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Hi, I am new into this spiritual realm and would really love to learn more from you guys. I have been reading a lot in this forum and decided to make an account so I can also communicate and learn more.

I am climbing out of hell and rising as my own king, Self enpowering Mantras,realisations

Welcome to the forum :slight_smile:


Hi there! I joined a couple of months ago but I find myself spending a little more time here everyday so I’d like to introduce myself. My name is Gabriel, I’m 35 and I was born and raised in Buenos Aires, Argentina. I started reading about magick when I was in elementary school, for some reason I’ve always felt drawn to this path. I started reading about wicca which never really resonated with me, then I started reading about astral projection, then chaos magick, and ceremonial magick. I’ve been practicing ceremonial magick with a chaote approach for long time, until a couple of years ago I started reading modern grimoires. Long story short, here I am, currently more inclined to summoning demons and utterly fascinated by them! These last few weeks I’ve been reading about the demonolatry point of view and I find it fascinating. I’m not really struggling with any of my magick now, but am very interested in learning more each day.
I really enjoy this forum, in my opinion it is the “go to” place to read and discuss about magick.
I’d like to thank the mods and members for encouraging this kind of introduction. It’ll be my pleasure to read, learn and help out whenever I can. Nice to meet you :slight_smile:


Welcome to the forum @Gabriel83ba!


Hey guys!

My name is John and I’m actually new to this so I don’t know exactly what I want to learn yet.
I will mainly read and learn so I don’t have a goal yet.





Welcome to the forum @Gabriel83ba & @Jpdc01


Hi. My name is Jason. 37 year old husband and father. Quality control supervisor at a welding shop. Play music in a deathmetal band.

I grew up in the Charismatic/cult Christian movement but eventually pulled myself out in my late teens. For the first half of my life, I experienced a massive amount of spiritual phenomena, sleep paralysis, possessions, vivid dreams, interactions with spirits, etc. These are things I have tried my hardest to not believe, to dismiss, to push aside, but I can’t.

I had all but thrown spirituality out the door, but in the past 5 years, there has been an obsessive drive towards the occult, mainly towards the old gods/sitra achra/Other Side/left hand path. It’s a magnet that i can’t pull away from. I am seeking Gnosis at the highest level possible. I have isolated myself multiple times to go on spirit quests. Involved massive amounts of hallucinogens, meditations on dieties, and general studying of literature/experiences to formulate a general idea of the nature of spirituality.

So, in my studies, what I’m beginning to “understand” is this:
The tree of life exists due to the Creative nature breaking from Ain Sof and representing itself as “good”, thus needing “bad/malevolence” to help reinforce how “good” it is(hence, the tree of death/shadow tree)
The Sitra Achra/Tree of Azerate is a third, “alien” tree which consists of the pantheoN/old gods/demons/giants that have nothing to do with the Creative, thoughtful force.
Some viewpoints see this Tree as a response from the Ain Sof/Thoughtlessness towards the Limited Creation as a way to destroy limits and bring everything back to a Thougjtless peace. Many view the tree of death/shadow tree as aberrations/abominations of the true/old gods that was fabricated by Marduk/YHWH to deceive us and keep us enslaved.others view it as the original form/desired eternal form.

Any insight would be appreciated. Cause like I said, when it comes to spirituality, it’s something that I wish I didn’t see, interact with, know, believe in. But I do and I need more understanding.



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Hi! my name is conarium, I am brand new to the left hand magic and fairly new to the occult and my spiritual journey, i was always been fascinated by the occult, since i was little i wanted to now the truth, it is just that i did not know how and here i am today joining this forum in search for knowledge,my Current goal is learn the soul travel.


Hey I’m Nino I’ve never really been super religous but I was raised in a Lutheran church so I’m very fimiliar with the Bible when I got a little older I was interested in Islam then I came across the occult pretty recent I’m still studying I try to learn as much as I can everyday Because i do believe in the law of polarity I’m not interested in more in white magick or more in black I want to keep an even balance honestly my Father was a satanist and my grandmother practiced Wicca so I guess it’s in my blood anyway it’s good to meet everybody and I hope everything works out for u guys


Welcome to the BALG forum, @Ninoblanco4400 and @conarium !


Finally, someone from the tri-state. Welcome and I hope you enjoy your stay.


Hi guys
I’m Cogito Testing. I like Hindu Tantrik left hand path magick. Hindu left hand magick is somewhat of a closed field that very few have access to. My current struggle is to find good information resources with regard to to Hindu left hand path magick. Maybe Hindu left hand path magick could be a field that BALG could explore and eventually create a course about it.


I like the idea of this. Almost seems like you’re asking “who are the old gods in reference to the already conceptualized old gods?”


Hello people of BALG, my name is Ashton Kerr. I’m a Capricorn Sun, and Cancer Moon.

I’m a pretty eclectic individual. I’m mostly of a chaos magician. I have a natural talent for divination of any kind, and I primarily work with angels.

My current goal is to establish a stronger relationship with the Archangel Metatron, Ruler of Keter, that will produce power in my own life. My BAG (Big Audacious Goal) is to produce an angelic patchwork video course for BALG.

My current struggle is finances, and I think I broke my mailbox key.


Hi everyone, just call me Guy.
I’m interested in Hindu and Buddhist Tantra, i don’t have a guru that’s why i use internet for gaining knowledge.


Welcome to the forum!



I use the name maenad on this forum because I have years of experience acting like one.
Some sort of magick has been a part of my world for as long as I can remember. Started actually studying it in my early teens,back in the dark ages before the internet and instant magick(just order a Llewellyn book off of Amazon and a few props).

In the old days, I had to steal(or rather chose to to take them home) from universities to read anything pertaining to actual magickal practice. Fate Magazine just didn’t cut it.

I have been through the " Oh sh*t! I am going to hell for all of this occult mess" experience twice. Threw out all my books and trappings. Very silly.

Why am I here? For hanging out with like-minded people and having discussions about magick. Back in the dark ages, silence was golden. The things on this forum were not to be discussed.

Glad things have changed.

Current magickal explorations include chaos magick,hoodoo, and now allowing myself to
“officially” be on the left hand path. I was on it most of the time anyway.

Goals and Struggles? Just not going there today!



Welcome to the rabbit hole that is BALG!