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Hello All:)
Zyrayel here. I purchased a book of baneful magic a few years ago and have kept bumping into Luciferianism over the years since. I have a lot of questions and have found a few answers over the course of just a few short forum links here and there over the years as well. In all honesty, I don’t think God as some understand him was at all trying to save us because we needed a savior but came himself to show us what idiots we were/are to believe the majority of the humanized crap written about him. In essence, making us all fools for ever thinking we needed saving or blood sacrifices, to begin with (I’m not speaking of ritual energy offerings here). He/she/other and All being good and evil and neither, I think sent himself/prophets master etc. in hope that we would someday come to the spiritual maturity to understand the oneness of us all with all things no matter their label other gods/goddesses included. I don’t think that God is the “bad guy” but I do find it humorous that most people “demonize” him/her now. Anyway I am here to learn. Thanks to all involved in making this an open forum.


These things will be achievable I am sure. Welcome to the forum.


Hello, I am Solomon A.D.

I have been involved with some sort of magick for almost 20 years. I have experience ranging from Catholic magic, Santeria, Native American Shamanism and New Age stuff. These days I follow a beautiful middle path that ironically Yeshua has led me to. I work with both Celestial and Infernal forces primarily but also with a group of Servitors. I am trying to sharpen up my basics as far as the contemporary LHP goes. I am currently building better relationships with my Divine Family (patrons) Lilith, Azazel and Samael. I am very glad to be here.


Hi I’m Mina. Novice witch. Bloodline seer. I dabble in telepathic magick, hoodoo, elemental magick, and some left hand magick. My goals are to learn and become more advanced in my magick to elevate my life and finances. Current struggles is unblocking my magick for money and hex work.


Hey guys,
i’m bia, from Brazil, and I’m here because a few months ago something very strange happened to me, some people told me this is like awaken, but this didn’t feel nice and cool as they said, it was painfull and very dark. Well, since that day I want to free my mind of all this plan and slavery and and body and soul and you know, everything, because I think something not feel really right, but of course, without killing me. hahaha :slight_smile: sry for my english, :sweat_smile:


Hi, my name is Azee

I’m new to LHP but I’ve done a lot of research and trying my best to learn and listen and see as best as I can along the way

my goals are to raise my vibrations and get more in tune with my spirit and study and practice magick/black magick, and I don’t see it ever stopping

I wish to eventually see, spesk and Interact/work with entities as friends and partners. to have relationships, as real as it can get, and like I said, spiritual partners in my journey on earth

my struggles right now are becoming more perceptive, and to finally have extensive interactions with spirits

my current goal is also to get further contact and progress with Belial

thanks for reading


Hello, my name is Travis

I am new to anything of the occult nature, but I am a long time lurker of this forum. I have read and digested much but have yet to put that knowledge to much use.

My goal is to understand myself like never before and become advanced at evocation, astral projection/soul travel, and energy work. There is a specific reason I decided to create an account of which I will soon make a post about.

I look forward to meeting and getting to know some of you(=

Thanks, VicinityGhost


I’ve been reading the Goetia for a while now.
Maybe 10+ years.
Never used it in a ritual though.
Never really wanted anything.
Maybe some drunken “accidents”…
I have questions about the Golden Seal.
I also wanting to know the how the effects of these spirits in our daily life.
Not just in ritual.
I also have questions on if rituals are even necessary.
Recently read Liber Astarte.


Hi everyone. My name is Sue and I’m from UK. I’ve worked with Pagan Gods and Goddesses for a long time but have recently been drawn to the Goetia. I am researching thoroughly and doing a bit of lurking. I own a Spiritual business and other businesses too. I’m happily marrried with children, grandchildren and 2 cats! Nice to meet you all, looking forward to learning from you x


Welcome to the rabbit hole that is BALG! Enjoy the ride!


Hi, I’m from London.
Started out a few years ago in Chaos Magick.
Progressed to Demonic LHP work in the past year.
Recently started working with Lucifer and some of the Goetic demons.
Some good results, some works need further honing.
Hoping to learn even more from this pretty awesome forum.


I’m from Paris but I do travel a lot. I’ve started looking into the occult about 10 years ago, and I’ve tried many things since, all sorts of Magick, belief systems, nothing that really got me hooked.

I’ve done quite a few spells and rituals with some success (especially when it came to helping others), but there’s one which really worked well. I can’t remember the details, it was many years ago, but I made an offering to… Isis, I think? It might have not been her. So that she would make it snow and I might skip school for a few days (hey, teenagers), but there was no sign of snow whatsoever, it was actually much warmer than usual winter averages, and no snow was forecasted at all. But I did it with conviction and humility, and it worked. The next day, it snowed so much for like a week all over France, it was crazy.

Then growing up I kind of got too busy and away from it all, but it was still there at the back of my mind. I’ve always wanted knowledge, that’s why I chose to study medicine, but lately I’ve found that to not be enough, I need more. I want to know things, secret things, things not meant to be known. I want to be a part of something bigger as well.

I was looking up stuff about Djinns and found my way on this forum. I don’t usually like social spaces because what people write about their occult experiences just seems crazy to me, but here, from what I’ve read, it’s just so much more “normal” and down to earth.

I’m still looking for something to believe in. I think there is some tiny truth about today’s religions, but in my opinion (and without meaning to offend anyone), I just think it’s all bogus. No different than politics. Also, I’m pretty skeptical even with my own occult experience so it’s kind of hard for me to believe in anything “out of the norm” although I deeply want to.


Hi there, my name is Jurie, I,m from South Africa. I was searching the net to look for help and assistance with my current financial crisis and came across this web site and decide to register and ask for help. I have an interest in magic and believe that it can help people. I was always fascinated by magic and believe it is real. Currently I’m doing a lot of research on this topic on the net and would appreciate any assistance.966


Greetings, this is Ax.

I like several kinds of Magick just as ourselves are not just confined to just one or 2 emotions the whole of our lives, but to a symphony being played with every thought, feeling, intention and making use of every circumstance to deliver the outcome we are looking for good…

It’s really interesting the deep involvement and gnosis the authors made and make on the subjects, thank you and thank to everybody offering for good of the knowledge and sharing the best, Greetings!


Greetings fellow magicians! I am Tango, magi of about 6 years. I began out of neccesity with kaballah, and was thrust into voodoo after being approached by papa and bawon. Voodoo as well as a thirst for more lead me to perform my first demonic evocation today! I feel it went well.


Hello everyone, my name is Jake, I was born into a family of Many different paths, everything from paganism to satanism, I’ve dedicated myself to the left hand path 30 years ago and I’m trying to further my scent and happy to help anywhere I can.Im not very good at talking about myself… so I’m looking forward to meeting you all.


Hey Timothy, E.A. and family of BALG
My name is Raiden. I am thrilled to be a part of this thriving community. I am currently on the path of Norse Magick as I purchased the program and felt I vibrated with the Norse Gods. I also just recently purchased the Complete Works of E.A. Koetting and I purchased “Awakening Lucifer”… I will be adopting this literature to my studies in addition to my Norse Magick Pathworking. Lucifer was the first one I made a connection with and actually dedicated myself to like a week ago.

I enjoy Sigil Magick, making sigils, creating my own sigils, activating and releasing them, but as I am now entering the Norse Magick Pathworking, I will also be working a lot with the forces of nature (I’m a FAN of the Storm Elements).

I am currently struggling in my personal finances, my parents and I own a business and for the most part, during the last 4 years we’ve had more losses than profit. My Father lost his first house because he couldn’t pay the mortgage and for his second house he now owes three times what the house is worth because he’s had to refinance 2 times to make ends meet at the business. I’m trying to sell the business so that my parents could retire and so that I may be free to walk my own path.

My Current Goal is to be able to just that… sell the business for what it’s worth, split the proceeds for my mom and dad and finally be free to live my life on my own terms.

Highest Vibrations





Hello! My name is Jessica, but i prefer the name Aurora. You can call me either of those.
I’m very new to the art of magick, but am eager to learn. I currently don’t have a favorite kind of magick, as I don’t know much, so I’m open to suggestions, something for a beginner. My current goals are to learn as much about magick as I possibly can while also keeping it a secret (family reasons). Once I have some basic knowledge I will create a more constructed goal that has a clear end. At the moment I’m very overwhelmed with all of the new terms and culture and am struggling to find a place to start. That’s it for me, I’m excited to get to know you all!


Welcome to the forum, @aurora_heart, @silveraidenpro, @Jake_Street, @BokorTango and @Axia !