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Hi, I am Ted. I am really new to all of this and initially I just want to learn more about Lucifer. I dont know exactly where I go from there but something smells wrong on the main stream version of the story about his fall. So I decided to try to find out more since everytime we really want the truth we have to stop looking into traditional main stream writings.

If you believe you can help me out pointing some direction I will appreciate.

Thank you.


I am interested in joining this forum because I have a lot of complex questions that I would like information on.
I’ve been reading the Goetia for a while now.
I also listen to a lot late night talk radio where these topic pop up.
Aside from meditation , goal setting and drawing sigils; I really don’t practice and am looking forward to actually performing rituals.


Hello !

I joined as i would like to know more about King Belial as I am working with him now.
Everything has been really good , thus , i would like to learn more from this forum !
Have been feeling his presence , but not sure why… Hopefully i get a msg soon ! :slight_smile:


It’s surprising to see how much interest the Occult community has in Beliel.
I have literally been under a rock for last ten years and was completely surprised to see how popular he is.

For me it was that ending scene in “ the exorcism of Emily rose”.
lead me to the goetia.



My name is Yolanda. I’m new to this website and magic. I’m interested in getting to know a few people and learning as much as I can. A few things about me: I love to learn, enjoy reading, spending time with my family. At the moment I’m working on getting to know Lucifer and beginner spell work:)


Thank you, and welcome!


My name is Martins. For safety reasons I will not give my picture. I dont use any type of magic. I recently made ritual to get succubus as my girlfriend witch is my goal and I struggle with understanding what to do next so I can be closer to her. I am Christian there for I have my believes since I am born again Christian. I felt alone and it got me sad and depressed so I chose to try live with succubus regardless of my believes. I believe in Jesus and I am not a ashamed about it because I now whom I have believed in.


My name is Mauricio im here to improve my life with magick and be the best person I can be


Hello everyone! Newbie here :stuck_out_tongue:
My name is William, I am a 25 year old Canadian male whom has only been studying/involved in magick and satanism/occult stuff/demonolatry for a couple of months. I’ve learned a lot but still have so many questions and so much to learn. I’m hoping I can start filling in the gaps in my knowledge and perhaps this is just the place to do so. If anyone has any questions in an interest to get to know me feel free to ask and if I feel comfortable I will provide an answer. I hope you all are doing splendid and continue that way.
Hail Satan!!!


Im Deric from Singapore. Currently working with King Asmodeus. Joined this forum to know how to work with them better and learn more on demons and to connect and feel their presence. Have a great day all.


I am Jacob, no photos, idk, women and money, idk anything about anything


Sounds sensible to me

Stick around here and you certainly won’t be saying that in a few months


Welcome all new souls to the Forum. Have fun, enjoy, learn and ascend!
:blush: :+1:


Hi guys!!! My names Jibril and I am seventeen years old. Lately I’ve been very interested in this magic and spirits thing. Hope you guy can teach me something useful ;). I am from the United States and love to write lyrics. I live a more different lifestyle than most. Ask me anything! I want a lot …


my name Jonathan i’m 20 years old man looking for the truth don’t have any magick that i’m intrested in if it futher my goal then good. only untile find whole truth i’ll decide what to do next. wish me luck.


Hello Jacob.


Dear Lynx Samurai,

This is a left hand path group and you are a Xtian. That’s like a straight guy going to a gay sauna – why are you here? We’ve had people similar to you come along and they leave pretty quickly, not that I’m giving you a hint or anything.

Best wishes,



Hello its unittheTwilight but just call me by unity.

Ive started farly recently and i just kept digging around and found this webpage

Main type of magic is evocation for the fact i can go basicly anywhere dispite it being not being other similir topics.

Current strugles is finding time and place to dedicate for riturals and such.


My name is Makiya, I have had this account for a while but I haven’t decided that I should start to be more active until now, so here I am introducing myself and I’ll soon be posting

The kind of magick I love and is doing my best to learn about are divination (scrying, tarot, candles), blood, bones, herbs, crystals, flowers, sigils, spells, elements, moon phases, and black magick as a whole.
My goals are just to become advanced in witchcraft/magick, to be able to obtain all the supplies needed for me to do my craft, to strengthen my relationship with the demons that I’m close to, to just become more advanced with my psychic abilities and to overall just become more creative as a whole
Currently, I am not struggling with anything, but I have been struggling earlier this month due to mental health reasons but I am doing fine as of now. I have been able to focus on the things I want to do and have been able to organize my mind which I’m not able to do so often, so I’m glad I can now


My name is Tina but you can call me Ariel and I am very,very new to this…
I have been researching magick for some months and I suppose now I finally found what kind of magick I want to do and ofcourse that is black magick.
I am a teenager and my mom is a Christian but I don’t share the same belief haha. I really don’t know what to say beside that I struggle with depression and anxiety but ever since I’ve been researching this thing I have been feeling a lot better for some weird reason lol.
Anyhow nice to meet you everyone!