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Thanks I have been secretly studying the occult for over ten years now because of the stories I was told as a child from my mom my family was heavily into it but we where not all I had to do was find the books they used and that was easy based on the stories I told I knew what work and what didnt work it was like putting a puzzle together for me also I was born with the psychic abilities open it is hereditary so it’s nothing for me to see these spirits and speak to them

My Pact with Belial and Azazel

I’m so sorry to hear of your loss. I hope you find peace here.


Greeting everybody, i am new to the forum, but glad to see more and more people are taking the occult seriously.

Ok before i begin, i will just let everyone know that this will be a pretty unusual introduction, and i will talk mostly about spirits and experiences that shaped me as a multidimensional being having a human experience.
If you get nothing out of this and think its pure bullshit, atleast you will maybe become interested in some of the beings i was in contact with.

Now to the introduction,
i started with the occult ever since i was very young, i am 25 now, and had a close connection to Satan as a social memory complex spirit entity. I never studied occult through books much, but got most of the wisdom through personal communications with Satan. He had me take a large part of karma of the world upon myself (in the form of thought patterns and vibrations that were stuck with me) to transmute the darkness into wisdom basically. Now i will not go too long about it, but after Satan i became pretty wise with the occult and decided to start working with Odin, which was another patron spirit of mine which i realised later. I learned the wisdom of his runes and the meanings of his names and charms. After Odin i started to think about myself and what is my place in the play of the universe, and why i am on earth. I also received large amounts of wisdom, and started reading alot of books in the time of working with Odin. After that i received many ˝high level˝ spiritual experiences like dropping my body, perceiving only the present moment and experiencing myself as the center of my own parallel universe.

But Odin wasnt concerned with earthly matters much, and wanted the strongest entities to leave their realities and join his Asgard dimension (which would require most ultimate personal sacrifices).

Now to not ramble too much nonsence, lets skip to the present. After i more fully integrated all experiences and accepted myself as this being that is on planet earth with everyone, but with absolutely abstract worldview. I started working and researching demons (because i see them as masters of 3d and 4d reality, they have very specific specializations and skills, and they are essences of those skills in their own way)

TL;DR: In the end i made a long term pact with Sitri as he is the energy form i most resonate with in this 3d/4d world, and i actually understand him as one of the most powerful beings i had the pleasure of communicating and having a spiritual relationship with (because i found he has many hidden secrets and knowledge that allows him to be a strangely unique entity with passes across the infinity of the universe) I can reveal alot about him, but only to those who desire to truly understand and represent him.
(he actually has alot of power because of his feminine/masculine knowledge, and he uses it throughout the universe, as everything is made out of this union of opposite forces.) He also doesnt believe in secrets (weirdly enough), and he also worships nature and the laws of creation.

Ok so much about me, hope it isnt too extreme for an into, it kinda just came out as i was typing :smiley:


Thank you, and welcome!


Glad to be apart of it, i see this as a font of different experiences and useful information, and am really happy to be able to learn as much as possible.


My name is Alrica,
I’m an Occultist, Daemonologist (Non-Religious), Daemonolatress, been practicing my entire life. I was taught by my grandma.
I’m 40 yrs old.
I work with Daemon’s, Deities, etc.
Currently learning Necromancy, eventually Vodou.
I’m a Solitary practitioner that doesn’t follow any specific or set path that has already been created as none of them suited me or my practices, so I created my own set for solely myself.

The Specific Daemon’s I work with are Abaddon, Asmodeus, Agaliarept, and Baphomet.
The Deities is a vast list and not just one Pantheon.
And I also work with two Angels. Azreal/Azrael and Raziel.

I say work with because I do not worship, I honor.
I also base my practices around personal experiences, so I never just blindly believe.

I’m an empath, speak to and hear spirits. Used to see them, but that’s something dumb I did to myself as an angry 18 yr old. Working on fixing that.
I’m an energy manipulator.
I do work with gemstones simply because I find them interesting.

I have worked with Eight of the Nine Daemonic Gatekeepers for a long time but the 4 I mentioned have been in my life my entire life, so I started working with them first.
Jury is still out on Satan. Never had any experiences, so I can’t confirm either way.

I’ve experienced paranormal things my entire life.

That’s all that I can think of at the moment.
Do not hesitate to ask me questions.



Hello, I’m Cece and I’ve been practicing on and off since I was 16 and have been successful here and there. I don’t really have a set path. I started practicing again due to love issues.




Hello Wanda here… a skeptic and non-believer just here to see what’s going on. So carry on😛


Hi I’m new here was raised Christian got tied of praying and being ignored so I started looking into the Occult. I was always fighting in my sleep and one night hit my wife. So I tried a version of the LBRP and that worked right away. So I continued to study and learn. And have decided to follow the left hand path. Anthology of Sorcery 3 is a great book just started doing the Watchtower Ritual in Anima Noria’s article, awesome.


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Thanks bro


Hey everyone,

My name is Dustin & I have been practicing black magic & invocations for the past 6 months. Mainly focusing on Goetic spirits so far. After a lot of research, my first was Buné… her energy felt completely euphoric & left me in a state of bliss for about an hour after the ritual. I wasn’t really sure how things would turn out beforehand but I have been in awe ever since & they have been incredible in assisting me.

Present focus has been attaining clairaudience & becoming more sensitive to energies through meditating & learning more about these kinds of things… this site is pretty badass for that btw. I’ve learned alot in the past few months & I am still a long way from where I want to be. The journey has been a definite adventure so far & I am definitely looking forward to where it leads.



greetings all

Hi I’m a new here. i am Selpa
from indonesia
i’m 26yo
since i was a kid, i lived in such a witch-things. so its not a new things to study about this stuff i guess…
here my story,
not long ago i dreamed about something that turn me and found a goetia book.
and im still practicing to envoke, invoke with them.
and one day i dreamed about the stars, i was looking for the answer till now. i was looking for lucifer just to know the answer, but i still couldn’t hear him.

maybe some people/senior in here want to help me.
and im glad if you help me. :slight_smile:

ps : sorry for my english


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thank you


Hi, all!
I am 27 years old. I did not start practicing until very recently and I started to collect spell books a few years ago (over 30). I was not raised by religious dogmas (even though my Grandparents is or was). I did a few evocations and most of them was a success.

In short, I want to follow my own path with my accent with help and guidance of course.


Welcome! Happy new year!


Hi my name is Vicky. I’m Estonian and live in NYC. I’m obsessed with fallen angels, angels, deities, folk spirits, all of the above. I like to practice and research magick from eastern Europe.portrait-of-woman-in-autumn-on-bridge-portrait-of-red-haired-woman-in-glasses-and-a-jacket-on-the-picture_csp51989819-1


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