would also love to find a mentor or receive advice and guidance from someone more experienced.


I see, but right now I’m not concerned with my eyes at the moment. I want to pass MEPs and make it through Boot camp, is there an entity that may help me?


So, I’m going to state it again, tell me where I lost you.


At the moment I’m not looking to heal my eyes just yet. Right now, I want to pass the entrance processing, and have the mental and physical strength to pass boot camp and become a Marine. Is there an entity that can help me, I’m still new to this.


I thought the reason you wouldn’t be able to pass was because of your eyesight and glasses?


I need a waiver, I still need to do this exercise too. My recruiter and some other Marines said that the waiver will most likely be accepted. I just have a struggle trying to perform this exercise, but I’m almost getting it down. I just need help passing this, hoping the doctors pass me and I hope that I can pass Boot camp. I believe this is a perfect time for me to experience Magick, come into contact with an entity above me and ask for help.


Then evoke the Greek God Mars.


Hi my name is Ryleigh!
I originally got into magick as a child when I always desired to be able to create change. I wanted to have “powers” and wished for it almost every night to be honest. In a way that was granted when my dad decided it was time for to know of other paths than Christianity. My father had issues from when he was young with christian concepts and eventually found what he called the red path (I’m not sure if where he got that term or what is truly mean so I hope I am not appropriating it.) He showed me a book about Wicca and that is what I studied off and on from when I was a child but I was always uncomfortable with the LHP. Over recent years I have become more comfortable with the LHP and learned that it is not what I believed it to be. I am quite new to this path and not sure where to go to be honest. I tend to struggle with belief even if it is right in front of me. When I was younger I was easily influenced and could feel other emotions as well I could see partial auras but I blocked it out as best as I could as I could not learn to deal with it. I have always wanted to reconnect with my psychic abilities and learn to deal with them as I am now older. My goals are to learn to connect with and use my psychic abilities as well as learn to astral project. I have recently evoked Belial and I believe I felt his presence but I did not see him or hear him. I feel this could be due to my disconnect from my abilities but I contacted him and asked for help in these areas. Already I feel an influence yet also disbelieve in it slightly. I am currently 18 and in these past years magick has been apart of my life for about 12 years. Sadly even though its been in my life for so long I have not made much progression.


Hi, I am ashish. I have no background to any rituals or magic. Certain events i will list below prompted me to do research online which landed me on this site. Of all the forums, practitioners and youtube videos i have seen - this forum seems authentic and i feel convinced that i could do something from knowledge here or atleast get the right advice from a list of such experienced members.

So what made me search and look around the internet - I have been with a wonderful woman for the last year and half and everything was great. Certain things at her work prompted her to change her course of life (to keep the story short) and based on advice of her sister etc she has decided to pursue her masters in a different country. And because of which she decided to part ways with me as she does not want to carry commitment during her education.
Now that brings me to why i am here. I met her a bunch of times after broke up and i can clearly tell that she is still in love with me just as much as i am in love with her. She just does not want to carry relationship abroad. She says meeting and speaking to me is making it difficult for her to move on. Now why are i here - my situation is different from a lot of get your ex back (where they screwed up etc or the love is lost) since we are still in love with each other but circumstances are coming in our way.

I want to see if i can do something to make her realize she can do both - be in love with me and do her studies. Or 2 (i know i sound nasty) if there is a way i can prevent her from getting a visa… I am either way getting a promotion at work and will move abroad in a year and i can support her with what ever she wants to study then…

Well… my ears are all open and ready to hear what i can do and how… Please help.


Hello, this is my obligatory introduction post. I’ve been practicing for several years. I work both paths, but am inherently a LHP worker. I’m here to learn and learn some more. Thanks :slight_smile:


Hello, everyone! My name is Eva, I have been a serious occultist for over 6 years. I work with several systems, but have been inherently pulled to the LHP since age 10 or so. Like the post above me says, I am here to learn and lean some more. Ty.



I live in London, England and have literally started to practice magick over the last few weeks or so. Though I have a long history of various types of spiritual practices and am highly sensitive to energy. I have become especially interested in evocation and its possibilites.



Learn a banishing first and how to deliver it.



Hey man thanks I needed to know that because I wanted to cut the chase and get straight to the point. But a little bit about myself I am a beginner in the dark arts and I do like contact sports like boxing and some action movies and those are the things I like to do on some free time. I do have so desires in occult power but I must meet my needs first. :slightly_smiling_face:

Learning Evocation Before Learning To Communicate With Spirits

My name is Trezian.

My goals is to succeed in making medicine for the ill.
Alchemy, Energy Manipulation, and binding

Omnis omnis omnis!!!


My name is Mel I am a Holistic Healer /Spiritual Minister a member of the AMORC (Rosicrucian Order) I am a researcher and independent scholar in the field of occult / metaphysics .Conducting research led me to this forum I am looking forward to receiving insight on various topics to enhance my knowledge and wisdom to continue my spiritual journey I am a God having a human experience.Mel%20casey


Hi… hello am Harry, bt call me ‘Grizzley’ … ave always been drawn to the dark side from a pretty young age… bt where am from access to most of the information am getting around here is nearly impossible, youtube videos are wat i have been relying on … Since am a beginner i would like your help, to gain knowledge n learn more about magick n evocations… Nairobi, Kenya is my home town… I have done two evocations to Lucifer bt aint certain of the outcome … I dont know if i succeeded or wat went wrong… Bt i was hoping to learn a thing or two from you… Thanks…


Hello! My name is Avery and I’ve been on this path for only a little bit over a month as of now. I have done a bit of divination and sigil work. I would love to work with deities in the future. I’m extremely interested in demonolatry, Satan, Lucifer, and Baphomet.
I have quite a few of struggles because I came to this path after a lifetime of hard atheism and nihilism, so things like chakras, the third eye, and especially meditation are rather difficult topics for me to learn and get into.