Introduce Yourself To Members Of The Forum

Lyra here. Micah’s Best Friend. Been practicing enough.

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Not really a proper introduction. Tell us a bit about your magical experience. Saying “practiced enough” means nothing.

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Mmmm, but it’s still considered an introduction cause I came here first than to hop around on BALG. But if you’re so anal bout it, fine.

2 years, mainly LHP, lowkey Wiccan, lowkey angel lover.


Just a reminder:

Hi my name is Melody,
My mother is deep into the path of Peruvian shamanisim. I my self had powerful experiences at a real early age (7 years old). A year ago I discovered Pompa gira and would like to develop an inner relationship with her.
I want to recover my friendship with the family and love of an adorable human being that completed me in every way. I have been also struggling with professional and economical issues I never had before.
I have reason to belive that theres a dark hand in all of my shortcomings but, if I make contact with Pompa gira I will help myself and others that need me. I mean no harm but I will not allow to be oppressed.


If you’re looking for love, fill your life so you want to share what you already have with someone. Other people will notice you’re not ‘clingy’.



Thank you for words, but I need advice, I have done intese research but im still not sure on what Pompa gira sigil to use to gain my love back and get into the good graces of his family


I have done an elimination of baneful spirits and magick, but it always circles back around to where its if I never performed the ritual. In fact, my spells do not work much. I understand the necessary actions to return spirits to where they live on another plane of consciousness… Can anyone help me out? Maybe help me through a ritual or two. The more energy put into a spell (like a coven where everyone is on the same wavelength. I need a mentor!!

My name is Roland, but after using a creative guide, my spirit’s name is OPTO (Ahh-P-Toe, with the P being the dominating pronounciation or the emphasis on that syllable “AHHP”
Forgive my haste…this was written quickly and under duress. Again everything is back to where it was before I started (or atleast believed to have done it). Would a few people gather round and teach me at least to a bonafide novice. Yes, just a novice, but with an accountability group/partner to help guide and guard me to being on the path to becoming a truly powerful Living God.

In my personal introduction, the first half got cut off after reading it, but though we a a special group of daring and are nearly fearless. My roomie takes me for all my money (homo’s are the worst…LOL I’m one too!!! ) Someone or a few people PLEASE help me out. I will never forget it! And when I’m powerful enough to where I can help you, I am obliged to help you with whatever you need or want. I want this to be my total immersion and need a guide to help me along the way. My end goal is to become a Master Black Magician, sorcerer and nevcer want to have to perform the ritual like from the other night. I’m tired of spinning my wheels…maybe its because all my money goes to the house. Beware, financially, I ask A LOT! And, I need it now. HHHEEEELLLLLLPPPPP

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I’ve been lurking here awhile so I thought I’d post an introduction. I want to become a Satanic High Priest and Master Black Magician in about two to maybe three weeks, if that’s possible. I need to get the love of my life back as otherwise I’m such a pathetic creep that I can’t function – tears, spit and snot - plus wetting my bed. I don’t know why she doesn’t look up to and love me. Tried suicide a number of times but like everything else I obviously failed at that as well. I don’t know much about anything really as I’ve only been studying occultism for almost three months, but I’m ready to put shit on those who do know.

My natal chart proves that all of my planets are either retrograde or slightly retarded. Using Chinese astrology I was born in the Year of the Jade Ashtray.



@Uncle-Al Does she have a new boyfriend that you want to destroy as well, well maybe you shouldn’t kill them maybe you should just want them to suffer for eternity until they come back to you. That way you can be complete as a person

appreciate your honesty and guts to write it all down just like i did.

I live in Southeast Asia and i think it’s ok not to write down my real name cuz it’s hard to read :slight_smile:
i have just joined the forum and have been loving magick seen i was a kid. My goal right now is to have deeper knowledge on the LHP. I havent invoked any entities be4 but i will be in the near future. thanks for this forum :slight_smile:


My name is Abel Arias from India.I have never done any magic.Currently I’m having hard time with my life,I have no job and no friends.i want to change my life with the help of magic and I want to avoid reincarnation in this interested in protective magic,baneful magic,psychic vampirism,love spells, clairvoyance,sex magic e.t.c


Howdy! I’m Skell.

I grew up in a very christian household, but I’ve since moved on from that. I’ve spent time learning about Buddhism and Satanism, but I crave more. I will admit that I’m a bit of a skeptic when it comes to magick, so I haven’t done much of any, but I like to keep my mind open. I have a massive interest in biblical things (like angels and demons) and thats where my primary enjoyment resides. I draw a lot of my creative inspiration from religion; Christianity specifically.

On a more general note, I love art and creating things! I spend a lot of my time playing video games with my Discord buddies and just hanging out. I love cats so incredibly much. I would go through great lengths for my cats.

I’m still growing in this crazy world, so my mistakes are inevitable, but I’m ready learn! I’m ready to take the next step in my life.


(PS: Ive seen some people include their personality types and zodiac sign so I’ll include mine as well. I’m an INFP (Mediator) and a Capricorn.)


In order to introduce myself to all of you, my name is Effert, I’m originally from the Netherlands, at the moment living in Bandung Indonesia.
My wish to come in contact with black magic is already there for many years, I think since my childhood and for all kinds of reasons

For a very long time now I try to contact my guardian demon Prins Orobas
I tried to call him by saying his enns, put some candles on the nord east west and south, sitting in a space I created on the floor.
I did not hear or see anything everytime I tried to get in contact
Than I remember the woman who came into my home and put some little pieces of young bamboo just above the door, now I think that this could be seen as a blockade.

Before this so called blockade I could see everything, the spirits and others here in my house
One time in my bathroom I meet a kind of Dog Demon, with a height from around 30 centimeters, standing on his hind legs he stared at me, as if he expected from me to say something.
After a few minutes he walked away but kept looking at me until he disappeared.
In the past I tried to get the info I was looking for from sites like: the King Paimon, exemplore, soulask where I have read about the 72 demons of the ars Goetia.
I hope for reactions coming from your magic experiences



Hey i am Rebecca from aus and always trying better myself and magic helped my ways and gain control of my life I have lot of spiritual experience with ancient gods ascending upon me and helping my dreams come true
thank you


Hello everyone :relaxed: I’m Hana.

Firstly thank you to everyone who shared such amazing work and conversations generously.

I am very new on this journey, currently building my foundations with patience, and hopefully work my way up to working with entities (looking into Lucifer and Goetic Demons as of now) through evocation and invocation. What brought me here was sadly a series of tragedy that turned my life upside down. Then I came across this forum and found the philosophy here very empowering. I’m excited to learn more, to see how I can change my life on this path, and perhaps to bring balance upon the wrong doers with my own hands.

Once again thank you so much for creating this incredible platform!


Welcome to the forum!


Paras Shukla
20 Year old male
Here to learn


Hello, you can call me Inanna.
I’m a Brazilian living in France and I have been studying occultism for over 15 years now, since I come from a family of spiritualists and occult sympathisers.
Theosophist and worshiper of Kali.
(I have been watching quietly the forum for some time now before deciding to be an active member)

That’s me, always willing to learn and share.