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Hello my name is Alexander

I’ve been practicing the occult for almost 3 years now but I became more dedicated as soon as I started working with Ahriman and the Divs.

I’m a vampire and I consider vampirism to be the most powerful form of magick for it allows you to gain limitless power.

Happy to be here


Hi, my name’s Luke

I’ve increasingly become aware of these sorts of things and am more or less new to it all.

Originally I came in with the intention to get back my ex who I had spent 4 years with. While that is still a goal, I find it pushing to a secondary goal and my main focus is on improving myself, and learning more of this to see how I can best improve my life overall.

If I had to say a current struggle, I would say it’s the doubt associated with feeling ‘normal’ or ‘no magick power’ or not feeling anything during the spell/ritual.


Hello everyone. My name is Neter. I am a black Magickian though I embrace all Magick and paths, practices, etc. that are beneficial to me. My current goals are to expand my sphere of influence. My current struggle is widening it. That is to say surpassing all limitations. Nice to be here, nice to meet you and the best of luck to us all.

Regards.:. O.D.A.


I’m Jasmine but prefer to be called Jean.
I’m 15. (THIS IS NOT A PHASE…i promise)
I’m not comfortable showing my picture yet.
I like all kinds of Magick. (love spells and rituals)
Learning more about Magick, but I can’t really find that many spells.
And a fun fact about me, my godmother is a Wiccan and is teaching me about magick.


My name is Ivan, I’m new and I will like to learn more about spells, black magic, sex magic, love spells. sometimes i can see future events in a person,


All the best. Improving ourselves to become the best version of ourselves should always be the first goal😊


Hi everyone, I’m Blossom and I’m not new to the LHP, but I am new to following it more formally. I’m 30 years old and have had a strong connection with the spirit world my whole life. I grew up in a strict Catholic family, but from as young as 9 or 10 just knew it wasn’t for me. When I was 4 I met a spirit who identified herself as Emily. I was an only child and Emily was my best friend. Only when my mother spoke about Emily at my school did she realise no one by this name attended there. This freaked my parents out and they tried very hard to convince me that Emily wasn’t real. But Emily stayed with me for many years, until we moved to a new city.

I cast my first spell when I was 15. I was bullied at school, and I desperately wanted to meet someone who loved me. It worked, shortly after that I met my first boyfriend, who introduced me to a group of friends, that unbeknown to me included my now husband.

I always feared black magick because of my Catholic upbringing, so I saw myself as a “white witch”, until around 2011 when I had an encounter with three very strong entities (I don’t know what they were) that wouldn’t leave me alone. They tourmented me, not letting me sleep, moving things in the house and one tried very hard to attach itself to me. This went on for months, until I told my friend (now husband) what was happening to me. I thought he would fall over laughing at me, but it turned out he was a follower of the LHP. He made them go away and told me never to show fear like that again. It worked, and I became increasingly more interested in the LHP.

I recently began working with Amon, Sabnock and Belial. I’ve been told that I need to find help to refine my rituals. I’ve got extremely strong emotions, but don’t know how to channel them productively. I’m looking to learn as much as I can about the LHP and perhaps meet others who have worked with Amon, Sabnock and Belial before. I’m particularly interested in mastering astral travel and understanding more about my dreams.


Hey everyone, I’m new to the forum. My name is Brandon.

I’ve been in the occult off-and-on for many years. I was introduced to the LHP roughly two years ago.

However my involvement has been light because of one reason: I’m visually impaired. It’s hard to find resources that work for me, since so many rituals are very visual in their construction. I can’t light candles, for example, or stare at sigils.

I am hoping to be more persistent now and find ways that I can still practice magick despite being blind. I’m hoping I can find some support on that here.


Well I think I’ve been lurking around silently long enough (TL;DR below).

Hiya guys, call me Rima. I’m new to the LHP, but definitely not new to spirituality. Since I was 12 I’ve been delving into whatever was available in the New Age/Occult section at my local Chapters: psychic mediumship, divination, mythology, Doreen Virtue (shudders), meditations of all sorts, angelic work, aliens, starseeds + galactic federation contact, astral projection, spirit guides, crystals, ayahuasca ft. the rest of the psychedelic gang, shadow work, reiki, both witchcraft and wicca, and the list goes on.

Fun stuff. Now, I see it all as a primer for the work that is to come. I’ve realized now that both Lucifer and Azazel have been dropping their names here and there throughout my high school and college life. Hell, back in the good ol’ PS3 days my first PSN was “LucifersElf”.

“Why did you choose the name Lucifer,” my lovely Catholic classmates asked, puffing themselves over their mics on PSN.
“I just thought of it. It sounds cool,” I replied.
“You know that’s the name of the Devil right??”

In no way am I taking any credit lol. I mean, I must have heard his name from somewhere. Point is that his name, and Azazel’s, piqued my interest.

Fast forward to today: I find myself in university, majoring in Archaeology. I’m snooping around for information on angelic magick. I find Damon Brand. I find the Gallery of Magick. I find one of their books, “Demons of Magick”. My interest in demons skyrockets for the second time in my life (I was 16 the first time). But I was afraid, so I looked into “darker angels” instead. Through information on the Watchers I found Azazel’s name once again.

And his name did not stop popping into my head ever since. It was LOUD and CLEAR, like my stomach when it remembers that IKEA’s $1.99 breakfast exists. I had to have it. I had to know why Azazel’s name over literally any other entity. It was only when I finally answered his call that his name ceased to pop in sporadically. Now, I find myself amongst all you lovely people.

For now, just connecting via sigils and enns have yielded wonderful results. Being able to connect with both Azazel and Lucifer has been amazing, and I’m really excited to just keep going and experimenting. Their help with developing my personal gnosis has been exceptional, and I learn more from them every day. I eventually want to work towards full rituals and full evocations, just to immerse myself in both their presence and that of the other demonic kings. I love this journey, and it is so great to finally have some people to share it with. I look forward to riding this wave with you all.

TL;DR: I was super into fluffy shit and now I’m super into Satan :metal:


Hey, y’all. I’m Josh and I’m pretty new.


Hiii…I apologize


Hi I’m Dargon I made the name up so say it however you like I don’t know anything about magick but I’m hoping I can understand and find a type I like


Hi, I am mostly interested in the Gallery of Magick and similar grimoires that are no fuss and relatively result focussed. I am grateful to be part of this community and hope to find like minded.


Hi Sherya,

I’ve had a very similar meeting with Belial. I instantly felt connected to him and comfortable working with him. Would love to chat to you more about your experience with him.


Hi Blossom

You are most welcome😊. I have a very close relationship with Belial and exploring more each day. I never knew he existed. It was when I was going through a very painful time recently hat he connected. He was loud and clear. When I stumbled upon videos about demons on YouTube. I spent all night learning about them. I initially freaked out when Belial came. I was lying on my bed…and was suddenly woken up by 3 clear taps on my bed…just near my ears. I woke up and the name ‘Belial’ started playing in my head. It didn’t stop till I had a vision of him and we connected.


My name is Nathan

I am 29 and have practiced magick since the age of 13 (Wicca at the time). Husband, father if 4, private investigator and part time musician

Mostly my interests are philosophical and theological. I am a germanic traditionalist pagan with interests branching into hermeticism, theurgy, and telestike.

My struggles seem largely on the idealistic side, though recent works have brought me to the brink of cataatrophe. More on that later.

I am not fullly sure what my goals are.
Self-improvement, ultimately. I am trying to parse a cocktail of feelings and inclinations in my life, I hope magick will help.


Hello pls i need your help i want to be more spiritually powerful


My name is Tanya and my exhusband like I said ended up causing me to not use my powers or anything cause I got fed up with him and his sarcasm about me practicing and now I’m trying to reconnect with my powers and can’t contact any demons or get my spells to work or my telepathy and my mom and grandma were witches and they have both passed so I can’t very well ask my mom and my grandma hated me so my grandma could also do curses just by saying them but nothing has worked lately


Hello all, I am Seeker. This obviously isn’t my real name, but I chose it because I’m very new to the occult and I’m seeking more knowledge into dark magick and the LHP. I’m an 18-year old college student, and until recently, I would have called myself a Christian. I began to doubt the teachings of Christianity more and more, but when I began to read about the LHP and spiritual Satanism, something seemed to click. I’m most interested in the knowledge and practice of spiritual Satanism and demon invocation in order to become a better and more in-control person. That being said, I am open to learning other forms and applications of magick. I also have a general interest in becoming more spiritually sensitive and open to signs and entities.


Hi,my name is Mael, i’m 19 and i’m french so please don’t pay attention to my english mistakes;
I was born in a Jehovah’s witness family and since august,i started reading occult things and changing my beliefs.I dont think i need to add more details at this moment,oh and i’m here because i need a special answer about protection and “shield” so i will make my first topic…