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Which post? :joy: Are u sure you’re not confusing me with someone else?

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Hi everyone - very excited to learn from you all! My name is judiss and I’m very new to the path. I come from a scientific background (developmental biology and neuroscience) but the occult - or rather the scientific aspect of the occult has always interested me. I hope in this lifetime I would be able to reconcile these fields either as a spearheading researcher or a humble contributor so I am approaching this path as a very open-minded skeptic.

I’m starting out mainly in Demonosophy/Demonolatry but would love to expand my horizons as I learn more, especially about specific types of magick. That said, I also have an interest in Norse and runic magick- maybe there’s an intersection between the schools. My current goal is to be able to establish and maintain irrefutable contact with demons (I believe I had previous contact with one and would therefore like to ask him some questions - otherwise, at least I can search for a mentor to help me improve my abilities). To do this, I know I must first hone my clairaudience/clairvoyance/clairsentience and ideally get a good grip on astral projection. My current struggles, therefore, is with all of that. All of my psychic senses feel dead and I don’t really know where to begin! When I try to meditate, my mind keeps racing. When I try and contact anyone, I get silence or vague signs that can be easily explained away as simple physics. From what I’ve seen, everyone who has these abilities had embraced these abilities from childhood or through ancestry but I had always been encouraged to keep my “imagination” under wraps and everyone from mom to grandma is a scholar with no foot on the left hand path. So, TL;DR: right now, I’m hoping to improve my psychic abilities so that I can contact demons. Thank you for reading all that (if you read all that)! :stuck_out_tongue:

Also me :slight_smile:


Hi all. My name is Mouchany in here. I am very much into making poetry and music, passionate about it, actually, and I do so in an often ritualistic way. I find that this is all very intuitive and subconscious. I am an animist. That is one of the few labels I do not mind using about myself. Recently I have felt that my life is, and has been, linked to Hekate in ways that will be too complicated and private to write more about here. I have an idea that I want to establish a relation to Pan as well in the future, and maybe others, but it is just an idea for now. I look forward to reading and learning more in here.


Hello everybody. I am rather new in the Left hand Part and my goal is to continue in the Dragonian Path. My purpose is to seek knowledge and follow the Path through the womb of Lilith. From my early youth i have been practising Yoga and Kundalini meditation . Have become yoga instructor and recently i have made few seminars on astral projection and tsakra meditation.


Welcome! You’ll find a lot about Draconion workings and Lilith here. I hope you enjoy being a part of the community. Use the search function to browse for whatever you are interested in or questioning at the moment. :blue_heart:


Daniel here. Thank you all for keeping up such a great network of information and counsel.
Been practicing root work/Hoodoo for 10+ years.
Santa Muerte Devotee
Wanting to know more about lust magick. Really would like to have my wife be absolutely insatiable for me again.
Struggling to find “strong” magick . Always have seen results but the results are moderate and take forever to manifest. Looking for help with getting the outcomes I am seeking.


Welcome! Good to see a root worker here, finally! Hope you find what you need! Look at the success stories here. @Verdo assembled a HUGE collection of them and one of the categories is love/lust magick. Cheers!


Thank you for the nice welcome. Yeah- kind of regretting not coming to this site sooner LOL


Hi! I’m Tauruscorpio. I live in the Netherlands. I think I’ll move far away from here. Well not that far away, just more to the south.

I guess I am completely new in magick but also I could write a novel about my experiences here which isn’t my intention. Let’s say, now I don’t see any spirits. I think it’s because I am trying and maybe forcing it. But since I was a kid I’ve been able to see and hear spirits (any forms) from time to time. The point - don’t force it.

I recall that very unpleasant and dark summer, I’ve been in a relationship. Something came into that apartment. Very dark and negative energy. Every night we heard walking in the living room. Making sounds of sitting on the sofa. Playing cards on the table. And in our bedroom every night from 2-4 am many little lights were flying. Actually it all was beautiful and interesting to me. I would call them come and the lights would come close to me. She said to me don’t call it. During one common evening we were siting on the couch and talking. All of sudden, the very same couch we were sitting on raised up with us on it, about 10 cm in the air and shrugged to the floor so damn hard. She saw a man in the kitchen one night, standing next to the window, she told me it was only some dark man, not a shadow. And he told her to leave that apartment and to leave me because he doesn’t want her there. (We’ve start arguing and fight for days and she finally left. I loved her.) Then I had no clue what is all that about. Now I guess I know.

About two years ago during daytime I saw gold and very purple light with my eyes open, all of sudden. The voice only said - Uriel. Have to tell ya I knew nothing about Uriel, I knew angels/archangels are somewhere there but nothing more. My grandparents weren’t religious at all, my parents aren’t religious, I’m very spiritual but not religious. So I went googling and saw pictures of Uriel and after reading about him… well I was damn surprised. He kinda protects Taurus , people that live in the north etc. I’ve said, ok if it’s really you give me please some visible sign. Guess what? In a minutes two turtledoves came on my balcony and became like staring at me with no fear at all. And I said in my mind, so IT IS YOU, Uriel. After I said that, they flew away. Never before and never after any doves came to my balcony.

I’ve been practicing TM for some 15 years. Now I’m looking for some deeper kind of meditation. Interesting my 3rd eye was open but now I have to do it all one more time cos I’ve stopped for quite some time. I’m familiar with OBE but I have to practice AP again.
I’ve had NDE twice and saw no tunnel, no light but everything, just everything was bright and dark and colored just like some kaleidoscope, I’ve been flying (no wings haha but well body, some kind of body guaranteed yes!) and it was so beautiful and peaceful and as I went higher I wanted to go to visit some of many beautiful planets/spheres desperately. But the voice from repeated: You don’t want to do this to your parents, go back. So it was.

I’m familiar with I jing and pendulum now for some 20 years and I do consult it from time to time. No more that often because my life has changed, I need new meditation and I need to be alone but the circumstances are just fucked up in Holland. That’s why I’ll move to find my own peace again.

So it was a few weeks ago. I just felt it and I came to the conclusion that I need to devote myself to Lucifer. I’m terrible drawer and his 1st sigil was disaster of work. Yet I’ve charged it with my blood, devotion and my promise to him I’ll write and teach people in my father’s little xian so damn Catholic country in southern Europe. Because it’s about a time. I said it all deeply from my heart. The sigil was flickering and even sparking and after lines disappeared for a seconds I saw it 3D. It was beautiful. Today I draw and charged new beautiful sigil but my first I’ll never burn or destroy.

Azazel’s sigil was so amazing, in the middle of the day after I draw and charged it, the sigil became so bright. Changing colors. Alive.
No success with scrying mirror yet, actually I don’t have one to start with. I’ve been using my tablet and my mobile and laptop for several nights… yes there was some mist, fog but nothing I could say yes that’s it. I know I’m going to continue and to win myself.

That was my novel and my excuses for that. But I’ve had to write this official part finally.
And fuck my English, I see I forgot much of it, oh king Paimon, lead me.

ps. @Lady_Eva has mentioned in some of older threads I guess, she would buy/build some beautiful house/temple for all LHP ppl to come there, to socialize and do stuffs. Many stuffs. It’s beautiful great idea. Actually I’ve told to Lucifer if I ever will have a chance, I’ll build a pyramid temple for him in that xian country for the same purpose. It’s like her minds were mine and mine minds were of her own :slight_smile: The reason more to oppose that xian influence.


video welcome basket incoming


Hi! My name is alabasandria, and I am interested in all kinds of magick, currently my goals are to set up communications between myself and the old gods. I enjoy using tarot, crystals, meditation, and dreaming as tools, and have been wanting to create a more, I guess grand ritual for things like this. My current struggles are remembering my dreams, and communicating with the entities I want.


@Lady_Eva, that idea of the house is very cool … a great idea.

Hello every body. My name is Deivis. I like a variuos kinds of magick however at this point i tend to refrain from banefull magick, magick that could weaken me and especially magick that could affect my mind negatively though i’ve tried all these as well. other than that i embrace it all and what ever feels the best and most necessary at the time as for my goals i will share for now only that my goal is ascent that i am engaged with the gatekeepers and that this work has led me to all of you and it being a work of the collective i hope to make it fruitfull for myself and you all. I’m also sometimes available here on the forum for help and advice etc. nice meeting you. :slight_smile:



You guys are aweasome.

P.P.S. Timothy you are actually Beautifull !!!


Welcome :+1:

How is everyone today? I just Celebrated My 35th Birthday yesterday.


Happy birthday!!!

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Lady_Eva, is there a way I may contact u personally?? Plz let me know…

Thank u

I just sent you a PM, green icon, top right. :+1:

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My Name Matt
I was really into Golden Dawn style magic was a wiccan for 8 years worship Hecate and Janus as my two primary Gods
Whent back to Christianity last two years now back lol
Been mostly working with Clauneck

Well my biggest struggle has been that I have allowed my self to become to stagnate in life and have allowed others to not only take advantage of me but brow beat me as well and feed the negative aspects of my life