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I am Azazial. Neither Azazel nor Belial; just standing in my god-ness, and attemtping to know these beings betteer via consciously connecting with them via thought and other various gentle ritualistic manners which I partake in.

Relative newcomer to awareness of the left hand path/ demoms/ black magic. Keyword- awareness. I have been living amongst demons for years, according to pretty much every mystic who has claimed to have sight who has been around me. I have never asked anyone’s opinion, I just spend time with alot of kinda “out-there” people. Lots of poltergeist activity always happening where I live, which freaks out guests, but I have always welcomed whatever is beyond the mundance, to come on in. No real deep connection or manifestation of form to report, yet.

My goal is to faciliate entry of benevolent forces into the mundane, shattering what we have come to know as default reality/ the mundane into oblivion. Or, perhaps this construct can go a level down, and we, as well as all who exist in this time and who also insist upon freedom, can level up to a singularity of imagination and manifestation type realm.

Struggles- nothing really to report. Lots of recent developments suggest progress and annihilation of obstacles, so I’d prefer to refrain from lending any more power to such obstacles, than that which they are being separated from via annihilation.


Welcome to the rabbit hole that is BALG!


:wink: you came to the right place, Cheers!


Throwing a pic up here too.


Welcome to the cool kids club. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Welcome and enjoy the ride! :wink:


Hello everyone
I come across this forum a while ago but didn’t introduce myself (very rude)
I live on the Gold Coast Australia and have been reading up on black magic and have started ea koetting black magic of the left hand path course.
I really enjoy reading all the informative posts on this site and so much knowledge from people willing to help and share info.
Kind regards


Hi to everyone. . I am a devotee of La Santisima Muerte. I am also learning to read the cards . Am going to receive elekes soon , however I am not initiated into any path as of yet . I’m new to this page and somewhat shy so I’m not comfortable sharing pics just yet . But I thank you all for welcoming me.

Welcome! I’m shy too.


I was just talking about this in a pm, but when I was out and about in the world and wanted some extra protection, I would think of Azazel and Belial. In my mind, their sigils would morph into one symbol, and then it would surround my body. I used to think the name “Azalial”. Belial was the fortress and Azazel was the fangs and talons… Cool name. :slight_smile:


Hi, I’m Kait and I’m new. I really like the site and wanted to join for a while.


I am new and I have any expererience on magik. I seriously want to practice and become living god. I need to take my life at hand and not ask to god who never give answer to request. Please help me!


Welcome and enjoy the wealth of information here.

You’ll see a magnifying glass at the top of the screen. Use it to search for whatever you’re interested in at the moment.


Hi everybody,

Sweden calling… Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Peter Forsberg, Mats Sundin…and then me.
We are all from the same country… They call me Sleven, hey I was born this way, go figure.

I have been with supernatural things since I was 5 years old.
The spirits and supernatural things have never felt strange to me
and now I am middle aged and a lot of things have happend.

I stumbled across a thread on a forum about demons, especially sexual beings.
I did not believe in it, I saw some instructions on a ritual and made it and things began
to happen, both exciting and fascinated at the same time.

I have read a lot about it and been enchanted by that world, Very interesting.
want to learn more and develop relationships with all these succubus.

And then I found this forum…thats my goal, and the magic I like.


Welcome. :blue_heart: Glad you’re here.

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Welcome, Amit! Nice hair!
There are a few people on this forum who could share a thing or two about working with entities to further a music/DJ career.

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how can i contact them can you please DM me … with details

Your name made my kidneys hurt :joy:
But I gotchu about being shy. Introducing myself was kinda scary too


Welcome gorgeous!!!


Thank you!! :heart:


I feel kinda special… My like of your post was your 666th like. :wink:

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