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Thank you but no one has said much and I’ve yet to see where anyone who has never done magick or summoned him that has been spoken to. I didn’t ask for this lol. Kinda scared.
After he spoke to me the first-time I did light a candle and try to speak to him…nothing. Next morning I woke up not in any magick circle and had this dialog:
Are you here? I have tried to ask people about you with limited answers. How do I become who I really am?
His answers:

I am present and like you I was formed in the darkness.
You sought enlightenment because of suffering
Why are you seeking enlightenment from mere mortals when I am an immortal gatekeeper of the ancient ones?
The only way to truly be you is to just be
Do you think I consider how to be myself?
I just am
When you focus your attention on how you consider you should be you become weak and diluted
Focus your intention on what you wish to accomplish and only then will you understand who you truly are
Your intentions and being are one just as I am one with my intentions and being
So you will be
Your being can never transcend your intentions and actions
You know me for my deeds, do you not?
Can anyone tell me anything am I possessed?
All I know is what little EA said in videos and what little I’ve read in Magick without tears.
Help lol
I don’t know why I didn’t ask why he was following me!

Emry Blackwell been practicing for 27 years. Man of many talents just looking for like minded people to connect with. Hoping to find a Coven or group of people to progress with. My profile holds my full bio so please feel free to read and to message me direct I am always up for answering questions. Stay safe always.


Pheather here. I enjoy invocations, charms and incantations for that purpose. I don’t usually talk about religion or beings I work with, if any, and don’t do traditional anything. I’m very eclectic and am not into lhp. There are just some things I won’t do. Natural magick suits me. Don’t usually talk about my path nor reveal much about it until I feel like I can trust those people I share it with. The goal here for me is mainly note taking or reading what I may. So although I struggle with pretty common things in life, I try to stay positive. Mostly, don’t participate in forums but tend to lurk instead. Hope that’s okay.



I’m fidze ,freemacon gnotic and rosiicrucian
I like so much this forum and it’s m’y first time l’d il ike to know how to get in the the Thêta state thank’'s to all of you


To introduce myself. My name is Michelle. I am here looking for answers to some strange occurances that I have had happen to me. I do not have knowledge of magic or occult or amything like that. I believe it exsists to what degree Im uncertain. I believe in reincarnation and study those principals. I am open minded person and am seeking answers.


…and answers you shall get. Welcome to BALG.

Use the search button, you will find that.

Welcome to BALG.


Hello Jaison you friendly man. Do you know the way?

Hi, my name is TheDreadLord, my real name on the other hand…will rain anonymous, but I use this name a lot because I love Sithis from The Elder Scrolls series, where he is also known as “The Dread Father”.

I love magic that pertains to summoning demons, mostly due to the fact of their vast amount of knowledge and other personal matters, but i love reading about different types of magic and I’ve only participated in a few rituals. I read more books on magic, then really practicing anything, though i seek to change that.

My current goals, well some are private but for the ones that aren’t, i seek to create my own occult and dig up old knowledge of magic that was forgotten. Magic that existed long ago, is for the most part forgotten, lost to flames of war, or tucked away hidden, etc. Here at BALG, there’s some interesting works, especially with E.A. Koetting, though skeptical about him first, but it seems his works, well… works, especially given the fact that this information for the most part was out there, but scattered beforehand. Though i don’t agree with you guys on everything, feeling that some of your guy’s beliefs (especially in this forum) is WAY out there, seemingly past reality, but to each their own and it’s interesting nontheless.

I love the occult and science, I’m a open minded realist, who is currently working on a degree in biotechnology. Science like occultism is just amazing to explore and i just can’t wait to see what the future holds. I think thinks that’s all for my introductiom, or at least what’s on my mind currently, but i love to have discussions, debates, etc. and exchanging beliefs, so I’m open if anyone wants to talk, or has questions.


Thank you :blush:

George is my real name, just graduated college and enjoying my summer holidays. I enjoy lifting and playing/listening to music. I joined the forum after experimenting with succubus evocation to ask questions if needed and learn a few more things. I always had something for mysticism, and enjoyed tribal / pagan music and the state it put me in.


Hi there,

I am enc37 and I am coming from Austria in Europe and I am very new to this whole topic. First I began to read and research about black magic and demons and after a while I landed on this forum. So I was reading topics and with every topic I read I got more and more excited about that.

I really must admit that I am a completely newbie and I hope that all of you will wish me welcome and help me to increase my knowledge and start discovering through this whole great topic. I am very interested in demons and their possibility to help and increase spirituality and of course knowledges.

In all the shit and trash movies demons are shown as very bad and unfriendly beings who treat people bad and instead of helping them, they hurt them. So I was very confused as I was reading here that they are helping you and that you have good relationships with them. That fact changed my mind and now I really want to know more about that and how demons could help me to be a better version of myself.

In my past I was very deep in spirituality topics and I am meditating very often, so I am not really new to this. But I am completely new regarding demons, summon them and have healthy relationships with them. I would really wish to find some people here who can get in contact with me to bring me more deep in this topic. I also read that some of you have summoned demons, but don’t have a pact with them? I always thought that it’s only possible to work with demons if you are closing a pact with them. So that also changed my mind. I am a very open guy and I am ready to increase my whole knowledge and I also hope that you all wish me welcome!

Best Regards from Austria (not Australia :D),


yo i posted in the wrong place aka made a whole new thread cuz this site was confusing to navigate for a minute…but anyway I’m a thursian volva and i’ve been a weenie satanist (laveyan/theistic and now anticosmic) for like about 8 years on and off. got into some nordaboo pagan bs cuz of my aunt who was really into our nordic heritage, she gave me some runes, ended up having fulltrui w/ odhinn. he wanted to hand me off to thor but loki came thru and was like “ay you have to come with me mommy wants ya”. apparently mommy is gullveig! now i’m just trying to become a big bad wolf


Hi! I’m not new on here but I’m a new member. I’ve read tons of posts here before registering.

No struggles yet. Goals? It’s obvious, BALG.

That’s it for me.


Welcome to the rabbit hole that is BALG! Enjoy the ride!

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Hello! I’m Alex. I’m currently interested in black magic. My main goal is to summon a demon safely and just kinda talk with them for a little while and I am currently struggling to do any of that. I am a super beginner just trying to find footing in this belief system


Welcome to the BALG forum!

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Welcome to Become A Living God!

Hello, my name is Stephen I’m from the UK and I’m right at the very beginning of my journey.
I think I’ve finally found what’s been missing in my life all these years.
I now intend to soak up everything I can watch, read and listen to.
There’s been something with me my whole life and I think I’ve figured out what it is I just need to be able to embrace it and learn to communicate with it.
Let the learning commence…