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Hi guys I’m James thorne and I’m interested in samsara magick.I spend all of my free time when I have it trying to understand how could I use occult abilities in having power over the 6 realms.ive been practicing magick since 16 and I am now 20 and by magick I mean goetic summonings,chakra openings ,witchcraft, shadowmancy ,and necromancy.

My goals and struggles are currently the same right now it’s trying to understand samsara on a occult level.i got the idea from studying Buddhism and liking the idea but Imo it seemed as if Christianity and the 7 sins were a rip off but regardless having power over reincarnation on a occult level would be an eye opener for me.also thanks for welcoming me it with all the information through communication it has already been a blessing just being apart of this forum.:slight_smile:

Hail Leviathan,


Alright. My name is Seth, and I only know of the existence of black magic, I’m completely new to the practice. I’ve always been interested in the occult, but it’s been hard expressing this interest growing up in a Christian household.

My personal goal is to become more powerful and capable, I’m tired of being a doormat. Secondly, I have an insatiable crave for knowledge but not enough time in my life for conventional methods. Lastly, I want to reject all goody-goody monotheists by practicing magick, but I do not know where to start, which is why I came here. Hopefully, I’ll be able to find the arts and practices that provide me with the power I desire.


Welcome @Seth_Berryman and @kyarylsd :slight_smile:


Im not from here, but I live in the deep, deep American South - basically the epitome of hostile environments to all things occult, magick, non-Baptist/evangelical, strange, mysterious, ancient or even obliquely related to the practices of indigenous peoples anywhere in the world. Which is strange to me, as haunted and Stygian as this place is.

I don’t like to say I practice black or white magick - like Entities themselves, working with them is beyond qualitative human language. Words are too limiting, they miss the scale, scope and living complexity of the work itself. That aside, I think people would characterize what I do as Black, or at least very dark grey. But I try to do “bad” things for “good” results. Sure I curse people - but not frivolously. The cruelest and most meaningful hex is the one that dooms a person to see themselves as they truly are - that is, if they deserve the mantle in the first place. And while it may torture the subject, it protects his or her would-be targets or victims, so the overall effect is beneficial. We are talking rapists, narcissists, users, etc. not the typical human doing typical human things. Well, I guess once I broke a students leg, but it was to protect him from a fate I saw VERY CLEARLY - he was going to rob a corner store/pawn shop with his friends and get shot by the police shortly after. His friends DID end up holding up a gas station a week later - he of course was not invited due to his injury. Black magic for good.

I’ve recently been meeting some nice entities, “demons” I guess. One made a traffic ticket disappear into the court system never to be seen again - yes, both the digital record and the paper ticket. I had mine but the court threw the case out - it would’ve had me fined big time then allowed the other guy, an insurance scammer, to take me to civil court.
Another, helped my boyfriend - very intelligent but a terrible test-taker - pass his medical licensing boards the first time. He also appeared to be, and filled me with his agonizing and ecstatic energy for a moment - it was incredible. I’ll probably post details elsewhere.

I’ve always been called “weird,” and feel like I was never a child even as a child. Fights in my house - usually a parent with either with me or my sister or both - meant flickering lights, stuff flying off shelves, bottles bursting etc. so it never seemed weird. All of us know when someone we love dies, all of us have dreams that aren’t dreams. My poor mom still lives in the shadow of her parents faith and thinks what she can do is “evil,” and it’s sad.

The Luciferian story is beautiful - it’s a story of fighting the power, standing up for the rights of yourself and others, for equality, and escaping traditions that enslave rather than uplift. I try to live that life everyday whether it means protests, graffiti, writing and publishing articles in political magazines, or helping workers to regain their power, voices and dignity. I am an Anarchist, a Witch, and an Art Criminal.


Welcome :slight_smile:


Your name : Aksys

• Photos if you’re comfortable :
I dont give photos to my friends.

• Kinds of magick you like :
Druid / Celtic,
Fire Breathing Meditation,
• Current goals :
Learning more about the occult as I have always had an affinity to the darker side of nature and am curious as to why as well as learning more about the Goetia and Lesser Key of Solomon.

I’m also here to offer insight into my personal experience with metaphysics as well as psionics.

• Current struggles :
College and ADHD


New member to the forums, long time creeper. Just wanted to introduce myself!

Name: Kyle / Azrah
Types of Magick: The kinds that work, and the darker the better.
Current Goals: Pick some brains, learn new things, break new boundaries.
Current Struggles: Putting the “I” before the “E” (except after “C”) nah, doing pretty good considering this whole “life” thing.


Am francis from Ghana new member and am here for you to help me pact with Lucifer if anyone can help me.


I never gave you permission to post about me.



I work mainly alone and in secret. I don’t trust other humans and barely spirits (gods). I am curious about sharing my knowledge to follow occultist. I am here to share and gain new information.


Hi, I’m Wilt. Learned about this forum through my roommate. He told me I have too many weird questions and that this place is the perfect place for me haha. I’m not a beginner but I’m totally not an expert either.


Hi my name is (don’t laugh)serendipity my parents did too much acid in the 60s laid back hippie upbringing I got introduced to the dark stuff by my uncle he showed me how to initiate after I watched him do a ritual but sadly he got hit by a truck and died. For years I felt the calling but Hollywood and people’s lack of knowledge are enough to program the fear right in your head until I had an experience that shook me to my core to cut a long story short I self initiated and spent the next two years with my nose in books then disaster with a drunken one night stand and out popped my two greatest achievements so I did the decent thing and moved into insanity and torture for the next 5 years and that’s it closet satanist lol now I’m ready to get back in and become my own god bewildered and confused


Hello to everyone! My name is Jen and I am very new to this topic. I am not currently practicing but am interested in learning. I have always had experiences since I was very young with things I could not find an explanation for, and this has persisted throughout my entire life. It has driven me to believe that there are worlds that exist outside of our physical constraints, and I have always been fascinated with this belief and wanted to know more.

Only recently I stumbled upon this website, and E.A. Koetting, and became instantly drawn in. I have started reading the first book, and plan on working on meditation next and hope to work up to the projection level.

Thank you for reading my introduction; I am really happy to have found such a supportive and sharing community and look forward to learning more!


Hi, when I was a kido something tooks me away from our world to space…since then I have trouble living here so I am learning to know…that is why I am here…to getting rich by knowledge you share…
I am floating at each level…a dilettante running on some kind of intuition…


Hello my name is Ed and i am fairly new to all this

I have read about it alot and it has always been interesting to me

I want to work woth asmodeus because i jave felt a strong connection with him

I belive he can bring my ex back to me and i can grow a good relationship woth asmedous…everything happens for a reason right?


Hi, my name is Nick.
I am interested in soul travel.
My current goal is to soul travel with ease, whenever I will.
My current struggle is soul travel.


Hello everyone I’m @Prynce2 my old account was @prynce. Got locked out. Emails deleted. Work with voudan. Highly intelligent. Thank you


Hey I’m Ash!!
I love Demonic Sorcery (especially Invocations). I also am a fan of Energy Magick and Chaos Magick.
My goals right now is using Magick to create sucess in my Life for my physical goals but at the same time to grow spiritually.
My biggest challenge is the fact that I may have to start learning basics once again.


Hello. I’m a practitioner living in the Midwestern US with some background in hoodoo, chaos magic, and a little goetia. Currently, I am working on attaining a familiar and relearning to divine effectively. Also, interested in dream work (lucidity and interpretation).


I am Kulina.
I have an eternity of magic in my pocket.
I create and I destroy, all depending what I feel towards something/someone…ones best harbor or ones deep dread.
You will love me or you will hate me but once in my presence you shall not forget me. Even the gods recognize me.