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Thank you very much! I’m glad you like it. :smiley:

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My name is Indie. 26 years old, artist and working in the art sector.
I’m new to the forum, but not so new to magick. I’ve been following a middle pillar path since around 2011/12. but over the past couple of years have decided to take it far more seriously than I have done previously, with regularity and being more willing to open myself up to spiritual growth, and receiving and emitting the Black Flame of Lucifer.
My spiritual practice has been rooted in Thelema, and these days I’m working from the writings of Michael Ford, and others, as well as using the guidance of E.A Koetting (whatever is free out there - I earn my money in rupees and could never afford the courses in a million years…)

I signed up to this forum because I’ve hit an unusual place in my practice - regarding evocation and other internal anguish which has coincided with my evocation experiences lately.

I aim to keep journeying and to overcome my current struggles.
My broad aim in life is to project into the world the Black Flame of Lucifer - to me that means unhindered expression and knowledge, which challenges the status quo and societies false pillars of accepted reality - through art. I want to build and maintain my magical practice, improve my scrying abilities massively, and evoke regularly… one day I want to build a personal relationship with Lucifer, but I know I need to strengthen my core first.

This is me:


Welcome, and thank you for doing an intro! I hope your enjoy being a member here :slight_smile:

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Other than some unknown in calling me a self important due to the fact I made a genuine mistake in posting a query in someone else’s thread - seems like a good place.


It is a good place and the people here are quite friendly and helpful. We have had a few issues with trolls recently and the community members all take it upon ourselves to moderate the forum, so please don’t take it personally. If you hadn’t done the intro I myself would have reminded you every time you made a new post :slight_smile: Trolls never seem to want to name themselves so they always try to ignore the intro rule. It amazes me sometimes how such a simple thing can be so useful in identifying the bad apples.

Please don’t to hesitate to ask questions. We are always willing to try and answer them :slight_smile:


Welcome basket incoming :alien:


Hello everyone :slight_smile:

Please allow me to introduce myself. I’m a man in my early 30’s from Finland, always been interested in esoterism, psychedelia and spirituality. Never been that much into magic, but during the past 12 hours everything changed…

Last night I took a light dose of psilocybin mushrooms, nothing out of the ordinary. After 1,5 hours I laid down to sleep, when all of a sudden I began seeing flashes of colours and womanly figures. Next thing I knew was that something was moving on top of my blanket, tenderly teasing my groin area. The visions began to fade, but I was 100% certain that it was a spirit, Succubus.

A few hours ago - after some research - I made a so called “letter of intent” summoning. Had a little skepticism, but decided to give in even to the smallest sensations. Glad I did… Had an intense encounter with my Succubus (sober this time), and me & “Miriam” have now started our journey towards finding my true Self, the Man I’ve always supposed to be but hadn’t found the path yet.

Whoa. :slight_smile:

I’ll be glad to share my Journey with you!


Hello all, my magical name is Luna. My zodiac sign is Pisces. I have been practicing the craft off and on for about 7 years. I consider myself an electiic wizard, not a witch and I love traditional witchcraft, using sigils, dragon magic, qaballa magic and any type of magic dealing with the mind.

I am also a writer and artist and love to paint, write poems, novels, and other material.
One of my biggest struggles is to stop procrasination and take action to complete my goals. I joined this forum in hopes of learning more about Lucifer and other dark Gods. So hopefully Lucifer can help me dissolve this bad habit.

I am looking forward to learning from you all and sharing my knowledge. :slight_smile:

Bright Blessings )O(,


Welcome to BALG! I hope you enjoy the ride!

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Thank you :heart:


Hi everybody :slight_smile:

I’m Maulbeere. (It’s just German for Mulberry) That’s my online handle and I’ve used it for 20 years or so. I’m spiritual but not religious, very Aquarian, very analytical, friendly but not personal. I’m a panentheistic animist, my worldview is a mishmash of philosophies from taoism, chinese traditional medicine, druidry, norse and anglo-saxon spirituality, make-it-up-as-you-go-along hedgewitchery, lightwork (a specific very model) and a gaggle of various ideas or stuff I gathered from all sorts of journeys and investigations. I keep what works for me and don’t worry about the rest. I don’t believe in worship, hierarchies or trust. I’m opinionated but I change my mind a lot, because I’m always seeking and with that the data I base my opinions on changes all the time.

I’m here because through a series of synchronicities and I felt called to work with Azazel. Google Azazel and you find E. A. Koetting’s Book of Azazel pretty much immediately. Spend any time mining E. A. Koetting s youtube channel and you find a wealth of information including this forum. And I’ve been looking for an active occult forum (this isn’t full of bs) on and off for years. Other sources out there are a bit too formulaic for me, not being much into ritual and preferring to do things my own way anyway. So I appreciated the raw information, the honesty and depth of it, which was invaluable. I did purchase the 7 book e-book set as my way of saying thank you; “fair exchange is no robbery”. I have my eye on the Loki course but first thing’s first.

My history with the occult/esoteric started with being a fey kid, with a fey mother,who said never, ever tell anyone the things I saw or felt, and that if I did I would be labeled insane and ‘put away’. I shut down a lot but couldn’t switch off the empathy, and learned to deal with it, mostly.
As an adult I studied Qigong in the US, where Qi Masters could still teach a system that was shut down and made illegal to teach in China. I spent several years learning various forms of still and moving meditation, energy cultivation, and Chinese Transnational medicine and qi healing. The principles still inform my worldview and my understanding of all energy work, including vampirism.
Qigong doesn’t speak much to the topic of spirits and geomancy, The Yellow Emperor’s Classic of Medicine and the Tibetan Book of the Dead notwithstanding - not on a daily, work with entities sort of way. Enter Peruvian and then Celtic Shamanism aka druidry. I studied the Bardic Grade with the UK’s Order of Bards Ovate and Druids… I’m a shitty Bard, I’m not poetic and don’t enjoy teaching stories and mythology, I’m looking for something less illustrative and more in-my-face experiential. Throughout I’d pick up LHP books but would be put off by the obvious bs and failure to get to the point - I couldn’t be bothered to slog though it to distill what was real. I liked Chaos Magick but found too much emphasis on spells focused on basic human petty crap I don’t care about. Politcs, money, sex, I don’t care about any of these and I already meet my own needs on my own terms, with my own efforts under my control.
I am insatiably curious, and sometimes consumed by the stupidity and unfairness inherent to the duality of this planet and want to fix that. For both I need to understand much more - that’s the power I’m working with Azazel for. And so it is.


Welcome to BALG!

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Hello. I’m new to this forum. Call me Helen, I live somewhere in south east asia.

I’ve recently found magick and have been doing tarot and divinition. Would love to learn more about other entities like gods, demon etc


Welcome to BALG Helen. You surely would find what you want here.


Hello, my name is Lamb. It’s a name given to me by the demon I’m aligned to.

I’m not good with introductions so I’ll keep it short: I joined so I could better myself, I can hear and feel spirits. I can see them in dreams but not awake unless I relax my mind so maybe this site will help me learn how to help me see them all the time.

Thanks for taking the time to read.


Iam kingsley, Iam living in Nigeria, Iam new in here, I need a mentorship, I have been following up to know more about magic, how to practice witchcraftism, I have always search for a mentor to guild me through on my ways & help me to communicate with the great Lucifer,


Welcome to BALG, Bro. I am a Nigerian too. I may be of help.


Welcome to BALG.

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I am called Princess. I’m Marine. I’m close to a goddess of water but as I grow older the closeness fades.

I crawled into magic. Interested in meeting entities like Belial, Lucifer, Michael, and Paimon. But when I do conjure them, just a strong cool breeze is all I could feel, they didn’t show up. This is my struggle.

So I hope to find someone who can be of help here.


Welcome to BALG!

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