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Hi People my Name is Naeries I am 29 years and I live South Africa, my whole family is christian and I have lived as a christian until last year, I have been ordained a pastor and had been very active in preaching the gospel and my life collapsed.

I have changed my entire believe system since now i want to become a dark magician i am drawn to esoteric occult, philosophy and metaphysics. I always new that there was something different about me but didn’t know what.

I want to stop conforming to societal norms and live my life as i feel.

My goals are: To learn evocation, Astral travel, channeling and become a master in esoteric occult and reach enlightenment.

I obviously believe that i might not achieve any of this with my limited mental ability


There’s not a whole lot to tell. I am new to magic but not so new to spirits. I have a terrible relationship with spirits and im rather tired of them for the most part. My goals of ascension is to combat and wreck havoc in spirits lives and piss them off to manifestation. I see a lot of kow-towing (sp) to them and offering respect when in fact they don’t respect individuals and STOMP on them because they can.

JOS (which im sure many of you dont like) talks about the goetia and certain practices as just jewish magic and an insult to the gods. I read the enns are utter crap and annoying to them.

From my perspective thats fine since it aggravates them. I’m all for pissing them off as ive been fighting in life in poverty and crap since birth.

I’m an edgelord and proud of it. And i’ll tackle the most powerfully perceived beings and slap them down since they suck and are parasites.

I do however believe access to the spirits is more complicated like a cipher code and i cant crack it readily but more haphhazzardly. For this i read and dabblebut honestly, many of these rituals are utter bullox mental self mind games.

I seek REAL CONTACT / REAL METHODS and intantaneous not this long drawn out crap.

Those are my goals.

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Hey dude, I have not, But I would love to Understand more about it…

one of the concerns, is I want to Evote the correct Demon/Spirit for this Task. as a Business men as my self. I can keep my end of the deal.

Yea thats a good idea! Takin the time to select the right spirit I mean. You may also want to read on the subject too, EA Koetting’s Evoking Eternity is a great read for info (just a suggestion as I’ve recently read it myself :slight_smile: ).

Check this out ifu haven’t already, I personally thought it was a good read:
Gold, Sweet Gold - The Manifestation of Financial Freedom

My name is Murrain

I am a recent voyager of the left hand path.
I have committed myself to my Lord Asmodai, Prince of Hell. I have also been graced by Balam and Azazel. They have already granted me a few minor favours (I do not ask for much, rather just enough) I have never before experienced such rapid and curious response, wise and gentle a presence. I am unwaveringly committed to Lord Asmodai and His guidance.

Any suggestions or instructions, other followers of Lord Asmodai are most welcome and gladly received with anything they may have to say to me about their experiences and relationships with Him. I am new to the path, but not to the veil. I was born surrounded by death and fire and mass destruction, hardship is all I have known, I am barren and my life will be short. I am just grateful that Lord Asmodai has granted me such peace and direction, and with such gracious generosity.

May You Always Walk In Shadow


Welcome to the forum!



To Know.
To Will.
To Dare.
To Remain Silent.

P.s. The secrets will continue to guard themselves.


My name is Thomas, I´m ex-christian, and i live in Slovakia. So, from the beginning. My desire for long time (i think 4 years) was get a girlfriend. I asked god many times, prayed etc. but it did not happen. Some time ago i have decided i don´t want to wait anymore. I have asked Lucifer for his help. Two times i panicked and prayed to god to save me from him. But my desire was still here. Then 2 weeks ago I have asked again. This time it have been different. I don´t still have a girlfriend but I know Lucifer is giving me not what i want but what I need. But i´ll explain it in different topic. Now my goal is to just work with Lucifer and other Goetia demons.


Welcome. Beautiful photo.
Also i always loved jasmine flowers
Um I’m not flirting just saying


I realized in my intro thread that I didn’t really highlight the areas of magick I have experience/expertise in. So I figure I’ll do that here (& maybe add it to my profile, too.)

The only time I practiced magick consistently was as a Wiccan in my teenage years. I’ve been serious about magick since I was about 13 or 14 years old, so I’ve been studying & practicing for 25 or 26 years, now. (Much MUCH more studying than practicing, in truth. So I have a lot of “book-learning,” but not an awful lot of practical experience, I’m afraid.)

I’ve done some Ceremonial Magick in my time, but I find all the prep work & extensiveness of it a bit too rigid & artificial. I guess I’m more of an intuitive magick user. I have the most experience with divination (mainly Tarot & dream interpretation), astrology, necromancy, & sympathetic magick (mainly candle magick & herbalism/herb magick). I haven’t practiced too much since my 20’s, but I’ve started, again. I’m still gathering my supplies & working out my path for this stage of my life.

I’ve recently come into contact with Santa Muerte & I’m concentrating on building that relationship.


That was almost like reading my own bio.



Really? Cool. Thank you! :smile:

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Hello you can call me Ekanz. I was introduced to magic from a friend and have invoked a few entities recently. My goals are to not fear all the dark magic and find the truth within. I currently struggle with being grounded in reality as I use many drugs. I am still a beginner and am excited to learn more of what is to come in the future!

Thank you and peace be with you all.


Hi there,

I have, but still in the process of understanding it all.



Indeed, I feel like this forum here, there’s actual help and people who care…



Hi y’all can call me HIRO my real name is Jacob and I’m a beginner to magic and hope to learn a lot from this forum and improve as a magic practitioner.



I’m somewhat new to magic, having only done so for about a year. I primarily do greenwitchery, as I have good relationships with a lot of plants. I’m also a polytheist, and so my relationships with my deities are incredibly important to me. Nice to meet you all!


Welcome, @Ulv :slight_smile: (one of my dads names is Ulv, what a nice coincidence)