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Welcome sister … :black_heart:


Good to have you with us. If you’ve any questions, feel free to drop me a message.


welcome sister best wishes and if you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask :smile:

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Welcome to the land of the wierd :alien:

This has alot of good info for gettin started or hittin road blocks.
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My name is Danny and for all intents and purposes I’m new to magick, though up to this point I have read quite a few books. Most of these are more modern, however, but I know some basic info on some practices and basic info on spellcasting like trance states and the like.
My favorite practices are Chaos Magick and working with the demons of goetia, as these connect more with my chaotic side. I was born into a Roman Catholic family, and while I still believe in God and such I am at a state where I want to break from His will and make my own. If it is healthy in the end, I shouldn’t end up in Hell.
Mostly I’m just struggling with getting magick to work consistently at all and finding the courage for it.


Hello everyone! my name is jahmiyes and I’m here to become the witch I know I can be and wish to be. My magick is all magick but at this present moment I’m invested in demonolatry until the wind blows me away.


My name is Mike and my magical practice is very basic with several invocations to lessor spirits in the Wiccan tradition starting with candle magic rituals. I am on a quest for knowledge. We are the original inquiring minds who want to know. There is only one thing better than learning from a book, and that is learning from one another. As you tap into your own energy and continue the evolution of your repertoire of magical power, I hope for enlightenment and prescience, future vision to see what lies ahead, avoid pitfalls and move on to success.


Hey there. To introduce, my name is Milo, I’m fully devoted to the benefit of all, and being all I can be. I’ve researched a bit on the emerald tablets of Thoth briefly and the hermetic principles. Other than that i don’t have much occult knowledge/experience. My current goals are to expand my knowledge within the occult, improve my astral abilities, and master evocation. A struggle of mine is communication, telepathically, and vocally. I am working on this with some progress and hope to master this as well.


Hey my name is Tyeson. I’m 17 and already made a pact with a demon named malphas, I like to practice spiritual magick. But I don’t mind working with any kind of magic except white magic. I already have a vessel of my own but we’ve just met and have barely bonded.


Hello All,
its Akshay Patil, i am from India. M currently working on awakening of my chakras and balancing my self. I came across 72 lesser key of solomon while looking for some help online on particular topic. Actually term demon pop out in my mind to look for. so that began my journey towards evocation. Later i come to know that my third eye should be open to contact to demon so i am currently working on it. Meditation is what i am doing to open third eye.
I tried to contact prince sitri and duke sallos, felt energy being around me as had heaviness in head during evocation time. but i am not enough aware what to do next. So currently i am meditating on third eye to open it, so that i can contact demons.

Astral projection is did once but not sure as it was lucid dream or real projection.



Hello. My you can call me Banjax. No deep meaning behind it. Just a name to go by. I have been a practicing magician for 15 years. Spanning an array of paths and techniques, most focusing on heathenry for quite a bit of it, but also ceremonial and chaos magic even longer.

I have been following BALG for a little over a year now, and find it fascinating and as well as a very potent overall current. I also just started actively attempting the use of Koettings paradigm as layer out in the book of Azazel, and have painted a circle of pacts, but that’s it’s so far besides Azazel constantly trying to tempt me into it leading up to this.

So yes, anyway, pleasure to meet you all and I hope I can be helpful and well as seek some others opinions when the need arises.



As an ultraterrestrial, I am known as Anecdotal Myers, but here I will be called Atinama as reference to my journey through the worm-holes of hell. In my journeys throughout thee abysz I have joined in allegiance with Shemyaza and Beelzebub. They actually have come to me through various channels, speaking quite loud I might add. I have various poetic essays revealing encrypted messages detailing various accounts I have had with various powers, positive and negative alike.

As a magician, I have had intense experiences, but the degree of my euphoric transcendence of limitations has been polarized by the degree of dysphoric terror I have experienced. Under the weight of so much in my life I feel humbled by the various powers that have bombarded me with such cursed blessings.

I call my system of magic ‘Holistic Hypnosis’. It’s chaos magic combined with myriad other systems. It’s dzogchen buddhism, yoga, shamanism, south-american sorcery, gnostic, psionic, etc.

But, as it pertains to this forum, I have been heavily influenced by Shemjaza and Beelzebub.


@Atinama Welcome To The Forum :slight_smile:

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Hello and welcome. Feel free to message. And check out the search function to browse threads

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I’ll start by saying wish I could blame one of my cats for the previous post. Clearly I was learning how to use the site on my Android. :joy:
I’m Ang. Just joined the forum. I’m not so good at introducing myself sometimes. Long story short, I was raised Catholic. Around 4th grade, i found myself more attracted to the darker side. I wanted more knowledge, but that was a dream back then. Today, my abilities are mainly dreaming things that come true. I sometimes feel like I can sense energies around me, kr can sense what someone is thinking if it affects me negatively. The dreams happen 3 times in 2016. It spooked me out, but for some reason, it made me want to know more about the “unseen” world. Around 2016/17, I became a Satanist. I’ve read the Satanic bible front to back and found myself to relate with most concepts mentioned. I’ve tried a few of Dr. Lavey’s ideas on evocation. Didn’t really feel much, and whatever results could’ve been taken as just coincidence. In my search for knowledge, I found E.A Koeting on youtube and I subscribe to his channel. E.A.Koeting is the reason I’m here. I followed along on the lesson/evocation of the 9 Gatekeepers a while ago. While I was concentrating on the ritual, and listening to what he was being told by the Gate keepers, and what struck out to me, as well as what I heard outside of what he said, I knew I needed to be here. That moment was so powerful for me. I didn’t realize I was in a trance if I should call it so till I felt this violent/strong shake under the bed I was laying on. What that voice said made me need more knowledge. In regards to interests, I’m still a new to this, so I’ve tried both Bune and Belphegor. So silly. The whole idea a few months ago was you can ask these demons for help, and they’d help you out like immediately. Well that’s not true. Thanks to E.A. Koeting’s youtube videos, I know better now. My attraction has always been Lucifer. I don’t know why, but that’s the demon/God I’m concentrating on now. In a recent E.A Koeting video I watched, he mentioned something to the effect if you’d been thinking of a spirit/demon whatever, chances are, that entity was already present/around. So I’m really curious to learn more being here. Think I said more than I thought I would.
In regards to challenges, life. Broken family. Different religions in our home as a kid. 1/2 believed in witchcraft, the other half, christian. Here I am today, a Satanist. That had to be the best thing I did for myself. It taught me to put myself 1st. Goals…I’m trying to make it in life like everyone else. I’ve had a few rd. blocks and feel as though I need to find a way to get rid of them. Plenty of psychic vampires in my life🤦‍♀️ Besides that, I’m a chilled out person. I love animals, love music. Metallica is my fav band. I’m glad I get to see them next yr. I know it’s next yr, but it’s a big deal lol!

Hail Satan :fireworks:



My name is Eve, 19 years old and from Germany so please don’t be mad if I make some spelling mistakes :grin:
I only practiced white magick in my life and I have a strong connection to the elements, my guardian angels(&some gods) and the nature through that.

But I want to have more knowledge about the spiritual realm and I really want to properly talk with a deity and touch it and so on… so I thought about making a pact with a “demon” who can teach me that knowledge/abilities concerning the spirits.

Well, sounds easy right? But due to the fact that I can see and sense shadows in my house, and they do give an evil vibe, I am afraid of doing this ritual… and I fear that my lack of determination causes me harm in a way.
Just to be clear; I don’t fear the old gods at all and I feel sorry for them…
And I also want to build a friendship with this god I make a pact with, therefore he should be not evil or want to cause me any harm.

And another thing I didn’t quite understand is the cost for the pact. Koetting said that it doesn’t work like ‘i give you something so you do something for me’ but everything comes at a cost right? Especially when you call/force such a old god into this world to manifest.
And what is the worst cenario in such a ritual? When the god gets angry or I don’t have the determination to “control” him ? I don’t even believe that you can control something as powerful as that…
I am also thinking about a relationship with a incubus but I don’t know much about them at all…

So I would love to hear from you all and I would be so thankful if you could help me :slight_smile:


I am a native English speaker, so don’t be afraid to ask if you don’t understand something, no one will think less of you.

some things to know, that can help:

  1. “Good” and “Evil” are only words, both exist for a reason.
  2. Determination, inner strength, and mental strength, is VERY important.
  3. Trust your instincts, if it FEELS wrong, it is.
  4. YOU are the God of your reality, it joins with the realities of others, when you allow it.
  5. Be polite, make your point, and always maintain respect.
  6. Have fun.