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Oh. Don’t apologize. I didn’t mean you, I meant Alice Abernathy. You can check to what person people respond, there’s an arrow to the top right of the post.

Besides that. Welcome!


Hi im Gissy and i went to this site because i thought i needed help.
I´m going to try to make contact with the demon asmodeus tonight as first time since i´d like to ask him a few questions. Particularly why he keeps opening my window in the middle of the night and waking me up. The more i realised the unexplainable things that were happening in my past the more i knew he did those to protect me. Someone said to me that i needed to introduce myself so here i am :slight_smile: im 20 years old.


Hi my name is Emilia. Raised in a practising Catholic home which didnt stop me from being a witch from very young age. Sigil magick, working with demons, love to dabble in love spells :wink:
Follower of LHP because its the only way I ever feel normal and like I belong somewhere.Constantly discovering myself through the dark paths.
Solitary witch but often thinking Id love to join a coven, just havent found my tribe yet.



The left hand path is inherently a solitary one. It’s Yourself against yourself! You are your own competitor. Enjoy!

P.s. I highly recommend Codex Saerus, but that’s just me.


Thank you for your recommendation I will definitely check it out


First you must become adept at meditation magick stems from consciousness. I know is a bit of a drag but is a solid foundation recommended by all sorcerer and shamans. It doesn’t matter what type of meditation the key is to have control of the mind states. Then trance work how to get into trance daily. You must be adept at entering trance at will. After divination and powermanifestation techniques like candle magick, evocation and spell casting. And become in sync with the powers you will use I.e. the elements, the planets, plants, and spirits and gods.


Hi i have a quick question.
I know Asmodeus is my guardian demon but i want to become better at communicating with him. Sometimes i can hear him clear in my mind but whenever i use the pendulum i just feel like i dont know if its him thats making the circles or me. (because i know you kinda always move with your hands and can never completely silence them.) Another question of mine is: Is there a way to make demons tell the truth since i tried the ´´find your guardian demon´´ ritual which requires me to have like 72 pieces of paper with 72 different goetia demon names written on it. My problem was i had like 10 demons who said no by holding the pendulum still. And like 30 demons saying they were my guardian demons which i thought was unlikely to have. Only know it for sure about Asmodeus but that´s because he made it quite clear it was him.


Welcome. Most start evoking vassago from the goetia. His good nature and ability is of great aid. He becomes to many a source of information as his prophetic abilities help when doing your homework before a magickal working. To master soul travel is a daunting task truly. Of all the magickal abilities is one of the hardest. Work in your meditation and enemigo work and will lead to success.


At first i didn´t want to say anything but i kinda feel like i should since alot of people on this site helped me.
This is a fake image which is taking from tzuyu dahyun…


right click on the image then select find through google.
There you go its a fake account


Hi i get what you are saying, but i have a kinda different theorie.
You aren´t a god (yet) because if you were, you wouldve been the entity you are seeing.
I do acknowledge (pardon my english grammar but im not a native english speaker) you are special because most people cannot see them. I have a question which is do you see them in their true form or more like a dark face with bright eyes? I ask this because i recently was kinda forced to find out Asmodeus is my guardian demon. He even possessed me whenever i was in a dangerous situation so he could get me out the best possible way. I thought it was a load of bs before i noticed that every time i walked out of my room my window was wide open when i came back. At one point (like 2/3 days ago) i woke up to find something sitting in my chair at the bottom of my bed. The face was hard to see because it was dark and his face was too. The only thing i noticed and kept in my sight for the past days are his bright yellow eyes. I was scared shitless so i went to this site to find help. They told me it could be my guardian so i summoned him and asked him. I don´t owe him anything after that because he probably was my guardian demon for multiple lifetimes. The more i get to know him the more he feels like my ´´friend´´. What i think is that they are preparing us to become ´´godlike´´. And we need to learn important lessons which only life can teach you. When we are done with those lessons, we become our own gods but become friends with our guardians instead of them just being our guardians. That is how i feel =) sry for the long ass comment haha


He right!


I am Shreya from India. I am new to the understanding of demons and ancient gods. I have been spiritual since childhood and have certain psychic gifts. I am an eclectic witch and practice divination using tarot and spirit channeling. I am happy to share that my first experience was with Belial…whom I greatly love and respect. In no time we bonded so well and its going strong and interesting. I wish to learn magick and working with others ancient gods & goddesses, angels and demons.



Hi, I am barkat from bangladesh and i just joined this forum. I am 20 years old and currently studying. I have no experiences about magick but i would love to have a lot of milf fuck me in my future years. Wish me luck everybody :blush:


Hi, Ellie here



Calm down. Don’t try so hard. First relax yourself. Get some rest and start fresh again. Start with the one who draws you the most, be it Lord Lucifer or King Paimon. You are blocking your own connection to them. They will surely connect, they don’t hate you… and you can have conversations and even enjoy jokes but don’t be desperate and forceful. The easiest way is the way of the heart. You don’t even need sigil, focus on any one,either King Paimon or King Lucifer and try chanting their enn. Focus on the sound…don’t let your thoughts race that why they are not connecting cause’ sometime initially the signs are subtle. Try and look for signs and symbols. I am sure they will connect.

All the best :blush:


Does anybody have a quickest way to get into trance state?


Listen to a good techno song on repeat


Hello everyone. This is Ellie. I would love to learn love and revenge magic.
I have a very bad experience and I want to return it to my target.
I am a product of a battered partner and I can’t move on to that. I am suffering a depression right now and it is very very hard to battle with it.
I hope you guys could help me.
Thanks a lot.


Hello, I am Diego from Colombia (South America). I am exploring spirituality; based on interviews and lots od different types of videos I have converged into ideas close to gnosticism. Currently I am studying the course on Omnipresence and Spirit Traveling; I am actually trying to understand better what lies beyond life and have more ideas of the context in which our life operates.

I have watched several videos of E.A. Koetting to understand better different aspects of spirituality; I find a lot of alignment with gnosticism ideas.